Lady Su's Revenge

鲜仙 - Xian Xian

Chapter 619 - Being an Attendant

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Chapter 619 Being an Attendant

Mysterious color appeared on Su Li’s eyes. She instantly gained an insight into Ling Li’s real body and frowned.

Seeing Su Li frowning, Xue Zhen was anxious and angry. She stepped forward and reprimanded, “How dare you not kneelwhen you see the holy girl! Don’t you know the etiquette?!”

Ling Li didn’t seem to hear those words. He still stared at Su Li silently.

Xue Zhen flushed with anger and was about to hit him, but she was stopped by Su Li.

“Take the other people leave here.”

“Huh? Yes!”

Xue Zhen was taken aback, and soon she came to her senses. Although she was puzzled, she immediately led everyone out.

In a blink of an eye, only Ling Li and Su Li remained in the hall.

Su Li flied to the soft couch in main hall and sat on it. She looked at Ling Li condescendingly and said indifferently, “This time, you are smart.”

Ling Li touched his face. He was not surprised that he was recognized by her.

Su Jiuzhou had always been mysterious. His secret skill of disguise, “Blue Puppet Vizard” inherited from his bloodline, hadn’t been seen through by the elders of Fenglei Holy Sect, but was seen through by Su Jiuzhou.

Thinking of this, Ling Li said solemnly, “Where is the Reincarnation Mirror?”

“You are burning to get the Reincarnation Mirror. But why did you let me get the mirror back then?”

Light flashed through Su Li’s eyes. She stared at Ling Li and chuckled.

“The reason related to my personal affair. You have nothing to do with that.”

Ling Li looked serious, “Su Jiuzhou, I have never asked anyone a favor in my life. If you lend me the Reincarnation Mirror, I would do anything you want.”

“Do anything I want?”

Su Li sneered, “I want you to die. Are you willing to do that?”


Ling Li nodded, as if death was not terrible to him, “But I will do that after Fate Palace is destroyed, and I will help you defeat Fate Palace.”

Light flashed through Su Li’s eyes. She puckered her lips slightly.

After being silent for a moment, she suddenly snorted, “Isthis your att.i.tude of asking a favor?”

Ling Li was stunned. The woman on the soft couch twitched her mouth suddenly, “From now on, you are my attendant. You must follow and serve me anywhere I go. Do you understand?”

“Su Jiuzhou!”

Ling Li wore an angry expression, “Is it interesting to humiliate me like this?”

“Humiliate you?”

Su Li got up and walked in front of Ling Li, looking at his disguised face. She whispered softly, “This is not a humiliation. It’s an att.i.tude. Don’t you want to borrow the Reincarnation Mirror from me?”

Speaking of this, she flipped her palm. A quaint and round bronze mirror with signs of wear appeared on her palm, and a strange pneuma spread.

“Reincarnation Mirror!”

His face changed sharply. When he tried to grasp it, the mirror suddenly disappeared.

“As excepted, you really have the Reincarnation Mirror.”

Hope glinted in his eyes. He had done everything for the slightest possibility before. When he really saw the Reincarnation Mirror, the hope in his heart was magnified countless times.

“What? Do you want to rob me of it? Although your bloodline has awakened, you’d better not do that… If you want to borrow it, I can lend it to you.”

Su Li smiled broadly, “If your service makes me happy and you let me see your att.i.tude of asking a favor, I will lend it to you. How about that?”

Ling Li stared at Su Li coldly, “What on earth do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do? It’s none of your business.”

Su Li stopped smiling and turned back to the soft couch, “The decision is up to you, Ling Li. If you don’t want to do that, you can leave the sect now. I won’t do anything to you, and you should never come to me again. If you are willing to meet my conditions, then stand by my side.”

At this time, outside the hall, many handymen disciples waited quietly, but they secretly transmitted the sounds,

“I know Ling San. He is a newcomer!”

“I heard that in order to be elected as a handyman of the Mount of Holy Girl, he even beat the head of handymen!”

“He didn’t obey the etiquette. He didn’t kneel when he saw the holy girl. This time he must die!”

When the handymen disciples were secretly rejoicing over the loss of their compet.i.tor, Xue Zhen, who was standing outside the hall nervously, finally heard the sound transmitted from Su Li, “Let’s continue. Bring them in.”

