Marielle Clarac’s Engagement

桃 春花

Chapter 10 Part2

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“I have had many experiences of hara.s.sment from the ladies, but this time from you! New and fresh! As for you, Simon-sam is famous for his strong sense of antagonism against you! Frankly speaking, he is handsome, capable, and trusted by His Highness the Crown Prince! But he is not thinking of being a rival, and I don't think he is going to see you as such a fool at all.”

The excited words died out in the end. The invitation card, which had been waving in one hand, was also put back on the desk.

Marielle groaned when she buried her face in the cat's belly.

“I don't mind being ridiculed at all, but… I'm very welcome to be interviewed… but Acil-sama's real purpose is supposed to be Simon-sama. He wants to use me like a dagger and scold Simon-sama. That's a problem, isn't it?”

The cat began to lick its paws while lying on its back, letting its owner do whatever she wants. I've been raising it since it was a kitten that could ride on one hand, so I don't want to be picked up around the waist. Marielle knew how to caress him, so she stretched comfortably, whistling.

It is important to take care of yourself every day because soft, long hair sometimes gets tangled into a ball of hair. Marielle combed her hair gently to see if there were any tangles.

“If your daughter had a letter of challenge, she would have accepted it. … They only want to attack me, and I don't have to worry about her because they adore her, but… “

Cats don't resist when they turn their little bodies upside down. She patted the breast with her fingertips on the thick, chocolate-colored base of the tails. The cat's reaction changed at once and wriggled uneasily. Her tail twitched up and her hind legs twitching while lying down. Knock, knock, knock. Marielle thinks while stimulating the cat's pressure points.

I would have gone out dressed up as either good or bad as usual, but I can't say so this time. It is well known that Marielle is not particularly beautiful — nine out of ten will describe her as ordinary and the other as ugly with malice. That's all. It was no use trying to decorate it now, but as Simon's fiance, it was necessary to decorate it to an extent that it was not too insignificant.

Before long, Marielle stops thinking and continues to think. Unfortunately, all the dresses that Marielle owns don't look good. They only had such things made so that they wouldn't stand out. I could have made something more gorgeous if I asked my parents. As a clapper, I have a certain amount of money. Marielle herself has been pursuing the quiet, ignoring her mother's suggestion that she should dress up a little bit more. I didn't think I would ever regret it.

The tea ceremony is tomorrow, so I don't have time to make a new one. You'll have to borrow from someone else.

The first thing that came to my mind was the long-established prost.i.tutes in the old restaurant, who had many gorgeous costumes and were thinking of someone I could consult. In beauty and splendor, the flowers of Turantur, far from the ordinary ladies, would know how to be beautiful than Marielle. Marielle thought for a moment about asking her friends to do it but soon withdrew the plan. They are the most popular prost.i.tutes in Turantur. I'm sure I've got a reservation for tonight. It would be a nuisance to rush in and ask such a favor.

Also, if the aristocrats were to go out with each other, they would have to be more suitable than them. Who knows how to deal with the Delvancourt family?

Marielle nodded. Yes, she's going alone to consult Simeon's mother, Count Frobert's wife, about the invitation.

She is a fashion-loving woman, and if it comes to a fight sold by her old friend Delvancourt, she'll buy it at a very high price. There is no one more rea.s.suring than she is.

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If that's the case, we must hurry. First, she sent an errand to the Count's house to obtain permission to visit. It is more important to confirm whether Mrs. Esther is at home to be polite. It's past the season when tea parties and parties are held every day, but it's not always that she's at home every day.

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