Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~

水無月 静琉

Chapter 198

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Chapter 198

End of Season

“Eh!? You are also returning to your fief, Rebeccsan?”

“Yes, I am . ”

The social season is only during the winter, so the season is ending when the New Year begins .

The n.o.bility that gathered in the Capital slowly return, and the Ruven family’s eldest son Velio-san and his pregnant wife, Amelisan, are also returning while Amelisan’s health is still good .

Also, I got informed that the Risner family’s Cedric-san, Theodore-kun, and Latis-kun will be leaving soon as well .

“You can see what condition Amelia is in, right? Therefore, I decided to return with them in order to help . ”

The Ruven family’s fief is being managed by Velio-san, who is the acting Feudal Lord instead of Matthias-san who works at the Capital . That being the case, his wife Amelisan must have been helping him out with various things . However, her stomach has already come out now . She cannot do as she wishes anymore, for sure~

That’s why I can understand Rebeccsan’s decision to return to the fief with them .

“I see . And so, when are you departing?”

“That will be in five days . ”

“eh!? Isn’t that right around the corner!”

I thought there would be some time before Rebeccsan leaves, but it seems that there’s not much time left .

I thought it might have been too sudden of a decision, but it might be something she has decided on a long before .

Advertis.e.m.e.nt“”… Obaa~sama . ””

“What’s the matter, Allen-chan, Elenchan?”

“”Obasama, you are leaving somewhere~?””

“My, oh my! Is that why are you making such weeping expressions?”


Allen and Elena who were listening in to my conversation with Rebeccsan looked like they would burst into tears at any given moment .

Seeing the children like that, Rebeccsan made a faintly happy face .

“To be sad from being separated to me, that makes me happy~”

“”… Uniyu~~~””

… No, she seems quite happy about that .

“I will also feel lonely without you two around~ Right! Why don’t you come with me as well, Allen-chan, Elenchan!”

“”Come with~?””

“Yes, you are always touring the towns with your big brother, right? In that case, why don’t you tour the Ruven territory’s towns next? ——Say, Tak.u.mi-san, don’t you find it a good idea?”

“Let’s see~…”

We have spent considerably long in the Capital already, so it’s certain that I was thinking that it’s about time to visit the next town . Well, I had not decided where to go yet at all, though .

“I did not have a town to visit in mind, so it’s an idea to consider . However, it will end up with us being spoiled again…”

I think that it’s a good idea… but, that will make us indebted to the Ruven family once again .

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“Oh my, you are saying something about being spoiled, but that’s just providing you with a place to stay, right? I wouldn’t call that spoiling you . Besides, you have provided for us more than we ever could, Tak.u.mi-san . ”

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