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Chapter 2314 - How To Write The Word ‘Death'

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Chapter 2314 , How To Write The Word ‘Death’

Translator: Silavin & frozenfire

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Within the inner hall, the Spirit Array formed by the several dozen Dao Source Realm Masters instantly imprisoned Yang Kai, Chi Yue and Chai Hu.

Luo Jin chuckled heartily. Surveying his surroundings, he revealed a haughty look and shouted out, “Is there any friend out there willing to help this King kill off this boy? This King will be deeply grateful if there is!”

He did not have any intention of personally taking action; it wasn’t due to him being afraid of Yang Kai’s strength, but rather an attempt to regain some of his lost face and re-solidify his status as a figure of authority.

Indeed, right as his words rang out, a person immediately cupped his hands and volunteered, “White Cloud Tower’s Mu Zheng is willing to offer aid to the City Lord.”

Yet another person stood up and cupped his fists, “Heart Seeking Pavilion’s Guo Zhe Yuan is willing.”

A third person followed suit, “That boy is vile and despicable, he attempted to mislead the public with lies! I, Soul Devouring Sword Sect’s Yuan Mo, can’t put up with him any more, and am willing to take his head to serve as a warning!”

In an instant, eight people stood up, each representing a different force as they used this as a way to express their heartfelt support to Luo Jin.

Luo Jin’s pent-up frustrations finally gained some relief. With a smile, he nodded, “Good, then I shall trouble all of you.”

The few people replied together, “Please rest a.s.sured, Sir City Lord! We definitely won’t let Sir down.”

As they gave their replies, the few people turned around and smiled malevolently towards Yang Kai.

Although Yang Kai’s earlier performance was somewhat extraordinary, he was now being imprisoned by a Formation arranged by the City Lord Mansion’s guards, leaving him utterly incapable of moving. He stood there rigidly, just like a piece of meat on the chopping board, waiting for them to kill him in whatever method they chose to do so.

All of a sudden, the White Clouds Tower’s Mu Zheng gave a light smile, “Everyone, it wouldn’t be good if news of us bullying others through superior numbers were to be spread through the outside world. Furthermore, with so many guests present, it would be unfair even if we were to triumph over him in such a manner.”

Guo Zhe spoke out, “With what Brother Mu has just said, what are you suggesting we do?”

The other people looked curiously at him, not knowing what he had in mind.

With a faint smile, Mu Zheng continued, “This Mu’s intent is to have just one person to take action, while the other friends just stand by the side in support. How about that?”

Hearing his reply, everyone smiled. After understanding what he was implying, everyone immediately nodded their heads in agreement, “Brother Mu’s words are reasonable.”

Mu Zheng added, “So… who would be the one to take action?”

The Soul Devouring Sword Sect’s Yuan Mo came forward, “Since Brother Mu is the one who raised this arrangement, it would be best for Brother Mu to take action.”

The others did not show objections in light of this suggestion, as they had already expressed their support to City Lord Luo. Being the one to kill Yang Kai off was no longer something of importance, since he would die no matter who took action.

Mu Zhen revealed an eager look and smiled, “Since everyone agrees, this Mu will not shrink back from his responsibilities.”

As he said those words, the corners of his mouth curled up as he floated his gaze towards Yang Kai. With a look as though he was about to devour Yang Kai, he proceeded to move at a leisurely pace towards him.

“Yang Kai!” Chi Yue could not help but turn anxious as she desperately tried to circulate the Source Qi in her body. Nevertheless, regardless of what she did, she was unable to break out of the fetters that bound her, causing her anxious face to turn pale as she warned, “You should hurry up and leave if you can. Don’t worry about me. There will always be hope if you live.”

Chai Hu also chimed in, “That’s right, Little Brother. Just remember to take revenge for us.”

“Hahaha! Do you think you can leave in your current state?” Mu Zheng let out a mocking laugh as he looked towards Chi Yue, “Rest a.s.sured, Madam. This one’s actions are always on point, so you won’t suffer any injuries.”

At this moment in time, he still did not forget to express his goodwill towards Luo Jin.

Standing close by, Luo Jin nodded his head in satisfaction upon hearing those words.

“Do you think you can kill me with the ability you possess?” Standing at his original position, Yang Kai remained as calm as he was earlier, grinning at Mu Zheng, who was taking step after step towards him.

The grin reflected in Mu Zheng’s eyes caused his heart to jump in shock, while a feeling of unease started to rise from within, causing him to feel rather fl.u.s.tered. Clenching his teeth though, he tried to put up a strong front and roared, “You’re still acting rambunctiously before your impending death huh!? Look clearly at how I reap your life!”

