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Chapter 1221 - Be Our Guest!

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Chapter 1221 - Be Our Guest!

~Swah. Swah. Swah. Swah~

The summer waves gently tapped the sides of the s.h.i.+p as the strongly infused salty winds blew across the summery day.

Yes. The sun was high up in the sky, and a few birds could already be seen dancing above the vessel, indicating that land was indeed very close by.

But more than the appearances of these birds, the stunning view before the vessel was enough to prove that they were already so close to land!

~Din. Din. Din. Din. Din~.

The hard footsteps of many resounded hit as they dashed towards their room balconies to have a good look at the sight before them.

Their hearts throbbed, and their faces eclipsed in pure excitement.

They were here. They were finally here in the most famous and well-talked region in their empire.


They looked at the overly large sign carried by 3 buildings and couldn't help trembling in glee.

They didn't know it, but during the night, the ma.s.sive words displayed there would light up, making it easy for visitors or stray s.h.i.+ps to know exactly where they were supposed to go.

And the numerous pointed arrows couldn't be more precise about the directional paths to take.

The unique docks that stretched out beautifully, as well as the countless s.h.i.+ps flocking towards them, made everyone aboard the vessel antic.i.p.ate and dream about what sort of place this Baymard truly was.

That's right. 

The ma.s.sive vessel that was now making its way towards the Baymardian docks was coming from Zalipnia.

It was the official Bay-Zalipnian Transport s.h.i.+p called The Floating Ivory.

And aboard were several groups of dark people of colour, as well as blue coloured people as well.

No doubt about it, for almost everyone aboard the s.h.i.+p, this was their first time coming to Baymard. 

So how could they not be filled with excitement?


Uther's hands gripped the stunning Royal Suite Balcony as his lips quivered in a silent scream of joy.

And his wife, Beverly, only hugged him from the side, also feeling that their entire experience seemed surreal.

If someone had told them that such a marvellous metal contraption that could take them from Zalipnia to Baymard in such a short time existed, they would've definitely treated that person like a lunatic.

In just a month and a few weeks, they had reached their destination without meeting any dangers or feeling uneasy.

Their trip was so smooth and exciting as well.

From the countless shows to the facilities available to the cruise parties and dancehall events held aboard, it seemed like a dream to them.

Not to talk of the spa treatments and the numerous mall-like stores within the vessel.

Others felt like living in such a s.h.i.+p wouldn't be a bad idea, seeing that it was terribly comfortable compared to many homes back in Zalipnia.

Hahahhahahah! That's right.

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He, Uther, was Zalipnia's current ruler, the father of Lucia, Andrew and Javis.


Missing the wedding might seem like nothing, but once that kind of tag gets placed on them, people will start avoiding them, thinking that one day, Baymard might strike.

Again, many might not want to help them during their hour of need since it showed how ungrateful they were.

In short, there was just so much involved in this.

And if the Baymardian s.h.i.+ps weren't there, no one would blame them for missing the wedding since it would take a longer time for them to travel on their wooden vessels from Zalipnia to Baymard.

It would be impossible for them to attend the wedding if that were the case.

Of course, rather than sending someone to represent them, Uther and Beverly had come to Baymard.

What! Did you think they wouldn't want to see the zoo to visit the Ma.s.sive Grand clock called Old Whilly?

No way!

They had heard too many tales from their children and would be d.a.m.ned if they couldn't enjoy them too.

That's why they dumped Javis and Andrew back in Zalipnia and only brought Lucia with them.

No... It was better to say that she was the one who brought herself over because they don't remember inviting her on the trip.


Uther and Beverly looked at the sight before them in a daze.

Baymard. Baymard. 

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