Master of the End Times


Chapter 1062 - The True Immortal Spirit Chain Rend

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Chapter 1062: The True Immortal Spirit Chain Rend

However, at this moment, Qian Mu Prime’s consciousness spread throughout the universe.

“Who is Xuan Feng?!”

Although Bai Li had contacted Qian Mu Prime, the name she left behind was the name Qin Feng used to call himself—Xuan Feng.

“Prime, it’s me!” Qin Feng’s consciousness also spread out. Following that, the large pieces of star fragments that were blocking Qin Feng’s line of sight were pushed away, revealing a path.

A light giant appeared in front of Qin Feng. It was Qian Mu Prime.

“Well done. This is your reward!” Qian Mu Prime raised his hand, and two items entered Qin Feng’s hands.

Not only that, these two items were huge.

“You’re not bad. Work for me more in the future. This is a star-slaying iron. The characteristics contained within it can cause damage to energy life forms after fusing with any weapon!”

Qin Feng’s heart pounded.

This star-slaying iron was extremely important to him.

The Threat Qin Feng was facing now was Ahn Ping Prime. Due to Shao Dongfeng, Ahn Ping Prime was targeting Qin Feng. Furthermore, Qin Feng had also s.n.a.t.c.hed the crystal core of the Armored Star Broodmother. Even though Ahn Ping Prime did not know about it, it was basically a dangerous move of walking into the lion’s den.

Sooner or later, they would face each other. Furthermore, with Ahn Ping Prime around, Qin Feng would not be able to return to the Human Alliance.

Now, this star-slaying iron gave Qin Feng a new idea.

It was a very bold idea.

“Thank you, Prime!” Qin Feng said.

Although the Dark Coalition had many vicious people, not everyone was necessarily a bad person. They all had no bottom line. Sometimes, they just had different standpoints.

Moreover, sometimes, the relations.h.i.+p between the members of the Dark Coalition was not based on character but ability.

Others might not know this, but Qian Mu Prime naturally knew that the life force in the body of the Giant Star Turtle had been greatly weakened. That was why he was able to kill the other party so easily. All of this was done by Qin Feng.

It was impossible to stop such a person.

Sometimes, having one more friend was better than having one more enemy. Moreover, there was no grudge between the two of them.

“Alright, if I have a mission in the future, I will send it to you directly!” Qian Mu Prime threw a special communicator to Qin Feng. Then, he tore through s.p.a.ce and stepped into it.

When the huge figure disappeared, the universe seemed to have disappeared like a burning star. Gradually, it became dark and silent.

Qin Feng looked at the material in front of him. Other than the star-slaying iron, there was also an existence that looked like a small mountain. It was very sharp. It was a sharp edge on the sh.e.l.l of the Giant Star Turtle Immortal.

It was a material at the Immortal level.

Not only that, the material was wrapped in energy, and it appeared in different shades of green. However, as Qin Feng looked around, it could be seen that the materials that were exposed in the universe were changing into different forms under the interference of the energy in the universe.

When some flesh and blood had been fused with earth runes, even a small amount of runes could be magnified by the energy of the flesh and blood. Soon after, a large piece of land would appear.

What the ability users had to do was to quickly s.n.a.t.c.h it. Otherwise, these special life form resources would become a piece of land. Even if they managed to s.n.a.t.c.h it, the quality would also be reduced.

And the material in Qin Feng’s hand had clearly been sealed by Qian Mu Prime.

“This Qian Mu Prime is still very friendly to me!”

Qin Feng did not have any prejudice against the people of the Dark Coalition. However, when it came to the Immortals, he could be rewarded according to the agreement, or even get something which far exceeded the original reward. It was too valuable.

Qin Feng placed the materials in his hands into his spatial rune equipment. At this moment, all the ability users came to a realization.

The Immortal had already left. Right now, they had to strive to get more resources as soon as possible. There was still a portion of people who was looking at Qin Feng greedily.

“Kill him!”

“What right do you have to have the things that the Immortal rewarded!”

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All the ability users who stepped into Qin Feng’s land of darkness had their vitality weakened. However, they relied on their own strength to join hands to kill Qin Feng. As for who would have the last laugh in the end, they all felt that it was them.

Facing this group of people, Qin Feng sneered and pulled out the Verdant Emperor Saber.

“Then let me try the power of this saber!”

Qin Feng released the dark starglobe just to hold these people back. The real trump card was the Verdant Emperor Saber in Qin Feng’s hand.

The Verdant Emperor Saber that had fused with the spirit of the Giant Star Turtle Immortal.

“Immortal Spirit Chain Rend!”

The energy of one internal energy frozen star was consumed. Following that, the blade light on the Verdant Emperor Saber transformed into a shockwave that was like a giant planet.


The shockwave exploded in the universe.

All the ability users who were close to Qin Feng were turned into ashes under the impact of this energy!

This blade light lasted for a full ten minutes. After that, only the spatial runic stones floating in the sky was left!

A complete ma.s.sacre!

For a moment, the entire universe fell silent. One had to know that not everyone went to surround and attack Qin Feng.


Long ago, when Qin Feng launched his attack, Qian Lan had already run far away. Even so, the shockwave almost swept past him, causing him to expend a huge amount of energy to resist it.

At this moment, when he saw that there were actually no corpses around Qin Feng, he could not help but gulp with great difficulty.

Fear spread from his heart.

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