If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 41

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Mother Ye was very happy even though she only met Ren Jing by chance. But because she had been away for many days, she missed her son the most, so it didn't take long for her to put her idol aside and had her heart filled with her little Chen Chen.

The Ye Chen from two weeks ago would definitely be annoyed when he heard his mother brought up Ren Jing, but now he wanted to listen to his mother. Still, his mother considered his feelings and didn't mention Ren Jing anymore.

It was also a kind of melancholy.

It was already noon when they returned home. The family didn't go out to eat since Mother Ye insisted to cook by herself. She made some stir-fried dishes and soup. After fiddling around for more than an hour, she finally finished preparing dishes to build up her son's health.

Ye Chen said, "You've been on the plane for so long, so take a rest first."

Mother Ye said that she wasn't tired and joyfully kept herself busy.

Ye Chen leaned on the wall outside the kitchen and took a glance at his mother. He felt really happy and realized that he had really missed her.

Father Ye began to mindlessly boasting about his wife again. Then, he whispered to Ye Chen, "You, Son, should learn more from me on the matter of choosing a wife to marry."

The corner of Ye Chen's mouth twitched.

Father Ye boasted about his wife so much, only then he asked about Ye Chen's life for the past half month in a proud reluctant manner – a trademark pa.s.sed down from the Ye family ancestors.

After Ye Chen listened to all that his father had to say, he really wanted to roll his eyes as he thought, What's with that reluctant act, it's so annoying!

Death system snickered, "Hoho." As if he wasn't a capricious brat himself.

Even though Mother Ye was born as a naive daughter of an eminent family, her cooking skill was beyond reproach. These father and son sat down to taste the dishes and felt very delightful upon doing so. Ye Chen had the delusion that he had been eating pigswill for half a month.

As expected, no matter how awesome a restaurant was, it couldn't compare to mother's homemade foods.

In the afternoon, the family went to their old house to pay a visit to grandpa again.

The hierarchy in the proud yet adorable Ye Family was like this: Father Ye above Ye Chen, Grandpa Ye above Father Ye. But Ye Chen was still Grandpa Ye's dearest grandson.

As a result, when he came back to his old house, his status had significantly improved. Father Ye behaved well like a quail. If Father Ye ever said anything harsh (to Ye Chen) he would probably be berated by the Old Master, let alone breaking his daughter's legs…… Bah, his son's.

Grandpa Ye had a sickly look, but his spirit had become much better.

The family was reunited again. It was so lively that he had half more bowl for dinner.

Seeing such a scene in front of his eyes, Ye Chen felt very upset inside his heart instead.

Time was the most relentless thing. In his memory, grandpa was tall and solemn, but now his back was hunched, he had lost his majestic vigor. Like countless old people, he was suffering from illness and was helplessly waiting for his death.

Ye Chen felt bad, but he wasn't as weak as he was anymore.

He wanted to complete the monthly mission at once. He needed that ten life points because he wanted to see his grandpa becoming healthy again. He also wished that grandpa could have the chance to lead a leisurely life after a lifetime of struggles.

The next morning, Ye Chen called Xiao Liu early in the morning.

"What's the schedule for today's work?" He actually would like to ask about the new play's practice, but he didn't have the face to ask it directly, so he asked euphemistically.

But Ye Chen asking him like this made Xiao Liu dumbfounded.

Brother Chen actually took the initiative to ask about work?

Which work? Ohhh, the new play?

Xiao Liu was sharp so he hurriedly said, "I have received the script for《Devotion》. The audition is scheduled to be tomorrow. Movie King Ren told me that he wanted Brother Chen to have a good rest for a day, (so there's) no hurry."

Tomorrow? No! He could hardly wait for it anymore!

Ye Chen said, "I don't have anything scheduled today, can't it be today?"

Xiao Liu could swear that he had never seen his Brother Chen being so diligent and taking the initiative to do work like this before!

"Brother Chen, rest for a while, would you?"

Ye Chen said again, "It's just a practice, it won't tire me that much."

Seeing Xiao Liu dawdling and hesitating, Ye Chen couldn't wait anymore and said, "I'll give Ren Jing a call and ask if he's free today."

Xiao Liu, "……" Is it possible that this Brother Chen is a fake?

Ye Chen's cellphone rang before he could give Ren Jing a call.

"You've returned yet I didn't hear a peep from you." Gu Xi's voice on the other side of the call sounded sluggish and sloppy.

Ye Chen, "Peep."

Gu Xi, "……"

Ye Chen, "Peep, peep, peep."

Gu Xi scolded him, "Good thing I'm capable so I could complete it! Just because you're a tad grown now doesn't mean you have to chase Ren Jing until country F. He was only going to be there for three or four days, yet you had to follow him there."

Ye Chen said, "So you haven't put Old Yu on your blacklist yet?" No need to think much about it, it must be Yu Xingzhe who told the news to him secretly.

Gu Xi rolled his eyes and said, "I'm already an adult, I won't do such childish thing."

Not childish, not childish. So it seemed that the one who lost his temper and blocked the producer, a.s.sistant director, lead actor and actress wasn't Fatty Gu.

Ye Chen still had to take care of his business, so he didn't want to continue this idle chatter anymore, "If you have something to say then say it, otherwise I'll hang up."

Gu Xi asked, "Did you accept the role in the film《Devotion》?"

Ye Chen was a bit embarra.s.sed as he said, "Am I not allowed to?"

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Gu Xi hit straight to the bullseye, "You've decided to come out of the closet?"

"Are you busy today?" He asked Ren Jing.

Ren Jing answered, "What's the matter? Do you have any plans?" He was obviously putting Chen Chen above all else.

Ye Chen said, "If you're not busy, let's have the audition today."

Ren Jing, "……"

Ye Chen asked under his breath, "Can't you do it (today)?"

"I can." Ren Jing couldn't agree more.

Ye Chen said, "Then how about before noon?"

Ren Jing tried his best to keep his voice calm as he said, "Alright, I'll arrange it now."

Ye Chen was filled with joy and said, "Then I'll hang up first?"

"Mn, see you later."

"See you later!"

Ye Chen hung up the call. His heart was filled with joy as he thought of the ten life points he was about to earn.

Death system expressed its feeling: This is really too shameful to be seen, too shameful!

Not long before the promised time, Xiao Liu came to pick Ye Chen up. He wanted to say that he didn't quite catch any sleep the whole night, but upon seeing Ye Chen being in high spirits, he swallowed all the words back, not saying anything in the end.

Ye Chen didn't feel tired at all. He slept comfortably on the plane, so he didn't feel the jet lag. In addition with him awaiting the play, he felt much better than usual instead.

When he was about to arrive, Ye Chen was a bit worried, 'It's only an audition, would there be enough people?'

Thirty people weren't that many, but not few too. The number would definitely exceed if it was normal shooting, but since this was only an audition……

However, when Ye Chen arrived and saw the crew, he immediately knew that he had been thinking too much.

The amount of people…… was a lot!

Furthermore, what was going on with some of them who were looking at him with sparkling eyes? Did it mean that he have fans too? Ye Chen felt quite pleased with himself inside his heart.

'Big Brother Yang and the Young Servants' WeChat group reported: Advanced notice to the reporters, the Big Darling has shown up! To all spectators, please choose the best position!

Thirty people? Not a problem at all……

Author’s Note

The author has something to say: Hahaha!

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