Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse


Chapter 705 - The Siege Begins!

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Chapter 705 - The Siege Begins!

Immense auras of shocking proportions were pulsating in the chaotic void a few light years from the Burning Domains Galaxy.

This was especially so for two of them- the Void Serpent and the Calamity Bear!

The Void Serpent was already releasing a suffocating aura that only those in the Lower Tier GALAXY Realm could release with the boosts of [Yggdrasil], but with [Death Scythe] on top- this suffocating aura approached the peak of the Lower Tier GALAXY Realm!

This was what an Animus Pet of the Prismatic Rank and holding an Archaic Bloodline could achieve when supported by tremendously powerful skills.

The Calamity Bear that was also only at the QUASAR Realm similar to the Void Serpent but did not have a ridiculously powerful bloodline like it was only able to release the aura of a being at the Lower Tier GALAXY Realm after the last boost of [Death Scythe], its enormous towering body seeming like a building that would destroy anything in its path.

The Three-Legged Fate Crow and the Oculothorax each shone menacingly with their golden crowns and fully covered up bodies, each of them releasing shocking auras at the peak of the QUASAR Realm even though they stood in the Realm of Black Hole.

The pressure that each of these pets released was suffocating as on each of their bodies, the Manifested Black Holes and QUASARS could be seen swiftly rotating as each of them were at the Grand Completion of their Realms!

"With this...we are ready."

"With this...we are ready." "With…"

Each of them spoke the same sentence simultaneously as the minds of all of them were linked by a singular being, their goals made clear as the Animus Summons followed Noah's will while keeping their shock and surprise to themselves for now!

At this moment, the memories of the Fiend Rulers Noah had taken down flowed freely into the minds of the Summons as multiple locations on the Burning Domains Galaxy were seen, and each of them would be sent to separate locations that held cl.u.s.ters of powerful Fiends for them to rampage.


Across the Dark Universe, the Galaxies were innumerable with the numbers of beings as vast as could be!

In the fringes of the Dark Universe, there existed the Burning Domains Galaxy which had unique stellar bodies that were filled with abundant essence of flames.

Shockingly, each of its stars carried with it scorching environments as they created for many domains of cl.u.s.ters of stars, granting it the name of the Burning Domains Galaxy. Within this Galaxy, the singular race of Fiends were the ones reigning Supreme, with them being the only beings that thrived and survived in the scorching atmospheres.

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Among the Fiends of the Galaxy, Six Domains were known as the most important, where an Elder Fiend ruled each Domain with strength and valor. This was how things were a few hundred years ago, but they had changed rapidly with the advent of an Ent.i.ty coming to reside in their Galaxy- this Ent.i.ty overtaking their entire power structure as she inserted herself on top and used shocking abilities to increase the power of all the Fiends as she gained their unfilial loyalty!

The Fiend then abruptly rose as a wild pressure released from it, the eyes on its head incredulous as its senses told it enormous coiling being in the form of a serpent had appeared at that location, the aged eyes of this Serpent briefly looking over its direction as the Elder Fiend was actually ignored and watched on with his aura as this Serpent...delved towards the nearest Realm that was filled with Fiends in ranging from the ranks of QUASAR all the way to the lower ranks.

At the same time, the incredulous Elder Fiend could distinctly pick up words that seemed to travel through s.p.a.ce, and the words said simply- [Plot Armor]!


A brilliant light shone on the body of the Void Serpent right before it dove into the Realm filled with Fiends, something similar happening onto the bodies of three other beings as at this moment...a terrifying Siege had begun in the Burning Domains Galaxy.

Inside three other Domains where other Elder Fiends oversaw, the enormous bodies of the Millenium Calamity Bear, Variant Oculothorax, and the Three-Legged Fate Crow all made their appearance as the moment they entered, a unique light that represented the ability of [Plot Armor] went on to cover them, their eyes blazing with a domineering light as some dove into the nearest Planet or Realm that held a mult.i.tude of Fiends, while another summon went on a completely different mission!

On the bodies of each of these creatures, a potent armor of Life that represented [Yggdrasil] and a horrid Scythe released deathly essence while situated atop s.h.i.+mmering golden crowns floating on top of each of their heads, making these creatures looking like Archaic Kings that had come down to rain judgment.

At this moment, the Siege had begun!

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