Game Of Divine Thrones

Jang Myeongsu - 장명수

Book 8 Chapter 187

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“You came out on your own.”

“It would be weirder if I didn’t show myself while you people are wreaking havoc. Huh? Wait. Aren’t you...?”

Blackbeard was surprised once he saw Woohyuk.

A face seen in the past in the Free City Landium.

Ever since his appearance, Blackbeard’s plans had been completely destroyed.

When he remembered the shame he had experienced back then, Blackbeard began to tremble in fury.

“So you’ve been pursuing me ever since. You took good care of us back then.”

“What are you doing here, Blackbeard? Did Aleister tell you to decorate a flower garden or something?”

“… You p.r.i.c.k, you know the secret of the Clipport's fruit? Just who are you?”

Blackbeard didn't know much about Woohyuk.

It was because Woohyuk was currently disguised as a red haired young man with the Jester’s Mask.

If he had disguised himself as Aleister, he could’ve tricked Blackbeard, but there was no need to do that.

The goal of this journey was to defeat him anyway.

He had changed his appearance just in case. Once could never be too prepared.

Woohyuk answered as he carefully observed the men led by Blackbeard.

“You don’t need to know about me. You will die here anyways.”

"Hahahahaha! Hilarious! I'll praise you for coming this far, but that doesn't mean you have an advantage. Now, look! Allow me to introduce these people!”

As Blackbeard moved to the side, the crowd of pirates split in half and created a pa.s.sage in the middle.

Three elderly people then began to walk forward from the rear.

They were all renowned scholars according to their formal black robes.

Helena urgently shouted when she saw the golden crest they were wearing.

“Everyone, be careful! They are members of the Golden Rose Society!”

The Golden Rose Society was a gathering of Maesters led by Aleister.

Their purpose was to constantly expand their influence on the continent and acquire forbidden knowledge from behind the scenes.

In other words, They could be called the Illuminati of the Eeth Continent.

When they recognized the saintess, the white-haired elderly man in the middle spoke with a sly smile.

“Haha... You've grown a lot in the short while I haven’t seen you, Helena.”


"Oh right. You may not remember me because you were too young... But you haven't forgotten this, have you?”

The white-haired man took out a magic engineered device.

A design that resembled a pistol.

Helena’s complexion turned pale when she saw it.

“You’re the one who...!”

“It was such a pity. It was a great opportunity to obtain the Holy Grail... But it doesn't matter now. You voluntarily brought us the Holy Grail your parents tried to protect with their lives.”

The white-haired old man aimed at Helena and pulled the trigger of the pistol-like device.


A bullet containing demonic energy flew towards Helena's heart.

Everything had happened so quickly

However, Woohyuk's gaze was already directed toward the end of the parabola the bullet was drawing.


His own demonic energy spread open and embraced Helena.

As a result, the bullet was blocked before it could hit her, and the white-haired old man nodded.

"As I thought... You are the problematic variable Lord Aleister was talking about. You can change your appearance with artifacts, but you cannot disguise your demonic energy.”

“It seems that you already sold your souls to Witches since you also have demonic energy.”

“That is something we must do if we want to be saved when the world ends. As long as no forces like Eteria Rodinus interferes with our plans, everything will happen as Lady Lilith predicted.”

Members of the Golden Rose Society were so deeply immersed in Aleister's ideologies that changing their minds was impossible.

As the men began to cast their spells together, Woohyuk and his party quickly readied for battle.

“Sieg, Triton. You two are in charge of Blackbeard’s men. The rest of us will hold back the members of the Golden Rose Society.”

Brynhild and Helena were able to use divine magic, which would be helpful when dealing with enemies with demonic energy.

Before long, attacks flew.

Blackbeard smiled viciously as he took out a Clipport's Fruit.

"Hahahahahahahaha! You still haven’t figured out your situation! Just because you use your brains a bit won’t make any difference!”

In addition to the Golden Rose Society, the Isle of Chaos was full of heinous pirates.

No matter how powerful Woohyuk's party was, they would still have a hard time if every pirate ate a Clipport’s Fruit.

Originally, only executives had the rights to use a Clipport’s Fruit, but situations like this were exceptions.

Woohyuk was sick of Blackbeard’s constant talking.

