The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

An Xiaoning

Chapter 1488 - Great to Have You (48)

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Chapter 1488: Great to Have You (48)

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Fan Shixin gladly agreed, for he allowed his wife to make all the decisions.

Coincidentally, they ran into Wu Pingyang at the bridal store.

Mu Wansheng thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her at first. However, she took a closer look and discovered that it was really Wu Pingyang.

Wu Pingyang was dressed in a white wedding gown and having her makeup down.

Mu Wansheng scanned her surroundings to see that there wasn’t another man in sight.

“Would you like to have your wedding photos taken?”

Fan Shixin expressed a.s.sent and said, “Show me all the packages that you’ve got.”


Wu Pingyang turned to stare at them upon hearing Fan Shixin’s voice. She then exchanged glances with Mu Wansheng.

Shocked to see them, she quipped, “Oh, look who we have here. Mr. Fan, Cousin, are you guys here to congratulate me?”

“You’re reading too much into things. We’re here to have our wedding photos taken.”

“You’ll have to book an appointment for tomorrow, then. Two of the photographers have gone out for outdoor shoots. The remaining one is reserved for me.”

The store a.s.sistant said, “Indeed. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to have your photos taken.”

Fan Shixin asked, “Where’s your manager?”

“Our manager…” As soon as the store a.s.sistant spoke, she looked at the door and said, “Our manager is back.”

Mu Wansheng looked over to see that it was a different manager from the one that served her a few years ago.

The store manager recognized Fan Shixin straight away. “Mr. Fan, are you here to have your wedding photos taken?”

“Yes, but your employee said that there are no photographers available at the moment.”

“We have four photographers in total. One of them is on leave today and two of them are out for outdoor shoots. The remaining one is in charge of this current shoot.”

“Is there a way for us to have our photos taken today, then? We can pay more. My wife had her photos taken at your studio a few years ago too so she’d like to have them taken here again.”

The store manager knew that Fan Shixin was a figure of status. However, she could not afford to offend Wu Pingyang either. Hence, the manager said, “You don’t have to pay extra. Since Mrs. Fan likes our studio, we’ll let the photographer who’s on leave take over the other client’s shoot. You guys may have the photographer we have on set now.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.”

Wu Pingyang flew into a rage and barked, “We came before them and we’ve already picked out the gowns. You should be letting us go for the shoot first. Don’t you operate on a first-come-first-served basis?”

The store manager smiled and said, “Ms. Mu, you arrived before I went out to run an errand. Now that I’m back, the groom still isn’t here yet. Are we supposed to make the photographer wait for him? He has to appear in the photos too. There’s no use if you’re the only one who’s ready.”

“He’ll be here very soon,” Wu Pingyang said indignantly.

“I’m sorry, but we have two clients here who are already ready for the shoot. We’ll have to do a swap since we don’t know when your fiancé will be here.”

Hence, Mu Wansheng and Fan Shixin proceeded to select the photoshoot package and the gowns before having their makeup done. Wu Pingyang had no choice but to wait for her groom to show up.

Mu Wansheng only saw Luo Hang when she exited from the fitting room after changing into the wedding gown.

Luo Hang looked at her from head to toe and asked in astonishment, “Mu Wansheng?”

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“That’s right, it’s me. Are you two getting married?”

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