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Chapter 2312 - Puppet Bug

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Chapter 2312 , Puppet Bug

Translator: Silavin & frozenfire

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Puppet Bug, ranked 52nd on the Exotic Insect List’s Earth List. Covered in thin and soft fur, it lives in the dark, 30,000 meters below ground. Extremely hard to find. It has the ability to control others after fusing with its Master’s Dantian and Soul.

These few lines of information from the Exotic Insect Record flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, before he quickly remembered the way to deal with this insect.

It was all thanks to the Insect Enslavement Bracelet that the Insect Emperor had left behind, which the Exotic Insect Record had been kept within. If not for the Insect Emperor’s vast array of experience, Yang Kai would definitely have been helpless in this current situation.

The Puppet Bug wasn’t ranked high within the Exotic Insect List, and was actually nearing the bottom of the list. Despite its thin and soft fur that acted as camouflage, making it hard to detect, and its ability to turn the person who ingested it into a puppet that would listen to any command, it possessed several weaknesses, resulting in its low ranking.

After recalling the method to dispel it, Yang Kai hastily sunk his Divine Sense into his s.p.a.ce Ring, taking a short amount of time to find the few stalks of herbs he needed.

The surrounding guests continued to observe him in curiosity, not knowing exactly what he was doing. In fact, they were utterly confused as to what the Puppet Bug that Yang Kai had mentioned actually was.

After seeing him retrieve the few herbs from his s.p.a.ce Ring, all of them quietly speculated whether those were to be used to dispel that Puppet Bug.

“Sister Ye, do you have an Earth Attribute Monster Beast Core that is equivalent to Dao Source Grade or above? Would you mind lending one to me?” Yang Kai suddenly turned his head to ask Ye Jing Han.

Ye Jing Han gawked for a moment before hastily searching her s.p.a.ce Ring. However, before she could find what she was looking for, Du Xian retrieved a spherical yellow coloured Monster Core and looked towards Yang Kai, “This Du just so happens to have one. If Young Master Yang is alright with it, please take it.”

Right as his voice rang out, Luo Jin suddenly roared out, “Du Xian, if you still care about the relations.h.i.+p between Sky Crane City and your Thousand Leaves Sect, take your Junior Brothers and Sisters and leave this place! If you do so, this King will not pursue this matter!”

Hearing his words, Du Xian frowned and shot a look at Ye Jing Han. Seeing her nod slightly, he gave a faint smile and replied, “Young Master Yang is a friend of our Thousand Leaves Sect. When a friend is in need, this Du naturally won’t sit and watch by the side.”

Luo Jin’s face turned ashen before nodding in response, “Good! Very good! This King will remember this, and make sure to head to your Thousand Leaves Sect to have a good talk with Ye Hen.”

Du Xian frowned slightly towards the latter’s response, though he replied in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, “Whatever suits Sir City Lord’s fancy.”

After he said those words, he tossed the Earth Attribute Monster Beast Core towards Yang Kai.

Catching it, Yang Kai inspected the Monster Core for its grade and quality, which left him greatly satisfied. In the next instant, he proceeded to sit down and cross his legs. While doing so, he waved his hand, causing a pill furnace to appear abruptly before him.

The pill furnace proceeded to expand in size, quickly growing to the height of a human. Dragons and Phoenixes emblazoned the outer surface of the pill furnace seemed to swim about as intense energy fluctuations radiated from it. Just a single look was enough for people to tell how extraordinary this furnace was.

“Could he also be an Alchemist?”

“Goodness gracious! That looks like a Dao Source Grade High-Rank Alchemy Furnace. If he’s able to use such an Alchemy Furnace, wouldn’t that mean that he’s a Dao Source Grade Alchemist?”

“Where did he say he was from?”

“Yang Kai, High Heaven Sect’s Yang Kai!”

“Yang Kai… that name sounds rather familiar. Where did I hear it before?”

Tongues started wagging among the guests, as shocked expressions appeared on the faces of quite a few people. They had already personally witnessed the strength Yang Kai had displayed earlier; however, after seeing him retrieve a Dao Source Grade High-Rank Alchemy Furnace, all of them were shocked and started to make guesses in reaction.

There were already quite a few people who had drawn a link to the hot news about the person that had refined the Extraordinary Treasure Pill within the Four Seasons Realm and the lad in front of them.

After all, both of them shared the same name, Dao Source Realm cultivation, and were both Masters in Alchemy. Although the world was vast, it would still be rather difficult to find two people with so many similarities.

Before everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai lit a fire within the furnace, which immediately increased the temperature of the inner hall by quite a bit.

Luo Jin narrowed his eyes, though he did not show any intention of wanting to take action, appearing as though he was filled with interest towards what Yang Kai was going to do.

