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156 Profound Goddess Niwa

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The Sun G.o.d's legs became soft as Niwa approached him, Kibo could sense the power of his mother's G.o.d Essence, it was much stronger than Taiyang Zi's and thousands of time more potent."Let this mother teach you a thing about manners!" Niwa announced, making Kibo laugh.

Before Taiyang Zi could do anything, Niwa waved her hand and made a red ball of rope attached to a golden bell appeared in her hands, "Divine Wedding Bell!" Taiyang Zi frowned and his face started to cover in sweat.

"I think you should end up marrying a pig, or better yet, a worm," Niwa threatened. "Ohh! I got it, those Hag Demons have been looking for a new Monarch."

Taiyang Zi almost puked, Hag Demons were considered to be the most horrendous species born into existence, they looked like rotting, maggot-infested zombies.

Kibo grinned, however, he then tilted his head, "Why don't you just kill him?"

Niwa shook her head and patted Kibo's hair, "It's not that simple until one takes his position as Sun G.o.d, his Tao is tied to this universe, killing him would be like attacking Pan Gu, if you even tried to kill him, the Universe would retaliate and possibly kill you in return, unless you think you can survive an attack made by the entire Pan Gu universe."

Kibo let out a gulp, he was strong, but he didn't dare think he was stronger than the entire universe, "Wait, G.o.ds have killed each other before, why would this make a difference?"

Niwa shook her head, "Only by being given the Tao as an Inheritance or be stolen through various means, can one slay Tao G.o.ds without consequences, unless you want to become the new Sun G.o.d and be tied to this universe, it's best just to imprison him. Besides, you just gained the favor of Pangu Universe's Will, you don't want to go messing that up, do you?"

Kibo let out a gulp, "Well, if I can't kill him, can I punish him?"

Niwa smiled and revealed a scary expression, Taiyang Zi let out a loud gulp as his face turned pale, Niwa grabbed the s.p.a.ce in front of her and sealed up the Sun G.o.d's body.

Taiyang wanted to resist, but Niwa's power right now was terribly frightening, not only had she recovered her original power, her new Dao gained through reincarnating was in perfect harmony with her Tao.

"You!!! Profound G.o.d!" Taiyang shouted in fear.

Niwa nodded her head, "With me here, not even that rebellious little rabbit would dare think of invading."

Kibo knew there was a story, and he was more than curious about the higher realms of power, but first, he wanted his vengeance for the shameful position Taiyang Zi put him in before.

Kibo walked up to Taiyang Zi and slapped him across the face, "Not so tough now, are you, b.a.s.t.a.r.d!?"

Taiyang Zi was infuriated, blood slid down his chin as he stared daggers at Kibo, "Think you can steal my Karmic Virtue?" Kibo slapped him dozens of times with all of his strength.

"Did you have fun beating up a mere Minute G.o.d? As an Elder G.o.d, don't you feel any shame?" Kibo berated Taiyang Zi as he raised his feet and kicked him in the gut.

He had shouted so loudly that all of Xia heard his message, Kibo then activated his Shintengan's Karmic sight and saw the strings wrapped around Taiyang Zi's body.

Ever since Kibo's Soul reached the third chapter of his Cultivation Method, his insights towards his own Laws had grown by leaps and bounds.

First, he extracted the Karmic Tie from his Mertious Deed, and sent it into his inner world, manny practicing his way of Daoism, realized that there were other ways to use the Tao, not only could they use the Tao to nurture their Inner Worlds, but they could use it for other things as well.

Kibo used his own Karmic Merit to grow the level of his Inner world, but he could also use it for forging a treasure, pills, arrays, or anything separate from his Cultivation.

After reconnecting with his Inner World, it gave Kibo just enough to create Initial Mid-G.o.d materials, he then noticed a string that glowed with incredible star-based energy.

He raised his hand and grabbed the string that was glowing the star of Xia, Kibo smiled, "So this is your connection to the Tao, he-he-he."

Niwa gasped as she noticed Kibo grabbing the air to reveal the Karmic Tie for everyone to see, Kibo laughed mischievously, "So I wonder if I can transfer this to someone else."

Taiyang Zi looked at him in horror, he could feel that Kibo had a grasp on his Tao Lineage. If Niwa weren't constraining him, than Kibo could never accomplish this, Taiyang started to struggle while he cried out, "What madness is this, how can you affect my Karmic Ties?!"

Kibo didn't say anything, he grasped the Tao of the Xia Sun and pulled it out from his body, Taiyang Zi's body started to wither as his life force started to fade.

Kibo noticed that the Tao seemed to have a mind of its own, it flew out of Kibo's hand and moved to the Celestial Sun Palace, once the Tao string landed on the star's surface, Kibo noticed that it started to reform into a person's soul.

Niwa smiled and waved her arm, a strange clay wrapped around the disembodied soul and started to take the shape of an elderly grandfather.

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He had wrinkles but looked like he was barely in his fifties, all though he was slightly hunched over, Kibo saw that his body was in peak physical condition.

The Elderly looking man smiled at Kibo, he then turned to Taiyang Zi and shouted, "Unfilial Grandchild! You dare to dirty the honor of the Sun G.o.ds!"

Taiyang started to shake, his knee's bowed in and he collapsed as he saw his Grandfather Taiyang Gong revived, "The heavens are healing, so the Tao G.o.ds will obviously return. Did you think you would get away with killing and stealing your fathers Tao Inheritance?!" Taiyang Gong's voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Taiyang suddenly transformed into a Heavenly 3-legged Golden crow and started to run, in Niwa's surprise, she had let go of Taiyang Zi.

Taiyang Gong let out a snort that shook the heavens, "Hou Yi should have killed you as well; if I had known that you spoiled bunch were working with the foreign Chaos G.o.d, I would have killed you my self, grandson or not!"

Taiyang Zi spurted blood as he turned to Taiyang Gong and shouted, "So what!? If we got the Heart of Pan Gu, then we would have been the Controlling G.o.d's of this realm, but you and those s.h.i.tty 3 Pure Ones gave the Heavenly Palace to Tian Yemo, how were we supposed to react, only beings as powerful as us should be in charge of the Heavens, you gave us no other choice grandfather!"

Taiyang Gong slapped his grandson's head, "You dare to tarnish Tianyun name!!!" He then began to ruthlessly cane him with a stick he summoned out of nowhere.

"I should have believed my friend, instead, Hou Yi was punished by me, I hurt both him and his wife because I thought you were innocent, I can only beg for his forgiveness now, because you little s.h.i.ts, that traitorous moon rabbit made its move! If not for my sacrifice, the Jade Rabbit not only would have walked off with the throne to the Heavenly Palace, but he would have gotten Pan Gu's heart!"

Taiyang Zi was screaming in pain, Kibo couldn't sense how powerful Taiyang Gong was, but based on Niwa's appearance, he was still weaker than his mother.

Taiyang Gong then did something that sent shockwaves throughout the Pan Gu universe, he killed his own grandson and grabbed his soul, "Off to reincarnate with you, maybe next time, you'll be less greedy!"

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Taiyang Gong sighed as he threw his grandchild's corpse into the star of Xia, he then turned to Kibo and Niwa before bowing, "My lady! It is good to see that you have become a Profound G.o.d, please forgive my grandchild for slighting you all those years ago, I beg that you spare him and allow my foolish grandchildren to reincarnate."

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