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Chapter 907 - People in the Chinese Medicine Industry Are Crazy!

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Chapter 907 People in the Chinese Medicine Industry Are Crazy!

At the same time, in all the bookstores in provincial capitals, first-tier cities, first-tier cities, and even county cities, there were a lot of people who came to pre-order the book in case they couldn’t buy it. They even insisted on giving the deposit first.

As soon as a batch of people paid a deposit forcibly, the second batch came.

It made all the bookstore owners stunned.

There were hundreds of people gathered at the door of Huaxia Bookstore—the largest bookstore in the country.

“Why are people coming one after another? This group of people hasn’t finished their ordering, and another group of people is coming.” Looking at the crowd outside, the bookstore owner couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

The queue grew longer and longer, but there were fewer and fewer copies of the book left.

In a while, all the copies of the book were ordered.

“Dear customers, I’m sorry.”

Helplessly, the manager had to hurry out and said to the people who were lining up, “All the copies in our store have all been ordered. If you still want to order one, please wait in line. Is this acceptable?”

Hearing this, all the Chinese Medicine pract.i.tioners outside the bookstore nodded and answered, “Yes!”

Some highly-skilled doctors who failed to pre-order the book in the local cities asked their students and friends to go to the bookstores in their cities to order it and so on.

After all, this book was recommended jointly by the three holy doctors! They wanted to see what the path of becoming a holy doctor was in this book!

“Yao Xue.”

Early in the morning, Yu Qing, a highly-skilled doctor who was sitting in the backyard in his clinic in f.u.kang, Beijiang and taking care of the herbs, said to his disciple who had just got up and was ready to open the door to see patients, “I heard that Fang Qiu wrote a book, which seemed to have been recommended by the three holy doctors. It’s said that there was the path of being a holy doctor hidden in it. Go to the bookstore today and order one for me.”

“Master, you want to read it too?” Yao Xue asked with a smile.

“Fang Qiu is so mean. I gave him a book, but he didn’t give me one in return. Did he forget me?” Yu Qing muttered.

Suddenly, there came a rat-a-tat on the door.

“Who is it?” Yao Xue hurriedly ran to open the door.

“You got a parcel.”

The voice of a courier came from outside the door, saying, “The recipient is Yuqing Clinic without further information. Can anyone come out and sign for it?”

Wonderingly, Yao Xue opened the door and signed for the package.

He began to open it as he walked to the backyard. When he arrived, he just opened it.

Then, he saw a book in the package.

Chinese Medicine in Human Body!

“Master, look.” Yao Xue took out the book and hurriedly handed it to Yu Qing. He said with a smile, “You just mentioned the book, and now, here is it.”

“Haha, I didn’t give him the treasure book for nothing. Fang Qiu is grateful!”

Yu Qing took the book with a smile and then said, “I won’t be seeing patients today. I will read this book. Well… I guess I can’t stop once I start reading it.”

Then he took the book and ran into the room to read it.

On the other side, the three highly-skilled doctors, Li Zhengtang, Yang Juanyong, and Huang Zhengren, also received books sent by Fang Qiu at the same time. Originally, they were trying their best to ask someone to buy it and even wanted to call Fang Qiu directly to ask for one, but they did not do so because they thought it was embarra.s.sing.

However, they didn’t expect that Fang Qiu would take the initiative to send them the books.

The three highly-skilled doctors were extremely excited after receiving those books.

They each found a quiet s.p.a.ce, sat down, and began to read as if they were doing closed-door training. They could not stop reading the book at all.

At the same time, the shocking news of the Chinese Medicine industry quickly spread on Weibo.

Fan Zhixing, a famous expert in regimen in Huaxia, was also a professor of the Nutrition and Food Security Department of Huaxia Agricultural University, a doctor of Food Science, a member of the Nutrition Support Council of Huaxia Food and Technology a.s.sociation, as well as an expert-level member of the nutrition committee of Huaxia Cooking a.s.sociation.

The regimen was inevitable to be a.s.sociated with Chinese Medicine.

Therefore, Fan Zhixing often paid close attention to the Chinese Medicine industry, and also had many friends in it.

After knowing the shocking news in the Chinese Medicine industry, Fan Zhixing immediately posted on Weibo, “Crazy! People in the Chinese Medicine industry are crazy because of Fang Qiu’s new book, Chinese Medicine in Human Body!”

