If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

Looking at the strange red exclamation mark, Ren Jing was startled, but soon he raised the corner of his mouth and sent a message that will definitely not be seen: “Xiao Chen has no conscience.”

On the other side–

Death system with a vertical thumb: “This system respects you as a man!”

The Man: “…”

Death System: “You should pray he did not give you a message again so he would not know that you deleted him.”

Ye Chen: “And then?”

Death system gave him a trick: “And then secretly add him back.”

Ye Chen faintly said: “As if adding a friend does not require him to verify.”

Death System: “Oh … … no way.” The schadenfreude in this tone is not too obvious.

Ye Chen watched the phone for a long time and finally decided that nothing had happened!

Anyway, he survived, as long as the life point is not less than 1, his life will not be in danger. As for the system and Ren Jing, they can die together!

Think of it here, Ye Chen is in a good mood: delete your friends and drop it? Nonsense! With this kind of pain, Lao Zi didn’t beat you is already very good!

“Xiao Liu, send me home!” Did not sleep well last night, and now must immediately go back to make up.

Xiao Liu said with a grim face: “Elder brother, there is an audition in the afternoon…”

Ye Chen: “Do not go.”

Xiao Liu said: “Gu Xi has ordered me seven or eight times…”

Suddenly mentioned, once Ye Chen heard this he remembered what happened last night and became irritated: "If it weren't for GuXi, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I wouldn't be…"

Xiao Liu looked at him through the rear-view mirror and was waiting for the following words. What was the meaning of Ye Chen saying “be f.u.c.ked”? Only elusive words: “Anyway, tell Gu Xi I have no time.”

Although Xiao Liu felt sorry, but not too seriously. Gu Xi and his elder brother are iron buddies who grew up in a pair of trousers. A role can dismiss.

However, Xiao Liu was a manager, an a.s.sistant and also a small personal servant. He still focused on the following: "…Elder brother, this piece is estimated to be explosive. After all, there is…ah…" He didn't dare to mention the name of Ren Jing. He only said, “The line-up is huge, well-made, and Gu Xi's three-years of hard work…”

Ye Chen gave him a big supercilious look.

Xiao Liu did not know why his impression about Ren Jing is so bad, but Ye Chen was really unhappy.

Ye Chen in his perception, he cannot pick this play, this role he absolutely cannot play!

He used to be simply annoyed by Ren Jing. What can be done now? The two of them did it and also kissed in the morning. In the end, he deleted him in his friends’ list.

How embarra.s.sing if they meet again? And still filming together? He is afraid he would only suffocate!

Ye Chen quickly dialed Gu Xi’s phone.

The lazy voice on the other side of the phone sounded: “My ancestors, you are idle I am not, whatever you want to say hurry and say it also please speed up.”

“Put the peat!” Ye Chen did not talk nonsense with him. “I will not play that piece. You find someone else.”

Gu Xi seriously said: “Why? No, it's all agreed. This role's prototype is you. And now you don't want to play?”

Ye Chen said: “There are many more people under the sky. Not worse than my looks.”

Gu Xi did not give face: “There's nothing beautiful in you.”

Ye Chen: “Roll, Lao Zi is handsome!”

Gu Xi said: “Well, a handsome boy of 1.69 meters.”

This is the inverse scale of Ye Chen, he exploded in a minute: “Gu Xi, you fatty!”

Evil-doer Gu Xi was fat when he was young, this thing also cannot be mentioned. Xiao Liu couldn’t wait for himself to shrink into a ball and go under the seat with the kitten.

The two were dark for a while, and Gu Xi doesn't have any more free time: “If you don’t play it down, forget who asked you.”

Ye Chen whispered seriously: “Lao Zi's decision is also for you.”

His words are very real. Ye Chen is also famous in the entertainment industry. He has money, lots of resources but still not a big star.

For some reason, his face is equivalent to 100 points while his acting is -100 points. Add together is zero, quite stable.


Ye Chen slept until dark, and after he casually ate something, he finally recovered his vitality.

