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Chapter 827 - If You Want to Be Grateful, Then Be Grateful to Your Daughter

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Chapter 827: If You Want to Be Grateful, Then Be Grateful to Your Daughter

This time, Qiao Ruhai hesitated.

How could he not need anything?

In fact, he really needed it now.

The Qiao family was in a mess. He had been busy with investing and loans these few days, but not many people were willing to bother about him.

He was so worried about the loan that he couldn’t eat or sleep well.

Gong Zeli’s help came just in time.

He was the Young Master of the Gong family.

It would solve his urgent problem.

“Young Master Gong, if it won’t trouble you, I… I hope that Young Master Gong can help invest in a project of the Qiao Corporation. I’ll send the specific project proposal to Young Master Gong when I get back. I promise that it’ll definitely be a profitable project and won’t let Young Master Gong lose money.

“Of course, if Young Master Gong finds it inappropriate, you can ignore it.”

Qiao Ruhai waited in antic.i.p.ation for Gong Zeli’s response.

He was afraid that Gong Zeli would think that he’d gone overboard with his request.


Unexpectedly, Gong Zeli agreed without hesitation.

“Just send the investment proposal to my a.s.sistant. I’ll tell him about it later and he’ll contact you. How much do you need?”

Qiao Ruhai looked at him in shock and excitement. “Young Master Gong, Young Master Gong is willing to invest?”

He hadn’t expected Gong Zeli to agree so quickly.

Gong Zeli nodded. “I promised to help you once, I won’t go back on my word.”

This person was the father of his savior, so Gong Zeli didn’t mind helping Qiao Ruhai.

This help was nothing to him.

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He owed his savior more than that.

“Is it… related to Mianmian?”

Gong Zeli nodded. “It’s because of your daughter.”

Qiao Ruhai had already guessed it.

But he didn’t know why.

“I wonder what Mianmian did back then to make Young Master Gong willing to help our Qiao family.”

“You don’t have to know the details.”

“I was being too nosy.” Qiao Ruhai immediately said, “But Young Master Gong has done us such a huge favor. I really don’t know how to thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me,” Gong Zeli said calmly. “If you want to be grateful, then be grateful to your daughter. I’m only doing this for her sake.”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be interested in investing in such a small project.

Even if it was a sure win, the money he earned was nothing to him.

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