If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch81 - Random Mission: Let Ren Jing Help You Apply Medicine…

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Chapter Ch81 - Random Mission: Let Ren Jing Help You Apply Medicine…

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Death System’s voice was filled with amazement. “Oh my, you’re pretty good at tongue twister.”

Ye Chen, “…” This d.a.m.ned way of speaking like it has nothing to fear!

Death System, “Take your time, don’t you have twenty days left to complete it?”

“What will happen after twenty days has pa.s.sed?”

Death System, “You simply need to tell the truth.”

Ye Chen, “After that…Ren Jing wouldn’t want me anymore.”

Death System’s tone was quite exaggerated when it said, “How is that possible?”

Ye Chen said gloomily, “How is it not possible!? If he knew that I did all these things because of the mission you gave, he…he would definitely feel that I never liked him at all.”

Death System opened its mouth and went straight to the point, “Are you overestimating your acting skills or are you underestimating Ren Jing’s IQ?”

Ye Chen, “…”

Death System said, “Rest a.s.sured, everyone knows that Brother Chen’s acting skill is -100. How could you have the skill to pretend that you like him?”

Ye Chen really wanted to refute, but realized that he had nothing to say when he opened his mouth.

Death System said again, “Although it is a compulsory mission, it truly isn’t a big deal to complete it. Could it be that you were going to hide this from Ren Jing for the rest of your life if I didn’t release the mission?”

Ye Chen was stunned.

Death System, “Now that ‘two hearts are beating as one’, it would be better to be more honest.”

What it said was reasonable. After thinking about it carefully, Ye Chen felt that it made sense.

Even though it made sense, Ye Chen was reminded of one thing. He asked Death System coldly, “Is this your so-called ‘nice surprise’?”

Death System sneered. “Was it not a surprise?”

Ye Chen exploded. “How about the ‘nice’ part!?”

Death System, “Don’t be so impatient, young man.”

Arghhh, I really want to beat this spicy chicken system to death!

Ren Jing returned right after the two were done chatting.

Ye Chen inexplicably felt somewhat guilty. He would certainly do this mission, but he wanted to wait a bit, just…a bit more.

Twenty days should be enough for him to think about it carefully.

The two ate dinner in the room. After they were finished with their meals, Ye Chen nagged Ren Jing to play games again. Movie King Ren had always been working diligently and conscientiously for more than ten years, but once he met Little Ye Chen, his work was nothing more than a k2018;stranger’.

Under these circ.u.mstances, it was good that the two only fell in love a bit later (in life).

Looking at them being this lovey-dovey, if Ren Jing didn’t ‘win success and recognition’, the two would probably only know how to date and ignore the rest.

After playing for a while, Ye Chen wanted to take a bath. This was a quite sensitive issue to mention.

They had just done it last night, so Ye Chen was still in pain. He really shouldn’t take a bath together with Ren Jing for now.

In the end, Death System a.s.sisted him. “Random mission: Let Ren Jing help you apply medicine where it hurts. The reward is two life points and immediate pain relief.”

Ye Chen, “!!!”

Death System stated, “It will really relieve the pain, there won’t be any left. Then you could fight another 300 more rounds right away…”

Ye Chen blushed. “Get losttt!”

Death System, “I’ll sleep for now. It’s up to you whether you want to do the mission or not. I’ll just say that the effect is pretty good. You’re not even charged for it.”

Ye Chen hesitated for a second before he asked Ren Jing using a voice so small like a humming mosquito, “Are you…going to take a bath?”

Ren Jing replied, “You go first.”

Ye Chen’s voice became even softer when he said, “L-Let’s take one together…”

Ren Jing, “…”

Ye Chen told himself: This is two life points we’re talking about, I can’t let it go to waste. If I have more than ten, I could save it up for father. He felt relieved temporarily upon thinking so. Moreover, it could relieve his pain. His b.u.t.t really hurt… Why suffer the pain when I could choose to stop it?

After consoling himself for a bit, Brother Chen summoned up his courage and said, “It’ll be very inconvenient for me to apply the lotion on my own.”

If the Movie King Ren from a moment ago still had a trace of reasonings within him, that had disappeared without a trace now!

Whatever happened when they were inside the bathroom was naturally too ‘intense’ to be written.

But to sum it up, it was like this: Once they had washed themselves clean, they proceeded to apply the medicine (for Ye Chen). Right after they were done, Ye Chen noticed that it didn’t hurt anymore. Goodness! Ye Chen felt a little itchy, so…he decided to relieve the itch.

The next morning, Ye Chen snarled at Death System, “You big liar!”

Death System said innocently, “When did I even lie to you? Could it be that the pain wasn’t gone?”

Ye Chen said in grief and indignation, “It was gone, but…but…” It’s really hurting again now.

Death System rolled its eyes. “It’s you who ‘forget past pains once the wound has healed’, you can’t put the blame on me.”

Ye Chen felt very wronged.

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Noticing Ye Chen burying himself into the pillow, Ren Jing’s face was instantly agitated. “It was my fault.”

Death System suddenly said something which almost made Ye Chen burst into an undue laughter, “Listen properly to Gu Xi’s words, he’s a knowledgeable person who is speaking from experience!”

Fortunately (for Ye Chen), Gu Xi was feeling quite awkward himself, thus he simply threw a small bag and said, “I suppose you two don’t understand anything anyway. Remember to use these when needed!”

He left upon saying so.

Ye Chen was quite curious what it might be, so he opened the bag to take a look at the content. His face instantly reddened and his heart thumped wildly as he zipped the bag shut!

Death System said its meaningful and heartfelt words, “Gu Xi is truly a good friend who could ‘touch the heart of China’.”

Right at this moment, the sound of someone opening the door could be heard from outside. Ye Chen had sharp ears and nimble fingers, thus he swiftly hid the small bag.

Ren Jing got inside and said, “Did Director Gu leave?”

Ye Chen’s face was about to burn up. “H-He left!”

Ren Jing simply smiled and didn’t ask what they were talking about.

Ye Chen explained, “Um, Gu Xi is just a bit worried about me.”

Ren Jing approached him and planted a kiss upon his lips. “I know, because I feel the same way. I’m afraid you’ll get hurt.”

Ye Chen immediately felt a tremendous amount of warmth inside his heart.

After bustling about for less than half a month, the crew was finally faced with the movie’s highlight.

The first half of «Devotion» was very relaxing. It mainly told the story of the two main leads’ encounter and them being attracted to each other. The beginning of the ups and downs were after Zhan Chen had confessed to Yan Han.

This was where the most heart-wrenching part was.

Zhan Chen who had just turned twenty was in the prime of his youth. He had initiated an extremely intense love offensive towards Yan Han.

Yan Han was tempted, but he had too much to worry about: ident.i.ty, age, gender; he couldn’t overlook any of them.

He was attracted to Zhan Chen who shone brightly like the morning sun, but he had no choice but to sever his feelings that had just started to sprout.

He chose to get engaged.

He chose to be in a ‘marriage’ without any feelings, where it was only about looking well-matched in others’ eyes.

Upon hearing the news of Yan Han getting engaged, Zhan Chen fell completely into despair. He skipped cla.s.ses and didn’t return to his dormitory even until the wee hours.

Zhan Chen’s close friend who was worried about his safety went to find Yan Han, hoping that the teacher could help him find Zhan Chen.

Yan Han’s heart was torn with anxiety, looking around for Zhan Chen. Eventually, he found Zhan Chen who was dead drunk, being carried by a man.

T/N: Not only the movie, the story itself will also have its most heart-wrenching part very, very soon too!

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