If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 59

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There were some things which Shen Jiaze could never forget, such as how to peel shrimps—something he had learnt a long time ago, or Gu Xi himself.

Shen Jiaze picked up a shrimp, unsure of what he was feeling as he did so.

He peeled it slowly, little by little, very carefully. It was as if he was trying his best to peel away the hard sh.e.l.l that covered his whole body, to pull out the soft heart inside to be presented to Gu Xi.

Gu Xi carefully observed him. After a while, he said, "You've gotten rusty."

Shen Jiaze's hands shook. He reluctantly said, "It's been a while since I peeled a shrimp."

Gu Xi didn't say anything more. He simply picked up the tender shrimp and ate it.

He chewed slowly, looking calm as he did so, making it hard for people to guess what he was thinking about.

Shen Jiaze was filled with anxiety. It was like he was standing in front of a black fog, it was unclear what he would encounter if he stepped in—it could be an abyss, or it could be… an Eden?

Shen Jiaze sat in his seat, motionless. Gu Xi glanced at him and said, "Continue peeling the shrimps."

Shen Jiaze was stunned.

Gu Xi said, "If you've become rusty, then you should practice more."

These words had double meanings. Shen Jiaze suddenly turned to look at him, his pair of dark-colored eyes were like a night sky filled with faintly twinkling stars.

Gu Xi didn't look at Shen Jiaze. He only asked in a low voice, "Are you going to start peeling or not?"

Shen Jiaze quickly grabbed a mantis shrimp.

At this moment, Yu Xingzhe finally came to his senses. f.u.c.k, Fatty Gu now wants to reconcile with that sc.u.m? This fickle fatty, does he still have any principles!? It’s only been a day and he's already changed his mind? Can he even do it? Can he compensate me for the breach of contract!?

Yu Xingzhe still felt that it was quite inconceivable. He looked at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded at him solemnly.

Yu Xingzhe tried his best to talk to Ye Chen through his eyes.

Ye Chen also tried to use their eye contact to communicate.

While these two people were 'casting amorous gazes' at each other, there was someone who wasn't so pleased seeing them doing so.

Ren Jing asked Ye Chen, "Do you want to eat mantis shrimp?"

Ye Chen actually seldom ate them, mainly because it was troublesome to peel. But looking at Old Gu eating it, they actually seemed rather delicious? So he said, "Sure."

Ren Jing picked up a shrimp and put it on his own plate to peel.

Ye Chen couldn’t care less about what Yu Xingzhe was trying to communicate to him mentally, he focused on watching Ren Jing peel the shrimps instead.

Ren Jing’s fingers looked really nice. They were slender and fair and the joints between his fingers could be seen clearly. The features on his fingers looked so powerful, yet elegant and charming. How wonderful!

Ye Chen stared without blinking. Not long after, the shrimp was peeled and placed onto Ye Chen's plate.

Ye Chen stole a look at Gu Xi’s plate, then looked at his own. He immediately felt like Ren Jing did a better job at peeling than Shen Jiaze, so his heart felt even more blissful.

Yu Xingzhe didn't want to talk to Ye Chen, the transmission had been cut off halfway anyway. This was certainly not the Chen Chen he knew!

After he evaluated the situation, he understood that the script had 'changed'. Old Gu, this traitor, had 'abandoned' him for Shen Jiaze.

Yu Xingzhe's heart felt very stuffy, but what could he do? He was a gentleman, he wouldn’t punch Gu Xi in the waist and scold him, this 'unfaithful man'.

The plate didn't actually have that many mantis shrimps, just slightly more than ten. But they were big and fresh, and now was the perfect time to eat these. The meat was both fat and fresh and after peeling them open, it would be full of shrimp paste.

Perhaps Gu Xi couldn't taste the shrimp's flavor. He just really really wanted to eat them. Especially those that Shen Jiaze peeled for him. After all, the taste he was longing for was the taste of their past.

Ye Chen, however, could taste the freshness of the shrimps very well. The mantis shrimp were all brought by Ren Jing, which was really great. The mantis shrimp were also cooked by Ren Jing, which was brilliant. The mantis shrimp was also peeled by Ren Jing, which was absolutely super awesome!

At the rate they were eating, the dozen mantis shrimp were gone in the blink of an eye. Soon after, there was only one left. Yu Xingzhe felt very aggrieved, he was the only person who didn't eat any. He was only allowed to eat what the silly husky next door could eat!

