Lady Su's Revenge

鲜仙 - Xian Xian

Chapter 617 - Becoming a Holy Girl

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Chapter 617 Becoming a Holy Girl

Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum!

The black stone surface made a series of slight noises, and there were seven rings rippling like water waves on it. This was the limit that Su Li could achieve in a short time.

But even so, all those present were silent, and Elder Zheng was also in shock and couldn’t help but confirm, “Su Qingshui, are you less than 700 years old?”

Su Li moved her palm away and nodded helplessly. If she did it again, she would light up more rings. Although seven rings were outstanding, it was much better than one ring.

“Very good!”

Even with Elder Zheng’s state of mind, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed at this moment.

The 700-year-old person who was at the peak of Yuanying Realm was already at the level of top-grade talents. Even if she didn’t have the authenticating object of the sect, he was willing to take her in.

“Su Qingshui, follow me to see Grand Elder Nan now!”

While speaking, Elder Zheng waved his sleeves and disappeared with Su Li from the Testing Hall before Su Li nodded. Suddenly, there were many discussions in the originally silent hall.

“The top-grade talent!”

“Unbelievably, a top-grade talentcomes to our sect. It seems that Great Holy Boy couldn’t keep his position.”

“It’s hard to say. Maybe Su Qingshui is a spy from another sect?”

“She is a top-grade talent! The holy sects will see her as the most valuable treasure. How could they send her out as a spy?”


Standing in the crowd, Ban Qian felt the quizzical gazes from all directions. He couldn’t help but feel bitter. Although he didn’t want to be a Great Holy Boy, he had done his best for the sect during his reign. Now there was a disciple whose talent surpa.s.sed that of him. Was he about to be replaced?

Was he…deeply unpopular with the sect’s disciples?

Ban Qian couldn’t help but start to deeply doubt what he had done. If the sect really decided to let the holy girl replace him, he wouldn’t mind it rationally, but he would inevitably feel discouraged emotionally.

“Is Su Jiuzhou’s Ni Sect still taking disciples in? If I join Ni Sect, maybe I won’t be in a dilemma. Anyway, Master isn’t in charge now…”

Ban Qian woolgathered. Finally, he shook his head slightly and left the hall.

In the dim ancient attic, Su Li opened the door. She looked back at Elder Zheng who was waiting at the door, and then walked into the main hall.

There was no spiritual stone lamp in the main hall. There were only burning candles with cracking sound from time to time.

Su Li walked to the candles and stopped. She saw a hunchbacked old woman sitting cross-legged behind the sandalwood. The old woman bowed her head and didn’t look at Su Li, holding the authenticating object which was brought here by Su Li in her hand.

This person was…the Grand Elder Nan mentioned by Elder Zheng, who turned out to be a female pract.i.tioner.

“I’m Su Qingshui. Grand Elder Nan, I’m here to salute you.”

Su Li lowered her head slightly, and the old woman raised her head, revealing her face full of wrinkles. Seeing Su Li’s common courtesy, she smiled graciously, “There are always more male pract.i.tioners than female pract.i.tioners in the cultivation circle… As a female pract.i.tioner, if I can cultivate a female talent as the next Grand Elder, it will be good for me and the sect.”

Su Li was slightly surprised and asked, “Grand Elder Nan, shouldn’t you test my loyalty as a disciple?”


The old woman chuckled and threw the authenticating object with her fingertips onto Su Li’s hand. “Zheng doesn’t understand, but I vaguely know the ins and outs of this thing. Owning this thing… That explains a lot! I just want to know…where you got it.”

She vaguely knew the ins and outs?

Divine light flashed through Su Li’s eyes. Although the old woman’s cultivation was still in the realm of a Junior Emperor, her cultivation was still far away from that of Bai Su and his peers. Even Bai Su could not resist the tampering of memory by the natural law, and he had no choice but to hide in the Reincarnation Mirror. Could it be possible that this old woman…?

Since it was impossible, it was a test… Did the test begin from the moment that she entered this building?

Su Li came up with many ideas, but on the surface, she looked as usual, and she replied at a normal speed, “This thing…was from an ancient relic, but the information of the ancient relic was completely erased, so I couldn’t know the origin of it. After going deep into it, I got this thing from a residual soul, and I was guided by it. Then I came here to try my luck.”

The Shengxian Mountain was indeed an ancient relic in essence. The information in the mountain had indeed been completely tampered with by Bai Mo, making it impossible to know the truth. Before the First Elder of the Ling Family turned in to a ghost, he was indeed a residual soul.

In short, although what she said was not the fact, she didn’t lie.

The old woman nodded slightly when she heard the words. She didn’t know the true origin of the ancient authenticating object. Asking this question was just a test on Su Qingshui’s temperament.

This attic was actually neither an attic nor her bedroom palace. It was one of the three top-grade treasures of Fenglei Holy Sect—Wenxin Hall. If the person being asked did not tell the truth, Wenxin Hall would feel it, and she would notice it as well.

The old woman thought that no matter how honest Su Qingshui was, she would keep something back. But Wenxin Hall had no response just now which meant that the words of Su Qingshui were all true.


The old woman sighed. Originally, she wanted to carry out a lot of tests. But now…the tests were unnecessary.

“Miss Su, honesty is certainly an excellent quality. But…you are in the cultivation circle, and people’s mind is unpredictable. You even can’t be always open to the fellow apprentices of your sect. So… lying is a way to protect yourself. Do you understand?”

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Su Li blinked, surprised by the old woman’s sigh with emotion, but she still nodded, expressing understanding.

Why was it so easy to break this time?

Was Grand Elder joking?

The fat girl Xiaoya licked a stick of sugar-coated haws in her hand. Then she turned to look at Su Li and Ban Qian. She was puzzled.

What were these two people doing? Was it so funny to stare at each other?

“The adult world is really hard to understand!”

Xiaoya got up and patted her b.u.t.tocks. She said to these two people, “Would you like to have some pastries? I’ll go and prepare them. You guys, don’t have a word in your sh.e.l.l-like when I’m not here!”

Then Xiaoya left the hall happily.

Perhaps Xiaoya’s words defused the embarra.s.sing tension between them. Ban Qian couldn’t help but cough lightly, “Xiaoya is spoiled by me. She is so disrespectful. Junior Sister Apprentice, please bear with her.”

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, you are too nervous.”

Su Li squinted and chuckled, “I’m not a devil. I just stay here for a few days. We both will be representatives of the younger generation of the sect. Senior Fellow Apprentice, if there is something I don’t understand, you should help me with that.”

“Sure, of course.”

Ban Qian replied and then said, “I am a native of Fenglei Region, and I was picked up by my master when I was an infant. Then I was brought up by him in Fenglei Region. How about you, Junior Sister Apprentice?”

“I don’t know where I am from.”

Su Li was disappointed. She indeed did not know who her biological father and mother were. Maybe she saw two vague figures of them at the end of the divine awareness back then. How could she find them based on that little memory…in millions of people?

For so many years, she had not heard any information about her parents. Maybe…her parents had been dead for so many years. Maybe…when she defeated Fate Ancestor, she would get the whereabouts of her parents from his memory. Or, maybe even if she found them, they would not remember that she was their daughter.

After all, her fate… She shouldn’t have been born.

“I’m sorry for speaking of that.”

Seeing the undisguised sadness in Su Li’s eyes, Ban Qian apologized, “It is a blessing but also a curse to be born in the cultivation circle. Anyway, you can still see hope…when you are alive. It is better than…being dead.”

Su Li came to her senses and couldn’t help but chuckle when she heard what Ban Qian said.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice, you’re right.”

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