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Chapter 2164 - Fight

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Chapter 2164, Fight

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

At the Flowing Time Steps, Yang Kai anxiously tried to climb upwards.

Zhang Ruo Xi suddenly disappearing in front of him had left him at a loss, not knowing what kind of danger this little girl was facing or whether something tragic had befallen her.

Yang Kai was secretly blaming himself, feeling that if it wasn’t for his whim of wanting Zhang Ruo Xi to climb the Flowing Time Steps, she would not have encountered such peril.

Just as his anxiety was boiling over though, a flash of light occurred and a figure appeared.

Yang Kai was startled, looked up, and was stunned by what he saw.

Zhang Ruo Xi was now standing atop the Flowing Time Steps, looking down at him with a smile, her hair which should have turned white now returned to its original glossy black.

“An illusion?” Yang Kai was a little dazed. He clearly saw Zhang Ruo Xi disappear strangely just as the Flowing Time Force was eroding her body and causing her to age rapidly, but now she had re-appeared before him, safe and sound, like nothing had happened.

Everything seemed too surreal.

Yang Kai quickened his pace once more and after a stick of incense worth of time, he pantingly reached the top of the stairs.

As soon as he reached the top, the Flowing Time Force lingering around his body disappeared. Looking back, the Flowing Time Steps had now become completely ordinary, seemingly lacking any semblance of mystical power.

“What happened just now?” Yang Kai took a breath and asked quickly.

“Ruo Xi was reckless,” Zhang Ruo Xi replied in a low voice that was filled with guilt, “Ruo Xi was immersed in the joy of gaining strength just now and completely forgot Sir’s instructions… By the time Ruo Xi reacted, it was too late.”

“Then how did you…”

“It was a powerful Monster Beast who saved me…” Zhang Ruo Xi replied timidly, carefully choosing her words, worried Yang Kai would become angry with her.

“A powerful Monster Beast?” Yang Kai was stunned, “Is there a Monster Beast in this Flowing Time Temple? What kind of Monster Beast?”

At this moment, Yang Kai was thoroughly shocked. The Flowing Time Temple had not appeared for tens of thousands of years. Even this time, its appearance was something of a strange coincidence. Yang Kai was certain nothing was alive inside this place, but now, according to Zhang Ruo Xi, there was actually a powerful Monster Beast here, one strong enough to instantly rescue her from the Flowing Time Steps. Such a powerful ent.i.ty was enough to arouse Yang Kai’s wariness.

“I can’t say for certain…” Zhang Ruo Xi thought about it for a while, but didn’t know how to describe what she experienced, soon just smiling and saying, “However… he said he was called Qiong Qi!”

“What?” Yang Kai’s eyes bulged as cold sweat gathered on his forehead, gulping hard as he parroted, “Qiong… Qi?”

“En, that’s what he called himself,” Zhang Ruo Xi nodded and replied. After she finished speaking, she tilted her head and asked, “Sir, what’s wrong? Why is your complexion so pale… Are you uncomfortable somewhere? You’re sweating a lot… “

As she spoke, she took out a silk handkerchief, stood on her tip-toes, and gently wiped Yang Kai’s forehead.

“Ahaha…” The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he really didn’t know what to say.

“Sir, are you okay?” Zhang Ruo Xi asked softly.

“Okay?… en, I’m okay,” Yang Kai replied subconsciously before turning to stare at Zhang Ruo Xi and ask, “Are you sure he said he was called Qiong Qi?”

“En, that’s what he said.”

“Did he do anything bad to you?”

Zhang Ruo Xi shook her head blankly, “No!”

After saying so though, she smiled joyfully and added, “He did give me something though.”


Zhang Ruo Xi smiled and began condensing her Saint Qi, soon causing a burst of light that could dazzle one’s eyes to radiate from her body.

Yang Kai squinted his eyes to get a better look, only to have his heart shake violently the next moment!

