Physician's Odyssey

Chapter 798

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Undoubtedly, the tears of a woman are lethal to men, especially from a beauty like Joanna. The moment a beauty like her started crying, it will definitely attract the compa.s.sion of men.

Su Tao was initially only planning to treat Joanna as a partner to cooperate in terms of business, but he never expected that she would start crying, putting them in an awkward atmosphere.

“Stop crying!” Su Tao sighed as he took a napkin from the table and handed it over to Joanna, “There might be a change in this matter. Although a problem had arised with w.a.n.g Xuan's side, we still have other backup plans.”

“What backup plan?” Joanna asked, baffled. After all, w.a.n.g Xuan and his backers are her biggest reliance in China.

“You're a VIP in Hanzhou City, so many people will definitely help you if you have any request. I will try and help you from this angle.” Su Tao also did not want their cooperation to fall apart, not to mention letting Qin Jingyu get away with his plan.

“So you'd promised me?” Joanna's tears turned into smiles as she wiped her tears.

“Yeah, there's nothing I can do about it since we're tied together in the same faction.” Seeing Joanna looking so haggard, Su Tao continued, “You're already exhausted from your trip, so rest for now. You don't have to be too worried about it. Since we're now partners, I will definitely do my best. Although Tony has done something so atrocious, he's only a chess piece as you'd said. Furthermore, you guys are also willing to bear the responsibility for it.”

Abruptly, Joanna stretched her hand out as she held onto Su Tao's arm, “I'll have to trouble you about it!”

Joanna had practiced piano since young, so she often soaks her hand in milk. Hence, her fingers are slim, smooth, and soft.

“I'll take my leave first!” Su Tao gave a deep glance at Joanna with affectionate flickering in his eyes.

After Joanna watched Su Tao leave, a smile rose on her lips the moment she closed the door. She was feeling prideful with her acting earlier. The situation might be real, but she's not such a weak person. She was just taking precautions based on her a.n.a.lysis.

She was pretending to be fragile before Su Tao, and it's just to win Su Tao's compa.s.sion.

After all, she will definitely not bet her everything on Su Tao.

Feeling somewhat exhausted from the long journey and the previous event, she started warming the water after seeing a bathtub before removing her clothes and tested the temperature with her feet before entering the bathtub.

Closing her eyes, she soaked her head into the water for roughly ten-odd seconds. When her head came out from the water, her phone immediately rang beside her, a call that she has been waiting for.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Qin!” Joanna greeted him with a calm voice.

“I heard that you came to China? Why didn't you tell me about it? I'm definitely a pa.s.sionate host.” Qin Jingyu laughed.

“I will definitely take advantage of that if there's a plan for it.” Joanna feigned a yawn before she added, “Oh, I'm feeling tired right now, and I'm going to bed. Why don't we talk tomorrow if there's nothing important? As you know, I have to adapt to the time difference swiftly.”

Qin Jingyu was briefly stunned upon hearing it as she never expected that Joanna would be so composed. With a faint smile, he asked, “I thought that you have something that you'll like to ask of me!”

“Since I can definitely guess the answer, what's the difference between asking and not asking?” Joanna knew that Qin Jingyu must want to ask her about her brother, Tony's whereabouts. However, she was smart and she didn't ask about it to barely flip her disadvantage around.

“Don't put it that way. Otherwise, we won't have anything else to talk about!” Qin Jingyu's interest in Joanna rose. If Rangure is a cunning fox, then Joanna is an untamed stallion.

It's rare for Qin Jingyu to have the feel of conquering a woman. Shui Junzhuo can be considered one, and now, Joanna is the second one.

Then again, his interest for Joanna did not reach the level for marriage because his family will never accept him taking a foreigner as his wife.

“Alright, Mr. Qin. Where's my brother, Tony? Can you let him go?” Joanna's tone became annoyed.

“You seem to have some prejudice for me! Transferring Tony has nothing to do with me, not to mention that he's in a better environment now. As you know, he was imprisoned with many international criminals, and there's no lack of fugitives among them.” Qin Jingyu smiled as he added, “Tony can return to his country, but on the prerequisite that you stop your cooperation with Su Tao.”

“What if you change your mind later? According to my knowledge, you're someone with a fickle mind.” Although Joanna spoke it casually, she had pointed out Qin Jingyu's character.

Qin Jingyu is someone that cannot be tamed. Not only is he doubtful, but he's also fickle minded. Thus, no one knows if he's an enemy or friend the next second.

Hence, working with Su Tao is certainly easier compared to working with someone like Qin Jingyu. Su Tao might occasionally be cunning, but he's still sincere overall.

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This is also the reason why Joanna chose to work with Su Tao.

“Don't take any rash acts!” The voice replied coldly as he continued, “According to my information, the north isn't peaceful recently, and we might fall for his trap if we act out rashly. Furthermore, since you've already gotten Su Tao and Joanna to cooperate, then leave this to Su Tao. We'll just stay by the sidelines and watch.”

“Can Su Tao resolve this matter?” w.a.n.g Xuan doubted.

“If he can't resolve this matter, then he's not qualified to be Qin Jingyu's opponent. Don't forget the resources that he now holds. According to my knowledge, he even stayed in Huainan's Provincial Committee's Secretary office for roughly an hour a few days ago. So even if he doesn't rely on his resources as a National Healer, he can resolve this matter with the help of the Shui, Ni, and Ye Families along with his connections in Huainan Province.” The voice a.n.a.lysed before he instructed, “We'll sit out this battle for now. We'll only interfere if he can't deal with this matter.”

“Anyhow, I had enough of him. Qin Jingyu is a rabies hound, and we have to teach him a lesson so he knows how to control himself.” w.a.n.g Xuan heavily nodded his head.

The person over the phone smiled helplessly as w.a.n.g Xuan still didn't understand Qin Jingyu well.

Qin Jingyu is a smart person, and he knows how others look at him, arrogant and mad. However, it's only his facade as he's trying to make others fear him by doing so.

As for him, he will definitely not underestimate Qin Jingyu. Logically speaking, an arrogant person shouldn't live till now, but Qin Jingyu is living well and he is also growing in strength.

“We can't go into war with Qin Jingyu for the time being. The situation isn't doing well recently, so we have to lay low.” The person instructed.

Letting out a sigh, w.a.n.g Xuan will definitely not go against the words of his 'brother' as he replied, “I know what to do now.”

After Su Tao left the hotel, he sat in the car and pondered for a long time. He could naturally tell that Joanna was acting, but since this is a scheme from Qin Jingyu, then he has to resolve it. Thus, he gave a call to Du Ping.

Upon hearing everything from Su Tao, Du Ping immediately went into rage as it might implicate the project. They had spent so much effort in the advertis.e.m.e.nt, and the consequences are too dire if anything goes wrong now.

“I'll let inform Mr. Zhang about this immediately. Although he did not partic.i.p.ate in the banquet tonight, he's still concerned about the situation here.” Du Ping swiftly calmed down. The investment from Tosca Pharmaceutical Conglomerate doesn't only concern Baoyou County, but it's also a major project in the province.

Hanging up the call with Su Tao swiftly, Du Ping immediately gave a call to Zhang Ping and reported the situation.

Zhang Ping's reaction was dull as he nodded his head after listening to the report, “I will inform Mr. Yin about this immediately to seek his help.”

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