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十二翼黑暗炽天使 - Twelve-winged Dark Seraphim

Chapter 1201 - Inside the Altar

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Chapter 1201: Inside the Altar

The broadsword that originally occupied the world seemed to become tiny in an instant. Instead, when Xiao’s hand slammed down, the sword beam immediately disintegrated in a rapid collapse.

The broadsword in An Tianzuo’s hand hummed as though it would snap at any moment.

Under the immense pressure, every step Xiao took made An Tianzuo take a step back. The broadsword’s blade began to bend under the pressure.

“In front of the imperial authority, the law is just a toy. Your nomological sword can’t defeat imperial authority, so you can’t win against me either.” Xiao constantly oppressed An Tianzuo while verbally disturbing his will.

An Tianzuo didn’t say a word as he drilled his feet into the rocks like nails. He didn’t retreat any further as the broadsword in his hand forcefully resisted the power of Xiao’s imperial authority. It bent further and further under the pressure. The broadsword seemed to turn into bamboo as it bent to a ninety-degree angle.

“An Tianzuo, you lost because you were too confident and arrogant. If you had both your hands, I might not have been able to clinch victory so easily. Unfortunately, you are too weak with only one hand.” As Xiao spoke, the divine imperial authority from his body completely erupted. He threw a punch and the golden light snapped the broadsword, drowning An Tianzuo in a brilliant golden light.

However, at that moment, Xiao’s expression suddenly changed drastically. He circulated his Trajectory movement technique and quickly retreated, but it was too late.


The glorious golden imperial authority shattered. An Tianzuo instantly appeared in front of Xiao with the snapped sword, stabbing at his heart.

Xiao’s trajectory movement technique changed strangely. Just as he thought he could escape the snapped sword’s attack, it suddenly flew out from An Tianzuo’s hand and penetrated his heart.

The force from the broadsword didn’t stop as it slammed into the stone pillar behind him, pinning him to it.

Xiao reached out to pull out the broken sword, but when his fingers touched it, they were immediately repelled by the power of the broken sword as though they had been electrocuted. At the same time, the broken sword was nailed deeper.

“So what if it’s imperial authority? In my eyes, there’s only right and wrong, nothing else. Ignoring the fact that there aren’t any emperors in this era, even if there are, they still have to accept the punishment of the law.” As An Tianzuo spoke, he rushed towards the altar to rescue Ouyang Lan and company.

Xiao, who was nailed to the stone pillar, suddenly cackled crazily. He grabbed the broken sword at his chest with both hands and allowed its nomological power to slice through his body, but he remained unperturbed.

His armor and flesh were lacerated by the nomological power, but he managed to pull the broken sword out of his chest.


Xiao threw the broken sword to the ground. His almost shattered heart and the wounds on his body were rapidly healing at an unbelievable speed. In the blink of an eye, he had completely recovered.

“Invincible Connate Divine Art?” An Tianzuo frowned as he looked at Xiao. He recognized the power.

Floating in the air, Xiao stopped laughing and said coldly, “Your so-called law is just a product of the strong’s circlejerk. Only by being strong enough can you set the law and ignore imperial authority. If you aren’t strong enough, talking about the law and sanctions is just a joke. If you, An Tianzuo, say that there are laws, there can be laws. That’s because you are strong enough, but what’s the difference between that and imperial authority? It’s just a difference in name. An Tianzuo, your nomological sword is ultimately a sword of authority. Why are you fooling yourself?”

At their level, battle was no longer a battle of pure technique. It was a battle of faith.

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If a person knew that he was in the wrong, he could fight with all his might without any distractions. But even a momentary lapse in concentration could become a fatal flaw.

In fact, it was true. The man walked out from behind the stone pillar and slowly walked to the stone pillar where Ouyang Lan was. He glanced at the nearly unconscious Ouyang Lan who was chained to the stone pillar.

“It’s none of your business,” Xiao said.

“I don’t want to interfere either, but they have to die,” the man said as he raised his fist. His fist emitted a sun-like glow as it blasted at Ouyang Lan with scorching power.

“Stop…” An Sheng slammed into the altar with all his might. He wasn’t strong enough to break through the altar’s barrier as it only resulted in him fracturing his bones. Blood seeped out of his mouth and nose.

Knowing that it was impossible to rush in, An Sheng gritted his teeth as his eyes emitted a demonic glow. It was as though numbers were flowing in his pupils.

Inside the altar, the man’s arm seemed to be bound by an invisible rope. He paused slightly and turned to look at An Sheng.

An Sheng bled from his seven orifices as the strange light in his eyes intensified.

“Annoying worm.” The man turned his arm and threw a punch at An Sheng.


An Sheng didn’t have the time to dodge. As his body was drowned by the sun-like punch, a huge crater was blasted open in the ground.

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