His father went to M Country for work. His mother who was sticky to her husband also followed. The two is doing well. After they left for half a month, they had long forgotten their son.

Ye Chen was also happy with his freedom. While eating, he hugged the fully washed kitten and watched a movie leisurely.

A friend sent him a WeChat message and asked him to go out to play. Nonsense. His a.s.s still hurts. He doesn’t want to go anywhere. He only wants to be at home.

After he resigned, he felt that something was wrong.

It’s so quiet.

The death system was silent all afternoon.

Did he know he can’t squeeze him so he chooses to give up?

Ye Chen thinks quite a lot: the daily mission sends a life point, and constantly doing the task will acc.u.mulate more. According to the novel’s routines, this life point can be traded with Death system, such as beauty pill, energy pill, mysterious work law, ah, special effects magic medicines. Hey, if there is a longevity pill, he is going to be very excited.

Forget it, although life is a bit short, he can live comfortably, and he can do things other people cannot do.

Ye Chen do have the perseverance to resist all temptations, but it is a pity that he is too naive and the death system knows himself better than him.

Ye Chen slept comfortably and slept for a while. After he had breakfast he cheerfully teased the kitten.

“Hey, Daily Mission: Embrace Ren Jing three times and rewards Life Point 1.”

Ye Chen asked him: “As long as the life point is not less than 1, I will not die?”

Death system: “Yes.”

Ye Chen stretched.

The death system finally revealed the truth: "Your death time is 9:55am, and one life point will be deducted at this time every day."

Ye Chen who was lazily stretching suddenly straightened his back: “What?”

The death system said: “Friendly reminder, you still have fifty-five minutes…”

This is not the same as agreed!

Death system murmured: “Your life can be more than one life point.”

Ye Chen: “What … is it worth?”

Death system: “Do you really want to know?”

Ye Chen look of life without affection.

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Death system: “I’m afraid you'll cry into 200 pounds of dogs.”

It’s already 9:40am.

Ye Chen looked at the phone. One minute and one second pa.s.sed. He seemed to see his own lifeline rapidly decreasing.

It's urgent!

Meetings are the most inconsistent thing. Agreed time is 9:40am, but then get delayed to 10:40am. Can only say sorry since it's a meeting.

What to do? Should he break in?

In the presence of more than a dozen industry giants, can he hold Ren Jing?

He will lose face!

Ye Chen was tangled, he looked at the time, it's already 9:50am; still have five minutes left.

Death system sighed: “What face, life is more important!”

Ye Chen was so fearful, his eyes were red, he didn’t want to die. Why did he die so young? And when he dies, his grandfather will surely die of sadness.

As he thought of it, his nose became sour.

Ye Chen steeled his heart, just taken a step, the solid wooden door slowly opened.

As the holy light shrouded, Ye Chen really felt that the man in front of him was his savior!

He flew over and hugged Ren Jing.

Ye Chen was thinking of a domineering bear hug, but there was a gap in their heights. From the perspective of the spectators, he jumped to the bosom of Ren JIng.

Ren Jing froze for a moment. His head was full of Ye Chen's red watery-eyes.

This appearance he had seen the night before, but at that time Ye Chen was a physical weeping, and it was particularly appealing. It was not as distressing as it is now.

“What’s wrong?” Ren Jing whispered to him.

Ye Chen did not say anything. After a hard hold, he quickly released him, and then he took another hug. Then he took another hug.

Ren Jing: “…”

Behind the scenes industry giants: “!!!”

Death system: “Congratulations on completing your daily mission and getting 1 Life point reward.”

At last! Ye Chen couldn’t help raising his mouth, but he soon realized that the scene had gone out of control!

How to do? Thirty-six-meter runs are the best!

Taking advantage of the audience, Ye Chen wipes his feet and runs like a rabbit!

Ren Jing only returned to G.o.d after a long time.

People behind him are in a complicated mood. That is the young master of the Ye family, right? Did Ren Jing toss him?

This, this is not allowed!

Lao Zi – means ‘I’ (used arrogantly)


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