Becoming The Empress: Golden Finger Set Under My Bed

Ning Fu Ru Lai - 宁负如来

42: Plea

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“Your majesty, I made three mistakes today. First, allow the capital citizens to enjoy peonies. It not only disturbed your majesty, but also caused chaos among citizens. It is really my fault.”

Catching a glimpse of An Rushuang, the emperor kept silent.

“Second, I shouldn’t have asked the other two ladies to come with me. As a result, they missed the flower enjoyment feast at the royal palace.”

“Third, though I knew it clearly that your majesty don’t like my character, I still hold to my own opinion. This is the biggest mistake.”

An Rushuang knelt on the ground, added in a low voice while lowering her head, “I am, though, ignorant enough, it’s so hard to change one’s nature. Please punish me, your majesty.”

Could those be accounted as mistakes?!

Without the flower enjoyment feast, Nanqi Kingdom couldn’t get the Ba’er Mountain. As for the feast at the royal palace, if Princess Anyang had her invitations sent out first, it was Mingxi’s rudeness who had hers sent out later.

And about nature... How could an emperor punish the daughter of the minister for her stubbornness?

If he did so, the emperor would be regarded as a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler!

Frowning at the young girl kneeling before him, the emperor snorted coldly before leaving in a huff.

“Bid your majesty farewell,” all the people bowed while shouting.

Feeling upset, the emperor stamped his feet so hard on the stairs before he suddenly stopped. The two guards, given the emperor’s strange act, had to stop, too.

Upon seeing the emperor staring at the second floor for a long time, one of the guards suggested him, “Your majesty, the wagon is ready outside. If your majesty wants to meet someone, I can ask her/him to come.”

“Return to the palace.” The emperor headed for the wagon after shaking his head.

After the emperor had left for a long while, all the people in the Heaven room finally let out a sigh in relief. The gentleman in purple robe clapped his hands before coming up to An Rushuang in a joking smile. “I really admire Miss An, though it’s the first time we meet. You held to your own opinion even before the emperor. what makes you so brave and stubborn?”

Anyang rolled her eyes.

After bidding farewell to Xianxian and Mingyue, An Rushuang reached home in the wagon.

“Lady, we have returned to the manor.”

Lifting the curtain, Hong Yu found her lady clenching a piece of silk. She suddenly remembered that it was given by Miss Zhu before her leaving.

Upon seeing her lady lost in thought, Hong Yu couldn’t help but smile. “Lady, is there a flower on the silk?”

An Rushuang raised her head before snorting. “There is no flower, only weeds making you headache.”

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She caught a glimpse of the silk, on which there were tidy and good-looking Chinese characters written in Zanhua regular script. The content was definitely a headache.

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