As he roared out, he summoned a large sword into his hand and poured his Source Qi into it, causing a brilliant Blade Qi to appear. After-images of the blade appeared as it slashed down towards Yang Kai’s head.

Clearly, he did not want to drag this on and planned to wrap this matter up quickly. Therefore, he had unleashed his strike with his full strength.

His strike instantly encompa.s.sed Yang Kai and Chai Hu, but avoided Chi Yue. Obviously, he had taken Luo Jin’s wish into consideration, leaving behind the Madam while killing off the irrelevant two.

Seeing the incoming blade, a chilling glint flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes as he said in a cold voice, “How dare a trivial First-Order Dao Source Realm show such impudence before this Young Master!”

As words rang out, his body flickered before disappearing from everyone’s sight, as though he was utterly unaffected by the binding power of the Formation around him. s.p.a.ce Principles fluctuated without restraint, as Yang Kai leapt across s.p.a.ce to appear right before Mu Zheng. Using his finger like a sword, Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi surrounded his hand as he stabbed it forwards.

“Ah!” Mu Zheng cried out in shock, his face immediately draining of all colour, utterly incapable of believing what he just saw with his eyes.

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After seeing Yang Kai’s ferocious performance earlier, how could he, with his mere First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, dare to take the initiative to smack the tiger’s b.u.t.t if Yang Kai hadn’t been imprisoned within the Formation?

“Come, come, come!” Yang Kai shouted out as loudly as he could, pointing towards the blood-smeared wall, “For those who are illiterate, take a clear look at this to see exactly how the word ‘death’ is written!” He continued with a cold sneer, “Don’t say that this Young Master didn’t teach you, if not, it will be meaningless if you die with unfinished business.”

The crowd proceeded to look towards the direction he had pointed to, which immediately caused their legs to cramp up.

Present on the blood-smeared wall was a large ‘death’ character, written in bright red. Blood continued to drip from the wall, causing clear sounds to ring out when it hit the ground. Every time a single drop landed on the ground, it struck fear and terror in people’s hearts. Furthermore, there were countless bits of flesh also present within the strokes of this character.

Thinking back to Yang Kai’s earlier actions, everyone was terrified in the realisation that he had actually used his finger as a pen and Mu Zheng’s body as the ink to write the word on the wall.

This was a universal provocation, as well as an ample indication of his might.

Yet, there was no one that dared to stand up and speak out.

Luo Jin’s expression turned exceedingly ugly. Originally, he had hoped to be able to remove Yang Kai through other people’s hands, to use this matter as a deterrence to the guests that were present here, and to redeem some of his lost face. However, he never imagined that his attempt would backfire like this, causing his face to scrunch up so much that it started to cramp.

“Just now, there was someone who said that I was vile, despicable, and trying to delude the public with lies!” With a flicker, Yang Kai suddenly appeared right by the side of the Soul Devouring Sword Sect’s Yuan Mo. Swinging his arm around the latter’s neck as though they were long lost friends, Yang Kai sent a deep grin towards him.

Yuan Mo did not respond at all towards Yang Kai’s actions, as he was still caught in the shock of witnessing the death of Mu Zheng. When he returned to his senses and thought about escaping, it was already too late. Yang Kai was already right next to him.

On the contrary, the other people around him were frightened by this walking disaster appearing beside them. All of them proceeded to retreat, while sending looks of extreme dread as they looked at Yang Kai, terrified that he might choose them as his next target.

With Yang Kai’s earlier performance, they would definitely be incapable of resisting if he really decided to kill them.

All of their hearts were filled to the brim with terror, dread, and regret that they had chosen a side too early, leading to all of the trouble they were about to face.

Tremors racked Yuan Mo’s entire being as his legs shook uncontrollably. All colour drained from his face as he stammered, “Young Master Yang… this one had spoken irresponsibly earlier and offended Young Master Yang. Young Master Yang… please be magnanimous and don’t find fault with this one.”

“Spoken irresponsibly?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “This Young Master will give you the time to properly think it over. Tell me, exactly who is vile, despicable, and has deceived the public with lies?”

Yuan Mo trembled violently as he lowered his head, not daring to raise it as he replied in a trembling voice, “It’s me, it was me! It was all me! I’m the vile and despicable one who deceived everyone with lies!”

“Hm?” Yang Kai snorted coldly and said in an emotionless voice, “Looks like you still don’t know how the word ‘death’ is written! Do you want me to teach you one more time?”

Yuan Mo felt like bursting into tears. In an instant, he knelt down on the ground and sobbed, “It is Sir City Lord that’s vile, despicable, and deceived the with his lies! He lied to us! Please spare my life, Young Master Yang! Please spare my life, Young Master Yang!”

Despite knowing that he would offend Luo Jin by saying this in public, how could he care about that when his life or death would be decided at this very moment?

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