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十二翼黑暗炽天使 - Twelve-winged Dark Seraphim

Chapter 1202 - Supreme Yin Cracks Supreme Yang

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Chapter 1202: Supreme Yin Cracks Supreme Yang

Translator: CKtalon

The armor on An Sheng’s body shattered as his body was severely burned. His flesh was almost charred as he collapsed into the huge crater, smoking. It was difficult to tell if he was dead or alive.

The man turned around and was about to attack Ouyang Lan again when he realized that the force had wrapped around his arm again. He turned his head and saw An Sheng struggling to get up from the ground. His injuries were so serious that it was difficult for him to even stand up, but the demonic glint in his eyes didn’t weaken.

“What a disgusting worm. It’s as nauseating as a c.o.c.kroach.” The man glanced at An Sheng in disgust. The power of Supreme Yang over his fist became stronger and stronger, and soon, it was so intense that one couldn’t look straight at it.

Even outside the altar, one could sense the terrifying heat from his fist. Clearly, the man wasn’t interested in wasting time with An Sheng and wanted to finish him off in one strike.

This time, the power of the Supreme Yang over his fist was more than a hundred times stronger than before. It was power at the Terror grade, unlike the casual strike from before.

An evil glint flashed in the man’s eyes. He didn’t turn his fist towards An Sheng but continued aiming at Ouyang Lan.

If An Sheng gave up now, his fist would blast at Ouyang Lan. If he didn’t give up, he wouldn’t even have a chance of escaping—he would be killed.

An Sheng had already seen through the man’s plan, but he had no other choice. He stood in the crater with great difficulty as the numbers in his eyes constantly streamed, transforming into a strange force that wrapped around the man’s arm, preventing him from attacking Ouyang Lan.

An Sheng knew very well that his strength wasn’t enough to restrain the man. The reason the man didn’t attack Ouyang Lan directly was to deliberately put him in a dilemma and watch him suffer mental torment.

An Sheng wasn’t outraged; instead, he felt lucky because his strength wasn’t enough to really stop the man and he couldn’t rush into the altar. The man’s actions allowed him to stall for time.

“Your time is up.” Seeing that An Sheng was unmoved, the man lost his interest in continuing the game. The terrifying sun-like punch blasted at An Sheng. The entire world seemed to be drowned by the incandescent punch. Even the air seemed to melt.

An Tianzuo wanted to rush over a few times, but he was held back by Xiao. Unable to help, he shouted at An Sheng, “Ah Sheng, leave!”

“Overseer, I hope that I can still be your adjutant in my next life.” An Sheng faced the sun-like punch calmly. He no longer had the chance to leave, nor did he want to.

The terrifying light and heat melted everything. Just as An Sheng’s figure was about to be overwhelmed by it, a breeze suddenly blew over.


When the terrifying flames encountered the breeze, not only did they fail to intensify, but they were instantly extinguished. In an instant, the sun-like punch silently extinguished. Wherever the breeze blew, frost formed on the ground.

A girl who was as graceful as a fairy flew to An Sheng’s side on a banana leaf.

When An Sheng saw the girl, he was immediately overjoyed. He turned his head and saw Zhou Wen carrying Ya’er over. “Young Master Wen, you’re finally here. What took you so long?”

Upon seeing Zhou Wen, An Tianzuo’s expression eased as he stared intently at Xiao.

“It’s not bad that I managed to arrive alive.” Zhou Wen came in front of the altar and looked at the man on it.

The man sized up Zhou Wen and Banana Fairy and asked coldly, “You are Zhou Wen, right? You came at the right time; you saved me the trouble of making another trip.”

“Who are you?” Zhou Wen asked the man.

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“Saint… Blaze…” the man answered arrogantly.

“How would I know? I know as much as you do,” Xiao said indifferently. “But that’s good. It’s more interesting this way. Don’t tell me you can’t even deal with an adopted son of the An family?”

Blaze wasn’t in the mood to waste his breath on Xiao. The Supreme Yang glow over his body became stronger and stronger.

“You have the power of Supreme Yang. Are you from the Sun G.o.d Temple?” Zhou Wen sized up Blaze and asked.

“Don’t compare me to worms like you. I’m a saint of the Sun G.o.d Holy Temple,” Blaze said coldly.

“In that case, you aren’t human?” Zhou Wen sized up Blaze in surprise. As the Guardian aura on Blaze’s body was intense, he couldn’t be sure if there was anyone inside the armor. However, he had a feeling that Blaze wasn’t a pure Guardian.

“Of course not.” Blaze constantly gathered his strength, making him look like a nuclear bomb that could explode at any moment.

“Were you the ones who captured Professor Ouyang and the expedition team?” Zhou Wen continued asking.

“Ask him in h.e.l.l,” Blaze said as the power acc.u.mulated in his body instantly erupted. The terrifying power of Supreme Yang exploded like a supernova, producing a terrifying blast of light and fire.

Zhou Wen didn’t move as Banana Fairy spat out another mouthful of Supreme Yin Wind.

The power of Supreme Yang that Blaze had acc.u.mulated for a long time was blown out by the Supreme Yin Wind, as well as the flames over his body. He was swept up by the Supreme Yin Wind, and only stopped when he slammed into the stone pillar.

When he fell to the ground, frost had already formed over his body, almost turning him to an ice sculpture.

Blaze struggled to stand up, but his eyes were filled with horror. He knew that Banana Fairy was a Companion Beast with the Supreme Yin attribute, but he never expected such intensity. She was his nemesis. His Supreme Yang power was completely suppressed and useless.

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