He bravely reached out with his chopsticks, deciding to fight for that last mantis shrimp. His chopsticks’ aim was very precise and he almost picked it up.

But Movie King Ren was just a little bit faster than him, successfully picking up the mantis shrimp, stopping Yu Xingzhe's chopsticks mid-air.

Ren Jing looked at him and asked, "Does President Yu want the shrimp?"

Old Yu, "…"

Ye Chen asked, "Old Yu, do you know how to peel shrimps?"

Salted Old Fish, "…" Even if I don't know how to peel, I can eat it whole with the sh.e.l.l!

However, when he thought about it, it would be too miserable. Everyone would be eating whole shrimp meat, he would be the only one crunching the shrimp because of the sh.e.l.l. That would be degrading himself too much! That reminded him…why did SUN resign? Let alone peeling shrimps, SUN would be able to sh.e.l.l even crabs so smoothly they could fly!

President Yu felt very frustrated. He made a gesture with his hand and said, "I don't like to eat this."

Ren Jing gave the shrimp to Little Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt that Old Yu was rather pitiful, but now he had shared the mantis shrimp which was brought, cooked and peeled by Ren Jing with Gu Xi; to share it with someone else——no, this was absolutely unacceptable!

Letting Old Gu have the mantis shrimps brought and cooked by Ren Jing⁠—although peeled by Shen Jiaze⁠—was the limit!

Once the mantis shrimps were completely eaten, the President Shen who had lost his 'job' looked at Gu Xi uneasily.

Gu Xi said, "You're still pretty rusty."

Shen Jiaze didn't let out any voice.

Gu Xi said another sentence, "Practice more next time."

Shen Jiaze suddenly looked at Gu Xi, thinking that he had misheard him.

Gu Xi still didn't look at him, but Shen Jiaze was still staring. He stared at Gu Xi for a long time.

The tip of Gu Xi's ears reddened a bit, he said, "Let's eat."

Shen Jiaze was suddenly roused. He softly called, "Xi Xi…"

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"I said let's eat!"

Death System started to express itself with emoticons again. "o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)"

Ye Chen was speechless. He really wished to get it treated for this 'illness'!

Could it be that he had to abort his plan because Ren Jing was too capable?

Ye Chen couldn't tolerate this! He had become really miserly now, he wouldn't waste even a single life point!

There were still two plates left, he had to make it happen!

Ye Chen pushed him away and said, "You go and sit over there, I'll do this myself!"

Ren Jing's smile was extremely warm and gentle, full of indulgence.

Ye Chen felt really embarra.s.sed… He wasn't this stupid, really, he could actually clear away the dishes by himself without problem.

This was all forced by the Death System, this spicy chicken!

After encouraging himself, Ye Chen 'set off' again.

In fact, Ye Chen really didn't do it on purpose this time. It was just that he was being absent-minded that he was holding the dishes without noticing what was under his feet. The next thing he knew was that he was about to be covered with vegetable soup all over his face.

Thanks to Ren Jing's fast reflexes, Ye Chen was kept safe in his embrace in time, not stained with even the slightest bit of dirt.

But Ren Jing's back was stained with the vegetable soup instead…

Ye Chen quickly hugged Ren Jing, staining his sleeve (with soup).


Ye Chen's heart was full of joy. But, what came out of his mouth was, "Let's take a bath together!"

Death System, "…"

Ye Chen, "!!!"

That's not it! He wanted to say that they should wash the dirty clothes together, why did it turn to taking a bath together all of a sudden??

Ye Chen tried to open his mouth to explain…but Ren Jing had already come to a sudden realization. His eyes and lips were full of smiles, they were extremely sweet and flirtatious. Leaning closer to Ye Chen's ear, he asked, "You want to take a bath with me?"

Ye Chen, "…" He actually wanted to wash the clothes together with him…

Ren Jing chuckled and said in a low voice, "Chen Chen, you're so cute."

Ye Chen's face was almost completely red. Although he did purposely stain his shirt, it really wasn't so that they could go take a bath together. He only wanted to wash the clothes!

Death System, you better hurry up and come out now, come and prove my innocence!

Death System, "Hehehe, Ren Jing will have you washed clean and bright again in no time."

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