Yang Kai continued forming hand seals, portraying various Spirit Arrays as he tossed the few herbs and the Earth Attribute Monster Core into the furnace, before controlling the fire to a boil.

After about the time it would take to make a pot of tea, Yang Kai suddenly extended his hand towards the side. Source Qi surged out, sucking a bowl over.

In the next moment, he jumped up and appeared before the Black Jade Furnace. Giving it a pat, he shook its cover open. Extending his hand, he made a pulling action, causing something to fly out from within the furnace.

What appeared in his hand was a jade-green half-congealed medicinal liquid that appeared sticky and was exceedingly strange in texture.

From the point of an Alchemist, it was a failure to open the furnace at this point in the refinement process; however, this was precisely what he needed to remove the Puppet Bug.

Placing the strange and odd-smelling medicinal liquid into the bowl, he carefully carried it before Chi Yue and said with a serious expression on his face, “Please drink this, Senior.”

Chi Yue’s forehead scrunched up as her face turned pale.

When Yang Kai had carried the seemingly half-completed medicinal liquid before her, she immediately smelt an awful scent, one that seemed like socks that have not been washed for dozens of years. Just a whiff of this smell would cause people to feel nauseous.

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Such a thing was going to enter her throat?

He appeared to be unable to accept the fact that his secret had been dealt with so easily, causing a ma.s.sive shock to his psyche, leaving him absent-minded for a period of time.

By the side, Yang Kai grinned, “You’re a few hundred years too young to play with insects before me! Hahaha!”

As he let off extremely hearty chuckles, quite a few people turned frowns to him, all of them thinking he had gone crazy.

As he laughed, Yang Kai extended his hand, before letting off a blast of energy. The energy turned into flames, which burned everything Chi Yue had vomited out into nothingness.

As that happened, the middle-aged man appeared to have suffered a serious injury, as his entire body suddenly shook violently, spurting blood from his mouth. In the next instant, his face turned deathly pale, while the strength of his aura shrank substantially.

Although the Puppet Bug had been expelled, it hadn’t died immediately. Therefore, the man was still unscathed from the removal process.

However, Yang Kai’s blast had not only destroyed the Puppet Bug, it had also caused a backlash to the middle-aged man due to his Divine Sense connection with the Puppet Bug, which naturally made him suffer such consequences.

The reason the Puppet Bug was not ranked high on the Exotic Insect List was due to the fact that its vitality was not as strong or as powerful as the other Exotic Insects, leaving it extremely vulnerable to being killed. This was not the case for Soul Devouring Insects, as it was an extremely difficult matter to completely kill them off.

If it was possible, Yang Kai wanted to keep that Puppet Bug within his Insect Enslavement Bracelet, as there might come a time where he could put it to use.

However, an Ancient Exotic Insect like the Puppet Bug was extremely rare, and it was impossible for another person to use it once someone had left an imprint on its body. Therefore, Yang Kai did not hesitate one bit when destroying it.

Seeing the miserable condition the middle-aged man was in, Chi Yue’s brow scrunched up slightly, though she did not show any intent to continue finding fault with him. Instead, she turned to shoot a cold glare at Luo Jin.

He was the main perpetrator of everything she had faced today. If not for Yang Kai’s miraculous appearance to save her from this ordeal, not only would she be incapable of escaping her earlier predicament, Chai Hu might have ended up in a horrible predicament.

Therefore, she naturally had a deep-seated hatred for a vile person like Luo Jin.

“Little Xue, there’s still time for you to come to this King’s side. If you do so, this King will guarantee to you that I’ll forget all this and let bygones be bygones for everything that happened earlier!” Luo Jin said in an indifferent tone towards Chi Yue.

“Little… Xue!” Yang Kai’s eyes snapped open as he was utterly dumbstruck by what he had just heard.

He thought back to the time on Monster Emperor Star, where Monster King Chi Yue was in control of the entire Star, with millions of Monster Races utterly loyal to her commands. Now, in the Star Boundary, she had actually been called ‘Little Xue’ by someone! If news of this happening were to be known by the few Monster Race overlords on Monster Emperor Star, who knows what kind of thoughts they would have.

Seeming to notice the minute changes to Yang Kai’s expression, Chi Yue gave him a fierce glare before snorting coldly, “Old dog! You imprisoned Big Brother and the others, forced me to marry you, and now you actually want me to go to your side! Are you still sleeping?”

Luo Jin’s expression immediately sunk down, as anger filled his face.

He knew that his face had dropped to rock bottom already. Originally, he had planned to redeem himself by seizing Chi Yue for himself. However, he did not expect her to reject him with such bluntness, causing anger to immediately burst out of him due to his embarra.s.sment, while a murderous intent gushed out from his body.

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