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Chapter 373: Sexy Laziness {R-18}

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Chapter 373: s.e.xy Laziness {R-18}

After Lucien's request, Sloth sighs. Then she slowly nods as green energy begins to turn around her body, changing it to her original form.

She continues to be 1.69 meters tall, having fair skin, and an extremely charming mature face. However, her blonde hair gets even longer while her body gets even more voluptuous, with her thighs getting thicker, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a.s.s even bigger. Her hips also get wider while her waist remains thin and delicate.

And, of course, demonic characteristics begin to appear. Like l.u.s.t and Envy, Sloth has bat-like wings, but her wings are slightly smaller and stay on top of her back. Her wings have the same ebony-blue color as the small horns that slightly curve from the top of the side of her head upwards.

Lucien can see a cute ebony-blue tail slowly wagging behind Sloth. Like l.u.s.t's tail, hers is also very thin, soft, and has a small heart-shaped spade at the end.

Sloth looks at Lucien with a slightly flushed expression as her droopy eyebrows and half-open eyes really pa.s.s on the idea of laziness.

"You are perfect, my dear," Lucien speaks as he slowly strokes Sloth's face.

She curves her lips slowly, indicating that she wants to smile, but her body is too lazy right now. Her expression also makes her look like a person who is too tired to do anything but sleep now, yet the flush on her beautiful face makes it clear that she is expectant.

As she slowly starts to shake his unb.u.t.toned pants, Lucien runs his hand from her delicate neck to the back of her neck, also caressing her cheek and slightly pointed ear.

They look each other in the eye as he brings her head towards him, then also moves his head down forward, slowly approaching their lips.

Sloth feels really good about Lucien taking every initiative and acting so kindly to her. She lets him have full control over her head, and he brings their mouths closer until their lips touch.

Lucien continues slowly acting as he starts rubbing his lips on the side of her mouth, teasing her and making her want to start moving her lips willingly.

Sloth's senses, as well as all her physical capabilities, are extremely low, while she has the less efficient physical body among the sins. That does not mean she is weak, but all her power is focused on the mind while her body is made just to stay still and relaxed.

Because of that, only now, having her nose in contact with Lucien's face, does she feel his natural scent well, and it amazes her.

"This... I thought your scent was going to be the same as l.u.s.t's, but... you smell different... incredibly good... addictive..." Sloth says between pauses while Lucien rubs their lips.

That action alone is the most pleasurable thing she's ever done besides sleeping. She has obviously tried other things before, but nothing of a s.e.xual nature as that has never attracted her attention.

Still, Sloth knows that nothing she could have done with another man could be merely similar to what she is having with Lucien.

She feels it was worth waiting until now because not only is he the most handsome man she has ever seen, but he is also mysterious, fascinating, and l.u.s.t's husband, which is definitely a positive point as she trusts l.u.s.t's judgment about the character of Lucien.

While Sloth reflects on these things, Lucien begins to increase the movements of his lips onto hers. He begins to kiss and suck her lips lovingly.

The desire to move her lips overcomes her laziness, and Sloth begins to imitate the movements of Lucien's lips, learning to kiss with him.

Also, he uses his other hand to bring her arm up to his shoulder. Then she wraps her arms around his neck while their kiss gets more affectionately.

Their noses touch while they smash their lips onto each other. Lucien quickly becomes addicted to the taste and smooth texture of Sloth's soft and thick lips.

She is delighted by the intense taste and smell of Lucien's lips, and when she least expects it, his tongue invades her delicious mouth.

In this stage of the kiss, everything that both were feeling is intensified and improved. While Lucien feels his body getting more and more relaxed while he experiences Sloth's tasty saliva, she feels her body become warmer and hornier while she wants to drink as much of his saliva as possible.

Lucien is already used to leading the kiss with several of his most pa.s.sive girls, yet Sloth is different by not making any movement with her tongue while his dances around it.

In addition to not being confident and therefore wanting to learn from Lucien before doing anything on her own, Sloth really likes to leave all the work to him and just enjoy the moment.

But when he starts to draw back his tongue out of her mouth, her tongue acts willingly and chases his while she also leans her body forward.

Lucien moves his hands down her back, also stroking her waist until he reaches her big a.s.s. He previously thought that Ca.s.sidy had the biggest and s.e.xiest a.s.s he had ever seen, but Sloth stole that privilege.

He opens his hands as much as possible while trying to caress and squeeze every part of her a.s.s while also kissing her lips. He can feel how soft her a.s.s is through the thin green dress she wears.

They touch their foreheads while looking at each other. Sloth smiles as she enjoys Lucien's pa.s.sionate touch on her a.s.s. "You really like it, don't you?"

He smiles too. "I f.u.c.king love it."

Sloth starts to get tired of standing up and uses the rest of her 'stamina' to jump. Lucien quickly holds her by the thighs, and she wraps her arms around his neck while they kiss again.

She definitely doesn't like to stand while he loves to carry his girls in his arms.

While devouring Sloth's mouth, Lucien steps back and lies on his back on the bed, between the other girls while Sloth mounts on him.

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Her mouth is definitely delicious, but what most pleases Lucien is to caress her incredibly s.e.xy curves. The other girls, especially Amelia, and even l.u.s.t, are jealous of Sloth's voluptuous body, which they know added to her mature look fascinates Lucien so much.

The incredible speed that she and Sophia reached the Earth Realm was due to them not having to do anything to become stronger. However, that 'start bonus' is already proving to be not so incredible compared to the other sins that can achieve goals like Envy getting what many desire and Wrath brutally crus.h.i.+ng many powerful enemies.

Sloth and Sophia would have to accept to start improving slowly, but Lucien changes all that. The goals changed, and they can benefit from his love too.

She wasn't really doing anything hard while Lucien kissed her, and her body was very relaxed, especially when she was in his arms. So, Sloth knows Sophia, and she must continue to relax, but in Lucien's arms.

Also, the fact that his demonic energy is easily mixing with her energy makes it clear that their cooperation was destined. Sloth feels as if everything she ever did was to get here, in Lucien's bed, next to her sisters and Sophia, to receive the power that will change everything.

While Sloth enjoys the sensation of having Lucien's energy inside her, which is still very limited due to her not having his tattoo, he has a great time with Amelia and Envy.

With both his hands inside their clothes, he squeezes one of Amelia's b.r.e.a.s.t.s and one of Envy's. Although Amelia is in the group of girls with small b.r.e.a.s.t.s while Envy is average in size, he loves and finds their bodies perfect.

He moves his hands pa.s.sionately over their b.r.e.a.s.t.s and rips their blouses and bras while kissing their lips.

Amelia pushes any shyness to the back of her mind as she kisses Lucien pa.s.sionately. She doesn't mind sharing that time with Envy and the other girls, while she just wants him to love her in every way possible.

As soon as he opens their bras, Lucien begins to kiss and caress their b.r.e.a.s.t.s and bellies while they both hold each one of his horns.

Using his tail, he also begins to caress their legs and thighs, making them moan with pleasure.

"Mmmmm~~." Amelia softly moans as she sticks her fingers in Lucien's hair. Her love juices have already left her panties soaked, and she can't wait for him to take them off.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!" Envy loudly moans as she feels Lucien squeeze her b.r.e.a.s.t.s so tightly, making them take the form of his hand. He knows how to please each of his wives, and Envy loves rough play.


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