Xue Zhen was anxious. She suppressed her restlessness and said to the mult.i.tudinous handymen disciples who were waiting patiently behind her, “All come in with me!”

Everyone stopped transmitting the sound immediately. They bowed their heads and entered the hall one after another.

“Your Highness, we are here to salute you!”

“As you were.”

Xue Zhen was the first to look up, and when she saw Ling Li standing beside Su Li, she was stunned.

What was happening here?

Numerous handymen looked up one after another, seeing the unscathed Ling Li beside Su Li. They were all stupefied.

“Your Highness, what…”

Xue Zhen looked suspicious, but Su Li smiled and nodded, “In the future, Ling San will be by my side, and he will be my attendant. Xue Zhen, you can arrange positions for the rest of them at will, and you can leave now.”

Xue Zhen was slack-jawed when she heard that.

It…sounded nice to called him an attendant. But in fact… he was her toy boy?!

So, the holy girl favored this kind of man?

But Ling San’s appearance was ordinary. He was not remarkable. Why did the holy girl choose him alone?

“Your Highness!”

At this moment, a handsome young man among the handymen plucked up the courage to stand up, trying to imitate the serious expression of Ling Li just now.

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But as soon as he stood up, Xue Zhen saw that Su Li wore a cold face and waved her sleeve to throw the young man out of the hall.

The fat girl’s face turned pale. Finally, she knew the seriousness of this matter. She covered her mouth and nodded repeatedly.

Seeing this, Ban Qian rubbed his ophryon and sighed inwardly.

He became more and more panicked since he got no news of Su Jiuzhou. He didn’t tell the Grand Elder the matter of choosing their side until now because he hadn’t found a good opportunity to tell it.

In addition, there was another holy girl now…

“d.a.m.n it!”

Ban Qian patted his head and he was in a mess.

“Hey, Great Holy Boy, what are you worrying about now? You don’t have the final say in the sect. You just have to tell Su Jiuzhou’s words to the Grand Elder.”

The fat girl said casually, “Originally, you don’t want to be the holy boy. It happens that the sect has a holy girl now. If the sect’s choice is different from yours, we can leave!”

“Leave? Where to go?”

Ban Qian was a little confused about Xiaoya’s remark and asked,

“Where else can I go?”

Xiaoya blinked, “Great Holy Boy, do you become stupiddue to practicing?”

Ban Gan suddenly pulled a wry face, “This matter is equally sensitive. Don’t mention it again.”


Xiaoya obediently responded. She got up, bent over, patted her knees and sighed, “The world of adults is really difficult to understand. I don’t care about that. I’m going to sleep.”

As she spoke, she skipped along and left.

Ban Qian couldn’t help laughing as he watched her vivacious figure.

Perhaps Xiaoya was right.

“I’m going to fight against Fate Palace. I think it shouldn’t be regarded as going over to the enemy. Right?”

For several days, Su Li kept indoors to practice in isolation. Ling Li just wanted to get her Reincarnation Mirror. He was definitely not interested in the matters of the Fenglei Holy Sect. So, he practiced in the side hall to accelerate the fusion of bloodline.

If it got fast enough, he might still have a slight chance to grab the Reincarnation Mirror directly from Su Jiuzhou. He wouldn’t always be at the mercy of Su Jiuzhou, but now he had to make concessions to achieve his purpose of robbing her of the mirror. At the beginning, he had got such an idea of s.n.a.t.c.hing the mirror.

Xue Zhen kept the Mount of Holy Girl in perfect order. Every time she looked at the quiet Hall of Holy Girl, she was gratified and couldn’t help but sigh.

The holy girl was really not a materialistic person. Before the construction of the mount was completed, she started to practice in isolation. And her toy boy kept calm as well. He also practiced in isolationin the side hall and did not go anywhere.

Could this be the reason why the holy girl settled on him?

However, if the holy girl continued to practice in isolation, her perfect results of managing couldn’t be seen at all! Were her efforts…in vain?

But at this moment, an untimely voice suddenly sounded.

“Not long after the construction of the Mount of Holy Girl, it is a riot of color and animation. Junior Sister Apprentice Xue Zhen, you are awesome.”

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