I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl

Scrap Iron Walker - 废铁行者

Chapter 538 – Who's The Pervert?

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Chapter 538 – Who’s The Pervert?

“Where’s Zhuang Ni? Did she slip away because she doesn’t want to admit she lost the bet?”

“That’s not her style. Even if she lost, she would still seize every opportunity to mock her opponent, I’ll try calling her phone.”

The cla.s.s leader dialed Zhuang Ni’s phone and almost at the same time, a depressing Gothic ringtone sounded from downstairs.

“Zhuang Ni hasn’t left the hotel yet.” The cla.s.s president said and ran towards the stairs with me following closely behind.

The early morning sun seeped through the lush foliage and scattered across the hotel lobby. There were no other people in the lobby other than me and the cla.s.s leader. Even the front desk guy who was responsible for registering guests was nowhere to be found.

“The sun’s so blinding… it would be good if nuclear winter came.”

Zhuang Ni sat at the front desk and yawned with boredom.

“Why are you sitting here?” The cla.s.s leader was both startled and furious, “Middle school students can’t work part-time, let alone this….”

“It’s not a job.” Zhuang Ni said calmly, “No one’s paying me, it’s just a summer experience.”

“Experience? What kind of experience can you gain in this kind of place?” The cla.s.s leader must believe this is a place where you get taught bad things.

“This place can help you to see through the nature of men.”

Zhuang Ni replied with a smile and looked at me with an elusive glance.

“The main reason men date women is to bring them to a hotel. I could sit here and understand everything by reading the eyes of the men… “

“Men will also still be looking for prey even if they have a female partner around. There were men who have even secretly asked for my cell phone number, it’s really disgusting…”

“Wait.” The cla.s.s leader interrupted Zhuang Ni and said, “It sounds like you’ve been working here more than a couple of days, do your parents know? If you have the energy to work, why not go to school?”

“Because I have a disease that will kill me once I go to school.” Zhuang Ni said.

“And I just said this is practice, not a job. It’s a necessary step for when I enter society in the future.”

A necessary step? Is knowing how to book a hotel room that important? The cla.s.s leader didn’t understand either.

“You…. this hotel is employing minors. I’m going to report them.”

Zhuang Ni sighed and waved her hand at the cla.s.s leader, “Forget it, I’m not going to tease you anymore. Actually, my uncle has a stake in the hotel. I’m just helping my cousin keep watch for a bit while he’s in the bathroom.”

“Eh.” I was surprised, “You mean, this is your uncle’s hotel?”

“No, it’s your uncle’s.” Zhuang Ni snapped back.

The cla.s.s leader had a dawning expression of realization, “So, that receptionist is your cousin, no wonder he covers for you and you don’t need an ID…”

“Yes.” Zhuang Ni admitted, “My cousin has no skills, so he became the receptionist here after graduating from high school.”

I should have realized that guy who looks sleep deprived really does resemble Zhuang Ni.

“So, from the time we entered the hotel to the electronic door malfunctioning, it was all you and your cousin’s scheme?”

The cla.s.s leader crossed her arms in front of his chest and her expression was very much like the moment when Conan was about to solve a case.

“Well, I really would like to use my superpowers, but after carefully checking my configurations, I realized that I don’t have superpowers and could only ask my cousin.”

Zhuang Ni said without remorse.

“Fine, I’ve been played by you once again.” The cla.s.s leader said after a sigh, “But you still lost the bet. Ye Lin he didn’t… reveal his true self, so you’re not allowed to trick Gong CaiCai to do strange things anymore.”

“How can you prove Ye Lin didn’t show his true self?” Zhuang Ni said, “I only know you didn’t call me for help, but your TV was so loud, I couldn’t hear anything through the wall.”

“You… you were trying to eavesdrop on us?” The cla.s.s leader’s face flared red with anger.

“The U.S. government can eavesdrop on citizens, so why can’t I eavesdrop on you? Or do you have a guilty conscience?”

“Nonsense, we’re innocent.”

Zhuang Ni held up her chin in a reflection pose, “Hm, suspects always say they are innocent. If you want me to admit defeat, you have to come up with some convincing proof.”