“You don’t seem to mind becoming an Awakener. Awakeners generally look pretty ugly and disgusting.”

“Hahahahahaha! Nothing matters to me as long as I can obtain Drake's hidden treasures here! Only those who have obtained them can truly be recognized as the next Pirate King!”

To conquer his enemies, he needed the t.i.tle of Successor of Pirate King Drake.

Moreover, his financial resources would increase exponentially, so it would be of great help in uniting the pirate forces into one.

Blackbeard swallowed the Clipport's Fruit with a confident expression,


Purple demonic energy emanated from his body and swirled wildly.

“Kekekekekek! Kuhahahahaha! Such a pleasant feeling. It feels like the entire world is mine!”

All of his subordinates were also about to eat their Clipport's Fruit.

Afterwards, the pirates flocked to the battlefield.

Woohyuk, who was confronting the members of the Golden Rose Society, unfolded Lemegeton to summon the six Demon Kings he had sealed so far.

However, the members of the Golden Rose Society did not give him the opportunity to do so.

“Can’t have you do that!”

“Don’t look down on us, Asura!”

“Not everyone can become Maesters like us!”

The members of the Golden Rose Society present right now were an alchemist, magic engineer, and a craftsman from the left.

It was quite a synergistic combination.

The pistol that the white-haired old man had pulled out earlier was highly likely to be a collaboration work between the three of them.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Booooooooooooom!

The members of the Golden Rose Society mobilized all their magic-engineered devices and bombed Woohyuk’s group as the pirates brandished their weapons to fight.

A dark crystal ball that shot out powerful purple fireb.a.l.l.s.

A magic-engineered pistol capable of high-speed continuous shooting without having to reload.

Crafting gloves that simultaneously controlled several pirates by pulling on dozens of transparent magic threads.

All of them possessed considerable power.

However, as long as they had time, Woohyuk’s group would be able to win against them all

The problem was that the craftsman Maester controlling the pirates was chanting a summoning spell at the same time.

A summoning ritual to call out a monster from the Abyss.

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It seemed that he had made quite a few sacrifices until today to be able to use it now.


Triton silently glared at Woohyuk with a frown.

In time, Sieg came to his side, and Woohyuk poured magic to the Hieroglyph.


A blue s.h.i.+eld was created around Woohyuk and Sieg's bodies.

Meanwhile, the members of the Golden Rose Society were still chanting.

They wouldn’t make any moves as long as Woohyuk didn’t try to use Lemegeton.

Perhaps they didn’t know about the Absorber Trigger.

Woohyuk then immediately pressed the red b.u.t.ton on the board.

Soon enough...

Creak creak creak!

A huge barrier with a radius of about 500m was created.

The surface of the barrier was letting out sparks of black electricity.

The members of the Golden Rose Society opened their eyes wide in absolute shock.

“Wha, what is that...?!”

"Is it one of Asura's powers?"

“It doesn’t seem to be a protective barrier since the range is so wide...”

They had no idea what kind of situation they were facing.

“You’ll pay for trying to trick me.”

Woohyuk’s eyes flashed as he stepped towards the Maesters.

The members of the Golden Rose Society and the pirates were in chaos due to the Black Demolition, so they could not stop Woohyuk who was gradually narrowing the distance.

“Ugh...! What the h.e.l.l did you do?!”

“Wait for your turn, Blackbeard. I'll deal with you later.”

Edward Teach spoke as he knelt on one knee.

After walking past him, Woohyuk swung Verserios.


Black blood sprayed out as the blade swiftly cut through the air.




The defenseless Masters suffered fatal injuries and fell to the floor with that single blow.

Helena and Brynhild arrived soon after and used divine magic to overpower them with a powerful barrier.

“You, you will pay for what you did to my parents...!”

As Woohyuk and Sieg searched through the Maesters’ belongings, Helena pulled out a dagger with a trembling voice.

“Helena, stop. We need to capture them alive.”


“If you want revenge, I will give you a chance to do it to your heart's content next time. So hold back your anger and wait patiently.”

If she acted emotionally right now, they would’ve gained nothing.

After soothing Helena, Woohyuk looked down at the old men groaning on the floor.

The battle had ended easily thanks to the Absorber Trigger.

From now on, it was a full-on exploration of the island.

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