On Zhang Ruo Xi, he now saw a tight-fitting pink garment, one that was both lithe and beautiful. Its appearance was only secondary though as what truly mattered was the rich Emperor Aura that pulsed from it…

[An Emperor Artifact!]

[It’s actually a defensive Emperor Artifact!]

[What’s going on here?] Zhang Ruo Xi had suddenly disappeared from the Flowing Time Steps, and after she came back, she said she had met a Monster Beast named Qiong Qi. Not only did that Monster Beast save her and treat her well, it even gifted her a defensive Emperor Artifact!

Yang Kai was at a complete loss…

After Zhang Ruo Xi activated this defensive Artifact, the Emperor Artifact shone brilliantly, highlighting her budding beauty. Timidly, she asked Yang Kai, “Is it pretty…?”

Yang Kai gave a dry smile and said, “En, very pretty!”

[This is an Emperor Artifact! How could it be described simply as ‘pretty’!?] Yang Kai screamed wildly in his heart. Although he had five Emperor Artifacts on hand, none of them were of a defensive type, which showed just how rare such Emperor Artifacts were.

“Qiong Qi said it’s called the Pink Clouds Phoenix Robe!” Zhang Ruo Xi explained, “I don’t like pink, but since Sir said it looks pretty…”

“En… it seems he gave you this with kind intentions,” Yang Kai tried to calm himself down. “Next time you meet him, be sure to thank him properly.”

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“Ruo Xi will remember,” Zhang Ruo Xi nodded respectfully.

Yang Kai grinned and raised his hand to wave at this man, “Brother Xiao Bai, you’re here too, what a coincidence!”

He discovered that the person on this high platform was none other than Xiao Bai Yi from the Azure Sun Temple!

However, Yang Kai didn’t see Murong Xiao Xiao, who had been travelling together with Xiao Bai Yi this whole time.

As he called out, Yang Kai walked over towards Xiao Bai Yi while examining his surrounding environment, but what made him puzzled was that the stage seemed to be an isolated s.p.a.ce with no way out.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, not knowing what mysteries were hidden here, but as he was lost in thought, he heard a buzzing sound from up ahead and a flash of light flew towards him at the same time.

Yang Kai paused in place, causing the blade of light to cut a line right in front of his foot, nearly hitting him.

Yang Kai looked up at Xiao Bai Yi, frowned, and asked, “Brother Xiao Bai, what are your intentions?”

“To fight!” Xiao Bai Yi’s long sword flicked and pointed at Yang Kai from far away, a fierce fighting spirit boiling out from his body.

Yang Kai’s brow twitched as he said, “There’s no need for that now… if you want to fight, just wait until we leave the Four Seasons Realm. Fighting here with you … it’s not right!”

Xiao Bai Yi slowly shook his head, his expression as cold as ice as he quickly said, “It is precisely because we are here that we must fight!”

Yang Kai heard this, seemed to think of something, and immediately became gloomy as he asked, “What Brother Xiao Bai means… is that only one of us can leave here?”

Xiao Bai Yi nodded, “It seems that you’re not stupid!” He shouted loudly, “This is a type of trial. Only the winner here will be qualified to move on!”

As he spoke, Yang Kai noticed that above this high platform, three large characters were condensed from pure energy, floating gently in the air, that read ‘One Path Stage’.

In an instant, he understood.

Xiao Bai Yi waiting here, was probably because he was waiting for an opponent! And now it just so happened that his opponent was Yang Kai.

Thinking so, Yang Kai wore a serious expression and said solemnly, “It looks like… we really must fight!”


“The winner advances, while the loser… what do you think?” Yang Kai asked.

Xiao Bai Yi shook his head, “I don’t know, normally the loser dies!”

After saying so, he coldly snorted and said, “Why, are you scared?”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly and shook his head, “No, it’s just that… I don’t want to kill you, Brother Xiao Bai! You and I have no grievances, and although you seem to have a bad opinion of me, at any rate, we entered the Four Seasons Realm together, so if I were to really kill you here, how could I explain it to Elder Gao and the others?”

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