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Chapter 946

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Chapter 946: Did She Really Marry Him?

A man emerged from an elevator carrying a thick stack of doc.u.ments in a busy building. He walked up to an office and knocked on the door.

“Come on!” Ye Hao's cold voice rang out from the room.

He stood by the windows and stared out at the busy city. There was a cigarette in his hand and he had already puffed his way through half of it.

“Mr. Ye, these are all the details I've managed to compile, including the statement that Ms. He had given at the police station several days ago,” Secretary Chen said as he handed the thick stack of doc.u.ments to Ye Hao.

Ye Hao turned around and he looked terrible. He seemed to be in a perpetual state of displeasure in the office.

He accepted the stack of doc.u.ments from his secretary but he didn't make any move to look at it.

“Did she really marry him?” Ye Hao asked and his pain and conflicted emotions were reflected in his amber-colored eyes. He hadn't been able to get Han Xue's words out of her mind, especially since she had told him that Yan Yan was married to a man from the village and had been living together for about three years.

Secretary Chen shook his head but there weren't any emotions on his face. His expression was as deadpan as ever.

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“No,” he replied. “According to my sources, Ms. He had been sold by human traffickers to Mang village and she was purchased by a man named Chen Jiahang. He is around 30 years of age and is both mute and intellectually challenged. He probably has the intellect of a 10-year-old. Based on the testimonies I've obtained from the villagers, Ms. He had lost her memories when she arrived and had never revealed her name or where she was from. She lived with Mr. Chen for the past three years and they had changed several jobs during this period. They started with farming and fishing before they moved to the village to set up a booth selling vegetables, then they set up an online store selling farm goods. However, they had never obtained their marriage license despite living together for three years and had lived together as an unmarried couple. They were probably afraid that Jiahang would be caught for purchasing someone illegally, so they had never gone through the legal proceedings to get married. Ms. He came to Ye City 11 days ago and is now renting a house in Ye City. She hasn't returned to Ming City since Mr. Chen headed to Jingzhou several days ago. Based on these facts, it is possible that Ms. He has fought with Mr. Chen or they might have already broken up.”

He slammed his fist in anger against the gla.s.s window and the gla.s.s window shook for a while.

The doc.u.ments he had accepted from Secretary Chen felt extremely thick and heavy.

Then, he dismissed Secretary Chen with a wave of his hand.

Secretary Chen quickly turned to leave but before he left, he saw two uniformed officials who were from the court heading toward the office bearing some kind of doc.u.ment.

“h.e.l.lo, are you Mr. Ye?”

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