Life, Once Again!

Wise Dragon - 어진용

Chapter 603

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Chapter 603

Maru had gotten used to eating lunch boxes at the shooting location now. He opened the plastic lid and started eating when he felt a presence behind him.

“Can I eat with you?”

It was Song Siwoo.

“Do whatever you want. It’s not like anyone owns this place.”

As soon as he said those words, Siwoo sat next to him. Dongho, who sat opposite to him, twitched his eyes and spoke,

“What made you come here today? Instead of going to Ahn Yeseul’s side?”

“Uhm, if you don’t want me here, I’ll go somewhere else.”

Siwoo didn’t seem fl.u.s.tered at all and looked straight at Dongho’s face as he said those words. Instead, Dongho was the one who made some weird hand gestures before saying ‘that’s not what I mean’. As pouty as he was, Dongho was kind at heart and compromised with himself as soon as his opponent acted upright.

“I did get used to it, but it does hurt me to see other people looking at me like that. Sometimes, I wonder if idols shouldn’t be acting,” Siwoo said in a small voice.

“It’s not like there’s a law that forbids idols from acting, so don’t worry about it. Dongho’s just a bit twisted, and he doesn’t actually hate you so just be understanding. Isn’t that right, Dongho?”

“Of course. I’m not that petty.”

Dongho told Siwoo to quickly start eating. Finding that funny, Joomin continuously slapped Dongho’s arm as she laughed.

“Maru, isn’t this guy pretty cute from time to time?”

“Dongho is pretty cute.”

“He’s like a total kid. When are you going to grow up?”

“You’re both bullying me again. Just get eating.”

Dongho hurriedly picked up his lunch box and started eating.

You’re gonna choke - Maru pushed the drink in front of him over to Dongho’s side before looking at Siwoo.

“So there are similar happenings in other places too?”

“It doesn’t happen that much, but when I meet people who don’t see me in a good light, I kinda end up regretting that I started doing this. Despite the fact that I’m putting a lot of effort in, you know?”

“You’re like a mutant who popped out of nowhere after all. You suddenly barged into an already stable ecosystem and started eating everything in sight, so there are bound to be people who won’t look at you in a good light. Rumors always circulate around rich households. It's proof that things are going well, so just ignore what you don’t want to listen to.”

“My president said something similar. That half of the words from adults are from pride and the other half are from their conservative nature. That’s why I don’t need to listen to them that deeply.”

Only after Siwoo finished did he smile and pick up his chopsticks. They ate while talking about trivial stuff like the weather.

“Uhm. Can I ask you something?”

Maru looked at Siwoo as he stuffed his mouth with some rice. What entered his view was Siwoo’s lunch box. Siwoo had left all the fried food untouched.

“Aren’t you going to eat those?”

“Hm? Oh, these? I have to maintain a strict diet. I’m only going to eat fried food after the debut. I’m going to have to shoot a debut soon after all.”

“Then I’ll take it, okay? As compensation for answering your question.”

Maru poked one chopstick into the shrimp tempura and put it in his mouth. He suddenly had a thought when he put it in his mouth - that he should not take up roles that had to look skinny. He seriously didn’t have the confidence to control his weight.

“So, what do you want to know about?” he asked after swallowing the shrimp tempura.

“Back there, at the faucet.”

Dongho and Joomin, who had almost finished their lunches as well, also took interest in their conversation. They closed in with drinks in their hands.

“Why do you think I wasn’t able to get an okay sign?”

“Everything other than the falling over part was okay. Falling over is something that’s not that related to acting. Well, in a broader sense, it is, but it’s more about using your body.”

“That’s what I don’t understand. I thought that I fell over really well, but the director said he didn’t like it. Falling onto a mat is something that happens often when I’m practicing ch.o.r.eography, so it shouldn’t have looked that awkward.”

“Do you remember what the director said to you?”

“That I’m trying to look cool? I never intended to.”

“He put it that way, but he probably meant something different.”

“What did he mean?”

“You weren’t afraid. You fell over too cleanly.”

Maru closed the lid of his lunch box since he finished it. Siwoo seemed to be thinking about what happened back then as he was staring at his own legs.

“Dongho, give it to me if you’re finished. You too, noona. I’ll collect them and throw them away at once.”

He stacked the lunch boxes and stood up before moving. He handed over the trash to the car that brought the lunch boxes and went to grab four cups of coffee from the vending machine inside the school. He grabbed one cup with his mouth and the other three with his hands. Just as he approached the three who were sitting on the platform, he heard Siwoo’s voice.

“Then how should I have fallen over?”

“Just throw your body.”

“I think I did that.”

“Should I have looked afraid like what Maru said? No, that can’t be right. It shouldn’t matter since my face wasn’t in the camera.”

Maru joined the three people who were talking among themselves.

“You’re still talking about that?”

“What do you mean by I wasn’t afraid? I took a few steps too before I fell back,” Siwoo asked.

“Take this first.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“Dongho and Noona, you too.”


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Maru sipped on the coffee before starting to talk.

“Haewon called me a problem solver?”

“He did. He said that he did the right thing when he consulted you about his worries. Uhm, can I ask you more from time to time?”

“But you won’t be here since it’s your last day here, isn’t it?”

“Just in case. Or am I being too annoying?”

“That’s not entirely false, but….”

Maru reached out with his phone. There was nothing to be lost by making more connections. Moreover, this guy belonged to the same agency as Gaeul. He thought that it would be good to get to know him.

“Thanks. Your explanations were really good. I think I had an easier time understanding than in the I received.”

“That’s all I can do. Don’t compare me to fully fledged instructors. It’d be rude. It just so happened that I could explain it to you, so don’t expect any more from me in the future.”

“You know? Hearing that makes me expect even more. Anyway, thank you so much. I feel much more refreshed now. I hope I can see you next time, with Heewoon and Haewon at that time.”

Siwoo thanked him until the end before leaving. Whether it was his agency that taught him, or if that was just his nature, it was really good to see him. Even if it was just a mask, if he maintained that without being found out, that mask might become the truth.

“Han Maru, what’s up with you today?” Dongho said from behind him.


“Your explanations were really kind, unlike usual. When I ask you something, you’d usually reply with ‘look at the script’ or ‘think about it yourself’ or ‘is that all you know?’ or something like that. Are you discriminating just because he’s an idol?”

“I did? Am I not the same as always?”

“What the heck are you saying? When Jichan came to you for advice before, you made your face like this and told him ‘my advice will be meaningless to you’. You were so cautious about explaining things to others, yet you’re spilling all the beans today. Are you planning to get close to him and get an idol girlfriend? If it’s like that, let me in too.”

Maru laughed before waving his hand in denial. He was different from his usual self? He scratched his eyebrows and thought about it. When he thought about it now, he did think that he was a little bit harsh. He thought that interfering with other people’s lives was crossing the line, and above all, had no benefit for him.

‘Well, this much advice is fine I guess.’

Wouldn’t it be fine as long as the listener just took what was necessary? He even thought that he restrained a little too much from talking. He thought that there was no reason to actually go that far. Now that he thought about it in retrospect, his actions did feel quite stuffy.

“Maybe this is the original me. The kind Han Maru.”

“Wow, that really doesn’t suit you. Don’t you think so too, noona?”

“Yeah. He definitely isn’t like his usual self.”

Maru shrugged.

He changed? People were bound to change. Staying still without changing was the same as regress, so changing was something positive.

“Never mind that, let’s have a look at the script. We have two scenes left.”

“Right. The phantom of the script wants to look at the script, so we have to look at the script, yes.”

“Shall we start from this point?”

Maru looked at the two people and opened his script.

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