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Kindhearted Bee - Shan Liang de Mi Feng - 善良的蜜蜂

Chapter 4937: Be My Guest

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Chapter 4937: Be My Guest

Chu Feng and the others soon arrived at the realm where the Zhuge Clan was located.

This realm wasn’t solely occupied by the Zhuge Clan. There were other world spiritist organizations based there as well. One could even call this realm the holy land for the Nine Soul Galaxy’s world spiritists.

But of course, the most powerful Zhuge Clan was the ruler of the realm.

Chu Feng and the others were surprised to find that the Zhuge Clan’s territory was smaller than they had expected. It was just an ordinary city, though there was an invisible barrier covering it.

Chu Feng could sense the immense power harnessed within the barrier. Without a doubt, this was the formation left behind by the ancestors of the Zhuge Clan to protect their descendants. No one beneath Half-G.o.d could hope to break the barrier.

The members of the Zhuge Clan were quite respectful to Master Yin Ren and Princess Xiaoxiao. They swiftly opened the barrier to let him in, and their elders even personally came over to welcome him.

Upon entering the barrier, Chu Feng realized that the city was very different from what he saw on the outside. Its true size had to be at least several thousand times bigger than what he saw earlier.

This was the prowess of world spiritist techniques.

The Zhuge Clan’s ability to warp and maintain s.p.a.ce showcased their incredible proficiency of world spiritist techniques.

An elder brought Chu Feng and the others were brought to a majestic hall to rest before taking his leave. In this ma.s.sive hall, the only ones around were Chu Feng’s group and a couple of maids.

“Elder Niantian, do you know how powerful the strongest individual of the Zhuge Clan is?” Shengguang Baimei asked via voice transmission just to be careful.

He extended his voice transmission to include Chu Feng and Shengguang Baimei as well.

“The strongest expert of the Zhuge Clan is the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief. His cultivation is at rank eight Martial Exalted level, and his spirit power has reached rank eight Dragon Transformation Sensation.

“There are more than one rank eight Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist in the Zhuge Clan, but he’s the only one who has reached rank eight Martial Exalted level in terms of cultivation,” Daoist Niantian answered via voice transmission.

He had also made sure to include Chu Feng and Shengguang Buyu so that they could listen in.

“That’s good. Now that I’m in here, they’ll have to allow Chu Feng into their legacy formation whether they like it or not,” Shengguang Baimei sneered.

He intended to use martial power to suppress the Zhuge Clan if they tried to renege on their promise.

“Lord Baimei, the Zhuge Clan’s defensive formation isn’t just a mere barrier; it can bestow great power upon the cultivators of the Zhuge Clan too. It has the power to raise the strength of the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief to that of a rank nine Martial Exalted level cultivator. Thus, you mustn’t resort to force here,” Daoist Niantian said.

“There’s such a powerful formation in the world?”

Shengguang Baimei’s complexion turned awful. He didn’t feel good at having his morale dampened so quickly.


The door suddenly opened, and several elders walked into the hall, including the one who had welcomed Chu Feng’s group earlier.

The one leading the group was a white-haired elder dressed in a simple but clean robe. His benevolent wrinkled face made him look like an amiable old man.

He was none other than the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief.

“What brings Master Yin Ren and Princess Xiaoxiao to our humble Zhuge Clan? Even Master Niantian is here as well. This is a huge honor to our Zhuge Clan,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief greeted all of them warmly.

He recognized Daoist Niantian too even though the latter was from the Holy Light Galaxy.

“Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief, allow me to introduce my friends to you. They are Lord Shengguang Buyu and Shengguang Baimei from the Holy Light Galaxy,” Master Yin Ren said.

Despite starting on the wrong foot, they were still able to chat a bit along the way. Through their conversations, he was able to learn a bit about Shengguang Buyu and Shengguang Baimei’s background.

“Oh? The Holy Light Clan?”

Intrigued, those from the Zhuge Clan began to a.s.sessing Shengguang Baimei and Shengguang Buyu. Even if they didn’t know much about the Holy Light Galaxy, they were bound to have heard of its overlord, the Holy Light Clan.

In fact, they had even crossed blows with the experts of the Holy Light Clan before.

It was just that none of them recognized these two individuals.

