I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl

Scrap Iron Walker - 废铁行者

Chapter 531 – Waiting Around

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Chapter 531 – Waiting Around

The cla.s.s leader, unlike me, wasn’t interested in listening to bedside talk. She took the most rational approach and called Gong CaiCai’s cell phone to see from which room we would hear a familiar ring.

But the attempt failed, Gong CaiCai didn’t turn on her phone and neither did Zhuang Ni.

I said from the side: “If I were in a room with underage girls, I would have had them turn off their phones too.”

Apparently the cla.s.s leader didn’t appreciate my a.n.a.lysis of criminal psychology. She rolled her eyes at me then shouted down the hallway.

“Gong CaiCai, Zhuang Ni, there’s someone looking for you at the front desk.”

Her sharp voice startled the cleaning staff, who walked over to advise the cla.s.s leader, but retreated when they saw my vicious face behind her.

The cla.s.s leader shouted again, but didn’t hear any replies nor did she notice any unusual noises coming from one of the rooms.

“Where did they go?” The cla.s.s leader was worried, “I didn’t think two girls from our cla.s.s would…”

I suddenly came to a realization and interrupted the cla.s.s leader.

“Come to think of it, Zhuang Ni might have the courage to do anything, but Gong CaiCai doesn’t. Not to mention the other day we just went to celebrate her birthday, and didn’t notice anything unusual…”

“Then why did she come to this hotel? Why did she put on a disguise if she just wanted to take a rest?”

I suddenly got serious and asked the cla.s.s leader, “I heard from Loud Mouth that Zhuang Ni straight up told you she likes you and wants to go out with you.”

“What… kind of useless stuff are you saying.” The cla.s.s leader reddened with embarra.s.sment and blamed me for bringing it up.

I was unmoved and continued to a.n.a.lyze like Sherlock Holmes, “Based on the available information, Zhuang Ni has lesbian tendencies. If she and Gong CaiCai walked into the same hotel, it might be too coincidental to be just a coincidence, so the truth might be…”

The cla.s.s leader couldn’t help but cover her mouth that was agape from surprise.

Because Zhuang Ni served as a literature committee member in her first year, and Gong CaiCai’s chalk writing was very good, the two used to be in charge of the cla.s.s blackboard together. They used to add a lot of color to the back wall of the cla.s.s and their relationship became closer.

The important task of protecting Gong CaiCai from bullies used to be Zhuang Ni’s duty before the cla.s.s leader took over. Although Zhuang Ni has always appeared to be mentally unstable and physically unfit, but being stared at by her cold and grim gaze was more effective than being rebuked by the cla.s.s leader.

The consequences of disobeying the cla.s.s leader might be bad, but the consequences of disobeying Zhuang Ni. She’s capable of doing anything since she doesn’t value her own life.

Basically, Zhuang Ni and Gong CaiCai is in a “protector” and “protectee” relationship. For Gong CaiCai birthday, she also tried to invite Zhuang Ni, but she refused because she said she “hates crowded places”.

“Could it be that Zhuang Ni… is going to lay her hands on Cai Cai after being rejected by me.”

The cla.s.s leader muttered to herself with a hint of self-blame.

It was pointless staring at a closed door and making random speculations is also useless, the cla.s.s leader found the contact information of Gong CaiCai parents and gave them a call.

“h.e.l.lo, I’m the cla.s.s leader of cla.s.s 2-3, is Gong CaiCai home?”

“Um, yes, I have a question about our studies…”

“She’s out to give supplementary lessons to a cla.s.smate who hasn’t been to school for a long time? Okay thanks, I understand….”

The cla.s.s leader hung up and had an expression that said ‘It’s awful’.

I was much more relaxed after it was confirmed Gong CaiCai was with Zhuang Ni.

“Why are you worried if the two of them are together, it’s better than booking a room with a man. I don’t think we need to investigate anymore…”

“Who said there’s no need.” The cla.s.s president said seriously, “Zhuang Ni has strange ideas, so who knows what she will do to Gong CaiCai.”

“I don’t think it would be anything too out of the ordinary. Probably stuff lesbians do, kissing or touching each other…”

To be more graphic, I subconsciously made a grasping and pinching action, and a lewd expression appeared on my face.

d.a.m.n, I got too excited because I discovered my female cla.s.smates might be lesbians and I accidentally mistook the cla.s.s leader as one of those bad friends like Eunuch Cao where you could speak your mind.

The cla.s.s leader naturally interpreted my gesture as a desire to grab a girl’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s (I was merely trying to imitate Zhuang Ni). She shielded her upper body, took a step back, and warned:

“Although I appreciate your help, but if you do anything rude to me, I won’t forgive you.”

So a gun waiting for me? What a familiar threat.

“And you had to book a room with a fake ID so we could come to the second floor… I will pay you back later, but please respect me.”

I felt I was wrongly accused. I didn’t have any indecent thoughts because I was the one who paid. I just felt making a girl pay was a bit…

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“Cla.s.s leader, there’s no way I would make you pay the first time we book a room together…”

“I need it, I need room service.” Then he gestured me into the room.

The world is too scary, I just want to go back to Mars! I could understand someone getting the wrong idea about the cla.s.s leader, but what’s up with someone getting the wrong idea about me?

So I hurriedly said: “I only knocked because I lost a bet, I have to go.”

I turned and left, but the man stuffed a business card in my hip pocket, then he said pa.s.sionately:

“No worries. Contact me if you’re interested.”

d.a.m.n, I have to go, there’s actually a h.o.m.os.e.xual in the hotel who’s attracted to me!

The cla.s.s leader, who saw everything, felt a bit more relieved about her earlier experience and had a dumbfounded expression on her face.

“They aren’t here. What should we do?” I asked for the cla.s.s leader’s opinion.

“It’s not like we didn’t get any results.” The cla.s.s leader pointed to the three rooms on the west side of the corridor, “There were no replies from these rooms, but after I listened carefully, I could tell that there are people inside. Gong CaiCai and Zhuang Ni should be in one of these rooms.”

“It looks like we’re lucky.” I said.

The cla.s.s leader didn’t understand what I meant.

“Look.” I pointed to the position of room 214 relative to the other three rooms while explaining, “If you want to go downstairs, you have pa.s.s by our room. We just need to hide in the room and watch the hallway from the peephole. We will immediately see Gong CaiCai and Zhuang Ni when they come out.”

“Why should we hide in the room and why would they come out?”

“It’s simple.” I laughed, “You caused a big ruckus in the hallway and knocked door to door, so Zhuang Ni and Gong CaiCai must know you followed them. Even if they had nerves of steel, they wouldn’t be able to comfortably perform lesbian acts.”

“Zhuang Ni and Gong CaiCai might not be in that kind of relationship.” The cla.s.s leader retorted without much confidence.

“Anyway, I think they already have thoughts of leaving, but they aren’t going to come out with us blocking the way. If we hide in room 214, they will quietly sneak out then we could catch them red-handed.”

Looking at the security guards who constantly walked up and down the stairs to keep watch on us, the cla.s.s leader can only admit that there was no better way.

So I used my card to open the electronic lock and led the cla.s.s leader into room 214 which had a double bed.

It’s not that I deliberately asked for a doubles suite because I had a dirty mind, but because I specifically asked for a room close to Gong CaiCai and was given this one. So it seems he didn’t lie, Gong CaiCai and Zhuang Ni were nearby.

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