I suddenly remembered when Auntie Ren suspected that Xiao Qin and I secretly did it, she took Xiao Qin to the hospital and let a gynecologist check, so I blurted:

“It’s not hard to get proof, as long as she’s willing to go to a gynecologist…”

Halfway through, I was greeted with two icy cold stares and I unconsciously stopped talking.

“Zhuang Ni.” The cla.s.s president said seriously, “I won’t provide any proof. You know that I never lie.”

Zhuang Ni pondered for a moment, “The cla.s.s leader is indeed the most upright person I know, so there’s nothing wrong with believing your words. But it’s possible Ye Lin a.s.saulted you without your knowledge.”

“Hey, hey, we may be acquaintances, but I’ll still sue you for defamation.”

I couldn’t help but interject.

Zhuang Ni locked eyes with me without any fear, “As far as I know, there are at least three drugs you can use to violate the cla.s.s leader and she wouldn’t remember…”

Where did you learn this unpleasant knowledge? Why would a girl need to know about those drugs, or was using drugs on the cla.s.s leader a backup plan for you?

At this point, the front desk guy, Zhuang Ni’s cousin, came back from the washroom and Zhuang Ni gave back his spot. She told me sit on the sofa in the hall as she sat next to me.

“Cla.s.s leader, don’t come over. I want to interrogate of Ye Lin individually. He will definitely give something away if he did do it.”

“Ask away.” I didn’t do anything wrong so I wasn’t afraid.

“Ye Lin, I have to first state that I hate you very much.”

“Eh, this has nothing to do with interrogation, right?”

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“It’s indeed unrelated, but every time I see your parallelogram eyes and corgi-like short legs, it makes me instinctively disgusted.”

“Since you say you’re innocent, then you short-legged pervert, what exactly did you do to the cla.s.s leader yesterday in your room.”

“Hey, I heard you call me a short-legged pervert.”

“That’s not important, I like to call you that.”

“I think you’re the real pervert for tricking Gong CaiCai to come out here and touching her b.o.o.bs.”

“It doesn’t matter, you can call me pervert if you like. Please confess what you did to the cla.s.s president last night, did you sleep in the same bed?”

I thought about it and the most memorable thing about last night was that the black cat “p.u.s.s.y” who came unannounced.

So I nodded and said, “We did sleep in the same bed, but…”

Zhuang Ni instantly looked at me with her murderous eyes, “I’ve never even had the chance to sleep on the same bed with the cla.s.s leader.”

And then she pressed on, “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you probably already did everything you could to her.”

“No, I didn’t.” I felt a little nervous under the gaze of Zhuang Ni, then I slightly stammered: “After she called me onto the bed, the cla.s.s leader did nothing, she was playing with p.u.s.s.y the whole time…”

“Play… playing with p.u.s.s.y.” Zhuang Ni’s eyes widened and she had an astonished look on her face.

I didn’t realize it and continued: “Yes, but I didn’t do anything. The cla.s.s leader played with herself while I was watching from the side.”

“You… you were just watching from the side.”

“Yeah.” I complained, “The cla.s.s president played by herself most of the night. I felt bored and went to sleep first.”

“You… were bored?”

“Of course it’s boring.” I said with lack of interest.

Zhuang Ni rolled her eyes back from shock, then she shouted at me and the cla.s.s leader, “The two of you are perverts!”


The cla.s.s leader was also confused.

Zhuang Ni stood up from the sofa and swayed as if she had low blood pressure. She held her forehead to calm herself down, then she said to us with resentment.

“Just now you said I was perverted… but you two are the real perverts.”

“Cla.s.s leader, I was wrong about you.” Zhuang Ni trembled, “You actually played with your p.u.s.s.y in front of Ye Lin? The reason why nothing happened between two of you is not because of self-control, but because Ye Lin is s.e.xually indifferent.”

“The cla.s.s leader played with her p.u.s.s.y and you didn’t react, are you even a man?”

The cla.s.s leader and I were speechless.

“Um, p.u.s.s.y refers to a cat.” I reminded.

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