Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse


Chapter 1224 - A Stupendous Cosmic Dao!

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Chapter 1224 - A Stupendous Cosmic Dao!

"Then, let us proceed with the design of the Cosmic Dao of Loot."


Before his words even fully finished, the Cosmic Core began to vibrate wildly with essence!

A sense of excitement could be felt from the Cosmic Core as if it very much agreed with this choice, Primordial and Ruination Essence dancing around wildly as the unique authority of Dao Birth was once more utilized.


Noah's eyes were closed as he experienced the scene caused by the Cosmic Core for the design of a Dao once more. The flas.h.i.+ng colors, the beautiful mixture of essence intermingling together to produce something he never thought possible…

He had seen it multiple times, and yet it never failed to capture his attention as after some time, he watched the formation of a runic symbol that read- LOOT!

This glorious tunic mark rushed into and branded itself on his very Origin and soul

COSMIC [Dao of Loot] :: A Cosmic Dao birthed by the Cosmic Core of Noah Osmont. As the Dao Architect, Noah Osmont can comprehend and a.s.similate the Dao at 10 times the normal speed. The Cosmic Dao of Loot focuses on the extreme aspect of loot procurement, being capable of bringing to light the unique modifiers of Increased Loot Quant.i.ty and Increased Loot Rarity from defeated enemies. Comprehension of the Cosmic Dao allows for the Increased Loot Quant.i.ty modifier that grants 100% more Loot from defeated enemies while the Increased Loot Rarity grants a 10% increase in the quality of Loot dropped from defeated enemies. The complete a.s.similation of this Cosmic Dao allows for the 1,000% Increased Loot Quant.i.ty and 100% Increased Loot Rarity. The actualization of such a Cosmic Dao bends the rules of Reality and requires an extremely high price to utilize. The essence of this Dao and its effects can only be activated by the essence of 100 Splendiferous Universes per second. Any enemies killed during the time that the essence of the Cosmic Dao of Loot is active will be affected by the modifiers of Increased Loot Quant.i.ty and Increased Loot Rarity. A possibility exists for the Cosmic Dao of Loot to be elevated to an even greater level with even higher costs when more intricate and powerful Cosmic Daos at the level of Ruination and the Primordial Dao can be designed.


Noah was speechless as he had truly done it this time around!

He really felt like he had made something capable of breaking down the balance of Reality- and it was something that had an extremely high cost to even utilize.

100 Splendiferous Universes had to be sacrificed per second, but the boon from this was 1,000% Increased Loot Quant.i.ty and 100% Increased Loot Rarity!

From any loot he gained by killing a Primordial would be multiple by 1000%! A single Lesser Primordial Heart would become 10 Primordial Hearts. 100 Primordial Hearts would become 1,000!

Whenever he took down a Daolord, just 10 Runic Dao Line Enhancers would become 100!

And this...was just when he took into account the Increased Loot Quant.i.ty. When one also brought the 100% of Increased Loot Rarity, it was a factor of one Realm of elevation- or one can look at it like doubling.

It was the increase in Quality as Noah wondered if instead of a Lesser Primordial Heart, he would gain a Grand One!

If he ever defeated a Grand Primordial Beast himself...would the Loot he received be a Cosmic Primordial Heart?! And when he included the 1,000% Increased Loot Quant.i.ty, would it become 10 Cosmic Primordial Hearts?!


His heart was beating wildly as even though this Cosmic Dao was something he only imagined and made possible by something as crazy as sacrificing 100 Splendiferous Universes just to activate every second- its reality was still too fantastical.

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There were many questions and the only way to find the answers…was to act!

Halcyon was in the middle of talking about the power structure of the three factions and secrets that very few beings would know when she saw Noah's eyes release actual beams of light as the devilishly handsome smile on his face deepened.

'Does his smile always have to be so inviting?' Halcyon had such a thought when she saw the majesty of a king with grand aspirations unconsciously leaking from Noah, guarding herself against any thoughts towards this being as she reminded herself she must not get swept away by him!

"Something happened to make you this happy?" She hid her thoughts as she asked calmly instead.

"Oh, yes."


Noah replied as he didn't know his eyes were releasing actual beams of light, illuminating Halcyon's face as he continued.

"Something beautiful that I now need to put into action. I'll be getting started on the Writs of Challenge and expanding my influence to more Cosmos now…you said I could even challenge those who hold more Cosmos under them?"

Dangerous words left Noah's mouth as Halcyon raised her brows and nodded.

"The rules that Aegon established said those of similar power can issue challenges against each other as a force with 10 Cosmos Under them cannot challenge a force with only 2 Cosmos. But the rule never said a weaker side with only 2 Cosmos cannot challenge a stronger side with even more Cosmos under them!"


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