If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 40

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Ye Chen, "!!!" What kind of 'supplementary mission' was that!?

Death System snickered, "Hehehe, easy, right? It’ll be done in a minute."

Ye Chen said, "You come here."

Death System cautiously uttered, "……Don’t hit me."

"I won’t hit you," Ye Chen immediately exploded, "I’ll take you with me down to the bottom of h.e.l.l!"

Death System humbly added, "Well, you just need to introduce him to your parents. You need to do it sooner or later anyway."

That being said, this would certainly be better to be late instead of early for him!

Death System reminded him, "This mission doesn't require you to introduce Ren Jing as your husband to your parents."

What the h.e.l.l does it mean by h-hu-husband!? Ye Chen blushed, he felt uneasy all over.

Death System said, "You could just calmly introduce him as your friend to Queen Mother, wouldn't that be alright?"

Ye Chen's face was filled with remorse. "That won't do!"

Death System was curious, so it asked, "Why?"

Ye Chen's face was filled with regret.

This problem…… was the true form of the statement 'the evils we brought on ourselves were the hardest to bear'.

Ren Jing started his career at an early age, particularly when he was about 18 or 19 years old. He was so tender that not only he attracted a group of young female fans, but also a group of older fans. Mother Ye was one of those fans.

Mother Ye liked Ren Jing very much that she tormented her own son by dressing him up to be Ren Jing's replica.

But just how different was Ren Jing and Ye Chen?

Just the quality of their faces differed in at least three different dimensions, not to mention their height.

They were definitely not the same type.

But Mother Ye had to make her son into a second 'Ren Jing'. Brother Chen rebelled against the idea, but he was brutally and forcefully suppressed by his father, so he had no choice but to obey.

His father later said to him, "Good boy, just do it according to how your mother wanted it. If she dressed you up as Ren Jing, she won't go to look for Ren Jing anymore, right? If she came back home bringing that handsome young boy, your father will lose her wife. If I don't have a wife, then that means you don't have a mother, too. If you don't have a mother, then I'm afraid I will have to beat you up everyday."

Ye Chen, "……" I'm afraid my father would turn into a fake father by then!

Father Ye added then, "Be good now, Father will add one more zero to the limit of your additional card if you do."

Ye Chen's eyes brightened up. He gave up his life heroically and exclaimed, "It's a deal!"

Maybe…… Oh well, everything else was certainly how they were. It was just that Ye Chen started to 'hate' Ren Jing from that time.

At first, his disreputable friends joked with him, "A Chen, you must really like Ren Jing, huh?"

Ye Chen would immediately lose his temper and declared, "Like Ren Jing my s.h.i.t! My mother is the one who likes him!?"

Those disreputable friends burst out laughing and exclaimed, "But you are nothing like Ren Jing!"

Ye Chen said with a sour face, "You just wanted to say that I'm like Dong Shi who imitates Xi Shi's frown, right? Say whatever you want. I could just cut off our relations anytime, you know?"

His disreputable friends laughed until their stomach hurt. "You're not Dong Shi who imitates Xi Shi's frown, you're a tiny Dong Shi who imitates Xi Shi."

Ye Chen was filled with grief and indignation as he blurted, "f.u.c.k you, we're over!"

Ye Chen thought that his mom would get over it in a flash so he just went along with it, but who knew that she would keep at it for so long? She was rather sincere in being Ren Jing's fan.

Ye Chen was forced to pay close attention to Ren Jing, he became more fed up with Ren Jing than ever.

Ren Jing has grown so tall…… I hate it!

Ren Jing has become so handsome…… I hate it!

Ren Jing's acting skills are so good…… I hate it!

Ren Jing has received so many awards…… I hate it the most!

Since he had been acc.u.mulating that feeling of hate for so many years, everyone around Ye Chen knew that he bitterly hated Ren Jing.

One of those was of course his Queen Mother.

Mother Ye subsequently realized that Ye Chen really disliked Ren Jing, so she stopped buying him clothes similar to those that Ren Jing wore. Even when her son had entered the s...o...b..z industry and was rated as having '100 points for attractiveness, -100 points for acting skills', she comforted him, "Not everyone could grow up having natural talent in acting." Her unspoken implications was: not everyone could be like Ren Jing.

Ye Chen: I don’t feel comforted, I feel extreme heartbreak instead!

But soon after that, Queen Mother would rarely mention Ren Jing in front of Ye Chen. This was probably for the sake of her son’s 'self-esteem', although she still secretly supported her idol.

After hearing the summary of the former circ.u.mstances, Death System finally understood why his face was as good as dead.