Those who were qualified to travel together with Daoist Niantian, Master Yin Ren, and Princess Xiaoxiao couldn’t possibly be pushovers.

“There’s no need to stare at us so intently. You might not know us well now, but soon enough, you will,” Shengguang Baimei said as he quietly released a whiff of his oppressive might.


Those from the Zhuge Clan widened their eyes upon sensing Shengguang Baimei’s oppressive might. They hadn’t expected the latter to wield such great power.

One must know that even their Zhuge Clan only had a single rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator. Even when extending their scope to the entire Nine Souls Galaxy, Shengguang Baimei could be considered a top-notch expert.

They never thought that the Holy Light Galaxy would have someone this powerful. After all, Shengguang Xuanye was only at rank six Martial Exalted level himself.

“My apologies, we have been impolite.”

The Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief bowed slightly to Shengguang Baimei and Shengguang Buyu. Just based on the earlier oppressive might, they knew that it would be unwise for them to a.s.sume that the Holy Light Galaxy was the same weakling it was before.

“As for this young friend…”

Master Yin Ren was just about to introduce Chu Feng when the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief suddenly interjected.

“He’s young friend Chu Feng, right? We know him. There’s no need to introduce him,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said with a smile.

“Young friend Chu Feng has made a name for himself over at the Graveyard Realm. The Wretched Black Demon appears to harbor great hatred for you. Even to this date, he’s still hunting for you, vowing to skin you alive should he ever get his hands on you,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

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“I can guess as much,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief, you have remembered it wrongly. Our agreement is that I’m able to bring any junior of my wish into the legacy formation. We have never specified that he has to be my disciple,” Master Yin Ren replied.

“That can’t be. I’m quite confident in my memory. There’s no way I would get it wrong. You must have remembered it wrongly, Master Yin Ren,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief replied.


The tables and chairs in the hall were suddenly reduced to dust. Shengguang Baimei had released his oppressive might once more.

“Are you intending to renege on your promise?” Shengguang Baimei asked with a deep voice.


There was a dull thud, and the walls of the palace began shaking.

The Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief also released his oppressive might as well, leading to a clash between the two oppressive might.

“That guest over there, this is an agreement between me and Master Yin Ren. It has nothing to do with the Holy Light Clan, so I’ll have to ask you to show some self-respect. Our Zhuge Clan isn’t fond of conflicts, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll allow others to walk over us. If you’re thinking of oppressing us with your strength, I’m afraid that you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

The Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief had a smile on his face, but his oppressive might was growing sharper and more imposing.

At this point, it had become clear that the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief only appeared amicable on the surface. In truth, he was a ferocious tiger.

“Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief, does it mean that I’ll be allowed to enter the legacy formation as long as I’m Master Yin Ren’s disciple?” Chu Feng asked.

The Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief directed his smiling curled eyes toward Chu Feng.

“That’s indeed the agreement I have with Master Yin Ren, but it has to be authentic. If you choose to acknowledge Master Yin Ren right now, I’m afraid that I’ll have to cast doubt on the legitimacy of your master-disciple relations.h.i.+p. It would appear to me that you’re doing it for the sake of entering the legacy formation,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“That fellow is really reprehensible. He just doesn’t want to grant you access to the legacy formation.”

Even the reticent Yu Sha couldn’t help but berate angrily.

“I might be unable to do anything to your Zhuge Clan today, but if you think that our Holy Light Clan is still the same weakling you can make light of, you can’t be more mistaken. I’ll put my words out here. If you insist on reneging on your promise, our Holy Valley will make sure that you dearly regret your decision in due time,” Shengguang Baimei spoke with an imposing air.

The palace began shaking with greater intensity, and a chilling aura began suffusing into the surroundings.

Shengguang Baimei had unleashed his wrath.

The elders from the Zhuge Clan were fl.u.s.tered by Shengguang Baimei’s display of anger. It was clear to them that the Holy Light Clan was different from before, and they weren’t certain if they could really afford to offend the ‘Holy Valley’ Shengguang Baimei spoke of.

Even the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief had reined in his smile. He began to rea.s.sess Shengguang Baimei. At the end of which, he had three words to offer Shengguang Baimei.

“Be my guest!”

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