Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse


Chapter 1222 - The Enemies Of Reality! II

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Chapter 1222 - The Enemies Of Reality! II


It felt like an explosion had rocked the s.p.a.ce near them as the liquefied essence all around churned and bellowed, Halcyon's eyes flas.h.i.+ng with cold and serene light as her gaze remained locked with Noah!

Her words continued to resound in the surroundings over and over again as they seemed to be echoing through s.p.a.ce and time.

"Will you help me stand against the Exterminator of Reality? The one who will move to bring us all doom...Aegon the Conqueror."

"The Exterminator of Reality…."

"Aegon the Conqueror!"


The words sunk into Noah's mind as his eyes released magisterial beams of light, his gaze locking onto the figure of Halcyon as he thought about what her words truly meant.

The Champion that was being raised by the powerful Primordials with the sole purpose of keeping the Reality alive and well...this being was going to be the cause of its destruction? Such a thing seemed wild, and one had to wonder how such a s.h.i.+ft in the purpose of this being's existence could be made.

This was the question Noah couldn't answer as he voiced out grandly!

"The Protector of the Bastion of Reality- the Champion that Primordials chose to protect this Reality is the one to exterminate it?"


His words were only asking for affirmation, but he saw Halcyon raise her eyes questioningly as her sonorous voice rang out.

"Champion? Primordials?"

Her eyes hungrily asked when she heard these terms, the chaotic essence around them settling down as Noah looked at her and nearly sighed.

This woman that saw a whole lot of things...did not know everything. She questioned of the Primordials as she knew nothing of them, Noah's mind moving quickly as millions of thoughts were exchanged every second, his voice coming out pa.s.sively.

"Aegon is an existence raised by powerful beings known as Primordials. Beings that move across different Dimensional Realities while inst.i.tuting Champions to protect these said Realities from the mission of the Primordial Beasts…"

Noah's words continued to flow as he shared information with the being before her, her mouth opening with a wide 'o' as she took everything in strides!

Dimensional Parallel Realities! A countless amount of them that branched off of a single one, and the Primordial Beasts were simply nature's way of returning things to how they once were.

All of this information was shared with Halcyon as the awed expression remained on her face and constantly changed as if light bulbs were turning on and off.

After a while, Noah's hair danced wildly as he spoke with a pondering expression.

"This is why I'm surprised that he would be the enemy of Reality. I don't know what can possibly happen in the future that would cause that, or what the Primordial that raised him up would be doing in all this. There is still too much we don't know!"

His words caused Halcyon's eyes to flutter as her curvaceous golden figure floated around him, her eyes constantly brightening and dimming with information as finally...she raised her head with a triumphant cry.

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"That might explain it...if he has been led by another existence this whole time…" Her thoughts still seemed disorganized, but she had chanced upon something as her eyes calmed down and gazed towards Noah powerfully.

Halcyon had utter trust as she left the Grand Primordial Heart that could grant a being thousands of Universes to Noah's eyes, watching as a crimson light was released from his chest that fully wrapped around the Primordial Heart and caused it to disappear!

At this moment, Noah had transferred the Cosmic Treasure into the Origin of the Primordial Ruination Clone, wanting to not waste the Grand Primordial Heart that Halcyon had been given by Aegon as he would duplicate the loot before giving back the original one.

With the way things were going, he was bound to need all the loot he could get!


The extravagant and Incandescent light of a feature of a Cosmic Treasure being used overflowed out, Halcyon watching this scene with s.h.i.+ning eyes as within seconds- the Grand Primordial Heart that she saw disappear with a crimson light began to re-materialize...but this time there wasn't just one of it!


Her golden pupils dilated as she saw two glimmering multicolored hearts be returned by the crimson light, Noah waving his hands to cause the second one to disappear as his essence floated the original Heart towards her.

"There we go...utilizing the loot to the best possible efficiency."

His nonchalant words caused Halcyon to shake her head with a smile, taking back her Primordial Heart as her sonorous voice shot back.

"That should have been the ability of a Cosmic Treasure...then you'll definitely want to know the information I've collected over the Cosmic Treasures that are moving within the Primordial Empire."


With glimmering eyes that screamed they wouldn't be outdone, Halcyon opened with even more information as Noah absorbed it all rapidly!

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