He just wanted to express his feeling.

He didn’t expect that as soon as this post was posted, he, who usually didn’t pursue any popularity, attracted a lot of attention in an instant. Then a large number of people reposted it crazily.

Soon, this post became very hot.

That was because the t.i.tle of Fang Qiu’s new book was Chinese Medicine in Human Body!

Everyone only knew that Fang Qiu had published a new book and also saw its introduction, but they didn’t know its name.

Only the people in the Chinese Medicine industry knew the name in advance because of the recommendation from the three holy doctors.

Once Fan Zhixing posted it on Weibo, everyone on Weibo knew that the name of Fang Qiu’s new book was Chinese Medicine in Human Body!

Soon, countless netizens commented on Fan Zhixing’s Weibo following the repost.

“Mr. Fan, thank you for telling us the name of Fang Qiu’s new book.”

“Mr. Fan, why are people in the Chinese Medicine industry crazy about Fang Qiu’s new book?”

“Mr. Fan, could you please tell us something about the current situation in the Chinese Medicine industry? Are there really so many people who think highly of Fang Qiu’s new book?”

Fan Zhixing’s fans, Fang Qiu’s fans, onlookers, and all the people who saw the news and were curious about the Chinese Medicine industry asked what was going on.

Fan Zhixing didn’t expect that his post caused such a hit.

Originally, he was not going to respond to those comments, and he even wanted to delete the post. But after thinking about it carefully, he found that it was obviously too late to delete it now, so there was no need to delete it. Since the netizens were so curious, he might as well reply briefly to them.

Then Fan Zhixing immediately gave a brief reply on Weibo.

“I won’t talk in detail about the Chinese Medicine industry. In general, the three men with the highest level of medical skills in the industry jointly recommended Fang Qiu’s books and said that Fang Qiu’s book is a must-to-read for all Chinese Medicine pract.i.tioners!”

Such a short sentence immediately caused a sensation on Weibo.

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“Oh my, isn’t Fang Qiu too awesome?”

However, as soon as he returned to the cultivation base, he was stopped at the door by Zhu Benzheng and the other two men.

At the sight of Fang Qiu, they directly reached out their hands to him.

“What are you doing?” Fang Qiu looked at them with a puzzled face.

“Where are the books?” asked the three in unison.


Fang Qiu was stunned. Then, he immediately took out three copies of his book from his bag and handed each of them one.

After entering the cultivation base, he also gave Zhao Shanlin one.

Hearing the news, He Xue immediately rushed over and reached out her hand to Fang Qiu, saying, “Give me one.”

“You don’t know much about Chinese Medicine. Why are you asking for one?” Fang Qiu asked.

“I’m just curious to see what you’ve written. Why are the people thinking so highly of it? What? You don’t want to give me one?” He Xue asked with a smile.

“No, here you are.” Fang Qiu gave a wry smile and also gave her one copy.

After getting the book, everyone went to read it.

Seeing that everyone was immersed in reading, Fang Qiu was speechless. He said, “Why don’t you tell me about the snow lotus herb first?”

No one answered him.

Helplessly, Fang Qiu went to the snow lotus base to check it out in person.

At six o’clock in the evening, the bookstores in all the provinces and cities were closed.

At the same time, the pre-order data of all the books was summarized and given to Zhang Xingjie, the manager of Complex Characters Culture Publis.h.i.+ng Company.

Seeing the data, Zhang Xingjie took a deep breath and made more than a dozen phone calls in succession.

The only purpose of those calls was to let each printing factory print another 100,000 copies!

He thought it would be good enough if 300,000 copies were sold out during the pre-order in the offline bookstores since the online pre-order was so hot. However, he didn’t expect that the 300,000 copies were sold out on the first day of the pre-order. All the bookstore owners called one after another to ask for more copies. Zhang Xingjie had to hurry to increase the portion allocated to them.

But he didn’t expect that as soon as he started, he couldn’t stop.

In three days, more than a million copies were sold out during the pre-order in offline stores!

Even Zhang Xingjie himself was completely shocked by this number!

Therefore, he quickly made phone calls to have more copies printed.

The offline sales volume alone had exceeded one million.

There was no doubt that Fang Qiu’s book had already created a miracle in the physical book industry and publis.h.i.+ng industry which were going down.

Next, they would wait to see how great this miracle would be!

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