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Chapter 1354 - The Additional Value Of Suffering Travels

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Chapter 1354: The Additional Value Of Suffering Travels

After hanging up, Bao Xu fell into deep thought.

He had to say that Min Jingchao’s words made sense. The current business model of Suffering Travels was not very mature. It was not related to either side.

Perhaps the first two episodes were mainly Tengda’s internal employees. At most, they would add a few free slots from the lucky draw. Thus, Bao Xu lost his sensitivity in this aspect.

What’s more, ever since the establishment of the Suffering Travels, Bao Xu’s main energy had been placed on daily training and the various details when he was traveling. He had been thinking about how to bring everyone a better suffering experience all day. Thus, he had not considered the business model.

Bao Xu had already tried his best to minimize the price of 35,000 yuan per person. However, that was not a good price.

For ordinary people, they basically did not have the need to suffer. This sum of money could make them very happy no matter whether they signed up for a travel team or were free to travel. There was no need to suffer at all.

Time was even more precious to rich people. There was not much difference between 30,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan in the face of two months of travel.

The key was whether Suffering Travels could provide them with a unique experience.

This was just like the pricing of Otto’s cell phone back then. The cost of a cell phone filled with materials was there. If the price was normal, the poor would not be able to afford it and the rich would not take a liking to it. That would be awkward.

At that time, Chang You added a lot of additional value to Otto’s cell phone under Boss Pei’s guidance. That was how he successfully completed the job.

If Suffering Travels wanted to succeed, it had to replicate this model.

Bao Xu’s primary goal might not be to earn money but he did not want to lose money on purpose.

If Suffering Travels failed badly, there would only be fewer and fewer people partic.i.p.ating. If there was a shortage of traffic, wouldn’t the source of happiness be gone?

Conversely, if Suffering Travels became popular, they could buy more training bases and continue to expand. In the future, they would not only accept 20 people, but also 100, 200, or even more. Their business could also be all over the country and all over the world.

Wouldn’t that be double the happiness?

Of course, it was still too early to think about those things. In any case, as long as Suffering Travels could become popular and obtain enough attention and fame, he would not have to worry about earning money at all.

Thus, Bao Xu had to think about this business model.

The key now was to think of a problem: What was irreplaceable about Suffering Travels?

Apart from the label of ‘suffering’, could he dig out something more valuable from it?

Bao Xu had proposed creating Suffering Travels back then with a very simple goal: to arrange for the people in charge of Tengda’s various departments.

However, Boss Pei strongly supported and praised this.

Then, Boss Pei’s goal would obviously not be as simple as Bao Xu’s.

In other words, since Boss Pei had agreed, it meant that the idea of Suffering Travels had a possibility of success in business. However, Bao Xu had been blinded by hatred and had not seen this possibility for the time being.

“According to Otto’s experience with cell phones, more value should be added to Suffering Travels.”

“What additional value should I add?”

“Hmm… Past experience tells me that we can only rely on teamwork when we encounter problems.”

Bao Xu quickly found the direction.

Otto Technologies was also poor in the beginning. It did not have many resources. However, as long as it was linked to Tengda’s other industries, it would obtain many additional values. It would be significantly different from other cell phone brands.

Suffering travel should obviously take this route.

Increase the price of 35,000 yuan per person to 50,000 yuan. Then, through linkage with other industries, Suffering Travels would obtain additional content that was different from other tours. Thus, it would be irreplaceable among consumers with better economic status.

He would first establish a brand at a high price, then gradually lower the price and expand the user group. This was a method that many brands had used before. It was very effective.

Of course, not everyone could play this method. After all, if they wanted to enter the high-end market from the beginning, they would need rich funds, strong marketing and publicity ability, and unique resources.

Tengda Corporation happened to have all of these!

He had the backing of a huge tree like Tengda Corporation. He had such good resources but did not know how to make use of them. How stupid was he to think of relying on his own department to fight alone?

Bao Xu carefully went through all of Tengda’s businesses.

“Suffering Travels should be a very glorious thing. Those who can complete Suffering Travels are all people with strong will, can suffer, and can fight.”

“Just like society should have many preferential policies for soldiers, those who complete Suffering Travels should also obtain special treatment in Tengda’s various industries.”

“What’s more, this kind of benefits and treatment should be differentiated from the benefits at Otto’s cell phone. It cannot be repeated. Otherwise, it would not show the value of Suffering Travels.”

“Otto’s cell phone’s special treatment is mainly for various benefits. Internet cafes, take-out discounts, and movie tickets.”

“Then the benefits of Suffering Travels should give him preferential treatment in terms of ident.i.ty. Others should be able to tell at a glance that this person has partic.i.p.ated in Suffering Travels!”

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Bao Xu had a general idea very quickly.

At the very least, customers would not feel like they were degrading at all after partic.i.p.ating in Suffering Travels. They would even feel like they were high-cla.s.s. That would work.

The more Bao Xu thought about it, the more he felt that it made sense. A plan quickly formed in his heart.

Of course, if he wanted to obtain these benefits, he still had to communicate with the heads of the various departments to obtain support and cooperation from them.

Bao Xu was very confident about this.

Who would dare to not cooperate? They would be pulled into a torturous travel experience on the spot!

Hehe, it was not appropriate to say that. It seemed like a torturous trip was a special organization.

However, no matter what, Suffering Travels had a lot of say in Tengda Corporation. Ordinary person-in-charge did not dare to reject Bao Xu’s request.

Otherwise, what if Bao Xu arranged for all the department members to suffer?

What’s more, the better the development of Suffering Travels, the more tourists they would absorb from the outside world. Then, the people inside Tengda would be relatively safer.

What if he could not recruit anyone from outside on the Suffering Travels? Wouldn’t he only be able to increase his efforts to arrange for someone from Tengda?

That was something that all the department heads did not want to see.

Therefore, this plan should be fully cooperated by the other departments.

Of course, Bao Xu did not forget Min Jingchao and his colleagues at Sun Strike Studios.

Wouldn’t it be a huge contribution to make such a constructive suggestion and completely improve the business model of Suffering Travels?

How should he repay him?

Yes, since Min Jingchao said that a few colleagues from Sun Strike Studios were interested in Suffering Travels, he would contact Zhou Muyan someday and tell him that he could give Sun Strike Studios an internal discount.

It would definitely not be appropriate if the discount was too little. It would not look bright. He would give a 50% discount directly. The price would change from 50,000 to 25,000 yuan. It was just right.

Bao Xu immediately stood up excitedly and went to the lounge to change the plan with his laptop.

The original plan was to announce the registration price for Suffering Travels to outsiders in the near future. The announcement had already been written, but they had to make urgent changes now.

However, it was not a big problem. There was still more than a month to the next episode after all. They could change the announcement first and release the announcement next week. Everyone could sign up first. They could arrange the linkage activities of the other departments within a month!

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