Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~

水無月 静琉

Chapter 199

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Chapter 199


Allen and Elena unusually didn’t speak of “wanting to play outside” or “wanting to accept a request, and spend their time with Rebeccsan when they could .

“Allen-chan, Elenchan, how about having tea?”

“”Yea! You know~ we made snacks~””

“Oh my, you two made them yourselves?”

“Yeah, Allen you see, I made a chocolate pudding~”

“Elena made Ichi pudding!”

And, while Rebeccsan was busy, they said that they wanted to make snacks to eat with her when she’s free, so they took the challenge of making this new snack .

“”How is it? How is it?””

“My, it’s really nice, you two . ”


Seeking the impression on the pudding they made themselves, they were truly delighted when told it was delicious .

“”Will make again~””

“My, is that fine with you? But, wasn’t it difficult making something this yummy?”

“”Is fine~””

“Then, I will have to leave it to you . ”


Such days continued, but five days pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye, and the morning of Rebeccsan, Velio-san, and Amelisan’s departure arrived .

“”… Au~””

“My, oh my, Allen-chan, Elenchan, please don’t cry . ”

Large drops of tears were spilling from Allen and Elena’s eyes .

Advertis.e.m.e.ntAlthough they depart on a journey themselves, this is the first time they are sending someone close to them off .

“Allen, Elena, it’s not like we are parting forever, so you have to send her off with a smile . ”

“That’s right . We will meet again, right?”

“”… Yeah . ””

They were still hesitating, but Allen and Elena stopped crying and tried to smile .

“”Obaasama~ see you again . ””

“Yes, let’s meet again . ”

“”Yea . ””

The children hugged Rebeccsan tightly and said their farewells .

“Rebeccsan, Velio-san, Amelisan, I wish you safe travels . ”

“Thank you . I will be looking forward to meeting in Rubia again . ”

“Tak.u.mi-kun, it was fun spending time with you . Come to our fief whenever you want . ”

“We will be awaiting you . ”

I had not spent much time with Velio-san and Amelisan, but the two are gentle people, so even now, they feel like my older siblings .

“I will collect many gifts with the children on the way . ”

“Will collect~”



For some reason, the three turned silent when they heard our remark .

“… Tak.u.mi-san? By that, you only mean… vacation souvenirs, right?”

“Ah, so he meant it like that . My~ I was getting chills thinking what kind of absurd thing Tak.u.mi-kun would bring with him . ”

Certainly, as Rebeccsan said, Allen and Elena will give them souvenirs from what they experienced on the trip the next time they meet, but I was thinking of gifts of quality, though~

… Still, just what kind of absurd gifts did you have in mind, Velio-san?

“… When are gifts considered as absurd?”

But, to speak the truth, I have no idea when gifts get considered as absurd, so I can’t help but feel that I would do it .

“From what I experienced up until now… Majesta fruit, truffle, s...o...b..low mushrooms, Orc General or Armored Buffalo are quite absurd, in my opinion . Ah, Pastel Rabbits too . Looking at it like that, Tak.u.mi’s common sense has become distinctly absurd, didn’t it~”

Here, Wald-sama pointed out for some reason .

Should I say that it’s as I expected or what… I feel somewhat annoyed that it was pointed out by Wald-sama, though .

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“… Then, I will do my best to bring you Dragon meat as a gift . ”

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