Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World.


Chapter 26: Visit 01

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"Son, me and your dad have a dinner today at a friend of ours. Get ready to go." Said Amanda at the door happy to see her three treasures playing together.

"All right mother." Said Aatrox helping the children get up to go with their mother to get ready.

Being left alone, Aatrox turned on his computer and opened League to add the 15000RP, but upon opening, a new page appeared for him.

[Come join Clash, Join 4 more friends and feel what it's like to play professionally.]

Reading more about it, Aatrox found that it was a tournament held by the game developer for players to feel what it was like to be in a professional game.

Aatrox was curious and wanted to try to see what it was like, but he didn't have a team yet and besides Annie, he had no one to call.

Throwing this information to the back of his mind, Aatrox used the code and now his account had 15065RP. Looking at Aatrox character skins, he bought them all, as there weren't many. A so-called "Mech Aatrox" where as the name implies, the character became a giant robot. Another called "Blood Moon Aatrox" where he was in his closest form to how he was in his ancient universe. Finally, he bought a so-called "Justicar", this one was special because it reminded him of a certain being he once fought.

[All skins can be Googled for some images of how they are.]

Knowing he had no time to play any games now, Aatrox turned off his computer and went to take a shower. For him who practiced the G.o.d-Killer technique, his body was constantly releasing impurities. It was essential that he showered several times a day so that his body did not smell bad.

Looking for something to wear after the shower, Aatrox saw he liked a black social shirt his mother had chosen from the various saleswomen who had worn it as a model. With his shirt, Aatrox chose black jeans and a silver belt.

During the trip, his father had bought him a watch, black too. Fully dressed and looking in the mirror, Aatrox realized that he definitely didn't miss his red skin. His serious face, with his long loose black hair combined with his black clothes, gave him a different look. Anyone talking to him would feel like he was talking to the devil, the hot and s.e.xy devil.

Leaving his bedroom he saw Bruna in a black dress sitting on their parents' bed watching a cartoon on the bedroom television. Bryan was wearing a small black social shirt too while Amanda combed his hair.

Seeing the surprised look on her son's face, Amanda couldn't help but sigh. "They said they wanted to dress in black to look just like you. Worse, they didn't even know what you were wearing, but they knew it would be black."

Hearing this Aatrox can't help but laugh at her helpless look and the proud smile on the twins' faces.

Alex opened the door and saw his family getting ready can not help but have a happy smile to see everyone gathered again. After greeting everyone, he went to take a shower to get ready as well.

* Ding *

Hearing the phone notification, Aatrox picked it up and saw it was a message from Annie.

[Annie: Hey! Did you see the message in the League?]

[Benjamin: Yes, I thought it was cool but I don't have a team to play with.]

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[Annie: What are you going to do today?]

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