Ye Chen had detested him for so many years, yet if he suddenly introduce Ren Jing to Queen Mother, "Mom, this is…… my friend."

Imagine how Queen Mother would respond to that!

Nine out of ten, she would probably think her son's head had been kicked by a donkey.

Death System consoled him, "Wait until Queen Mother knows that you have a love affair with Ren Jing……"

Ye Chen kept a poker face as he stated, "Which is why, please burn paper offerings at my burial mound at this time next year."

His father was definitely going to beat him to death. Firstly, he would feel that his son had become useless since he couldn't give him descendants. Secondly, he even 'invite the wolf into the house'!

Death System added generously, "Rest a.s.sured, Daddy will burn incense for you."

Ye Chen, "……"

While he was still in agony, the sound of the broadcast outside announced his 'death penalty', "Attention to those who are about to greet the pa.s.sengers, flight UA089 from New York is going to arrive at 9:00 Beijing time. Thank you."

She had arrived, Queen Mother had arrived!

Ren Jing said, "It's almost time, I'll be going first."

Ren Jing was about to get up after he said so. Ye Chen had finished the mission of keeping physical contact, yet he couldn't help but keep holding Ren Jing's hand.

Ren Jing looked at him and asked, "Is there anything else you need?"

Ye Chen looked at him. As he kept staring at Ren Jing, he suddenly feel aggrieved.

Ren Jing really loved this kind of Ye Chen so much. He said in a soft voice, "I'll find you again later."

Ye Chen stayed silent.

Ren Jing lowered his head, bringing his face closer to Ye Chen.

Their eyes met and their lips were moving closer to each other, but Ye Chen said all of a sudden, "Could you please not go yet?"

Ren Jing blinked.

Ye Chen panicked. He opened his mouth and uttered, "Uhm……"

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Ren Jing's heart fluttered as he said, "Auntie and Uncle will come out in a moment."

Mother Ye immediately inquired, "Why has it ended? When will the shooting start again? I’ll go to visit."

Who are you going to visit there!?

As soon as Ye Chen was about to say something, Mother Ye’s attention had been s.n.a.t.c.hed by someone else.

In fact, that someone had s.n.a.t.c.hed a great number of people’s attention.

In order to create a chance encounter, Ren Jing made a great fanfare of him 'getting off the plane'. It was a typical display of splendour of a celebrity returning home. He wore autumn style Armani brand all over his body while wearing sungla.s.ses. His long legs were flaunted as people took out their cell phone to snap some pictures.

Mother Ye took a deep breath and stated, "So handsome!"

Ye Chen and his mom had a mutual understanding, thinking that Ren Jing was really handsome indeed!

Restrain yourself, restrain! Ye Chen held his tiny heart still, trying to stay calm.

Ren Jing inadvertently shifted his sight and glanced over. He obviously caught sight of Ye Chen (first).

It could be said that this Movie King's acting skills were beyond impressive that Ye Chen couldn't help but believe that they were really having a 'chance encounter'!

Ren Jing directly came over and greeted Ye Chen.

Ye Chen also greeted him 'politely'.

Ren Jing took off his sungla.s.ses, then greeted Father and Mother Ye courteously.

Mother Ye grabbed her son's hands tightly. Her beautiful yet pretty sharp polished nails clutched Ye Chen's hand and made him experience extreme pain.

Ye Chen ground his teeth as he introduced Ren Jing to his parents, "This is Ren Jing, we'll be working together in the near future. Ren Jing, these are my parents….."

As he finished introducing them to each other, the sound of the death system resounded in his head, "Congratulations to you for completing the daily mission, you get one life point."

It's completed! How great!

Ye Chen was so moved that he wanted to cry (not because he was clenched tightly).

According to the scenario, Ren Jing and him were only bowing acquaintances. They parted ways after exchanging a few polite words.

Ren Jing took his leave first. Mother Ye was so delighted that she kept on praising Ren Jing all the way. It was only a matter of time before she praised him to heaven.

Ye Chen felt very anxious instead. So anxious that it felt too much for him (to bear).

When they got in the car, Mother Ye finally calmed down after a fashion. She sighed and said, "If only I had a daughter, I definitely would have her marry Ren Jing."

Father Ye who had a sour face this whole time snorted coldly, then he said a sentence which sent chills to people, "If my daughter dares to marry him, I'll break her legs!"

Ye Chen, "……"

All of a sudden, he felt that his legs hurt a lot.

Death System comforted him, "Fear not, fortunately you're a son and not a daughter."

This manner of comforting….. made him felt like losing 10,000 points!

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