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Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Fierce Battle! Battle of Dawn 1

*Next morning

The sun already rise.

Mile take out breakfast with cla.s.sic menu because there’s no time and give out to everyone. It’s only simple hard bread, dried meat, soup. After had breakfast, everyone preparing for departure.

「… Here they came … Twelve beastkins, from behind, it seems they still haven’t discovered us yet」(Mile)

「How do you know?」(Hunter Leader)

「…Isn’t it a violation of the rules for Hunter to ask other hunter’s secret?」(Mile)

「Well …., I’m sorry」(Hunter Leader)

Escort leader obedience apologized to Mile.

Unlike 「Dragon Breath」which we had a joint request before, this party seems to be neat.

「Our party will deal with those beastkins, you will command the research team and other parties.

Don’t kill any of them and protect yourself to not be killed by enemies. Injury is acceptable」(Rena)

「Oi, Wait… wait a minute! What on earth do you intend to do!

In the first place, the one in chrage of command is me …」(Hunter Leader)

「You are just hunter who don’t have decent weapons.

Besides, we received a request to 「search and rescue the research team」

So we will beat the enemy for rescue.

The request you received is 「escort」

Then, please escort the research team behind you」(Rena)

「…」(Hunter Leader)

The hunter leader can’t say anything back to Rena’s remark.

However, he couldn’t oppose an enemy using metal weapon with just wooden sword and spear.

Even the wooden weapon is durable, it will break after a few attacks or blocks.

「Then, your vanguard can lend me the sword …」(Hunter Leader)

「Is there swordsman stupid enough to lend their beloved swords to others before the fight with the enemies!」(Maevis)

「I guess not…」(Hunter Leader)

Maevis yells at the leader and he shrugs his shoulders.

However, it seems he consciousness that what he said was un-reason-able.

「You don’t have to worry, because yesterday, we also easily repelled 8 beastkins…」(Pauline)

「What?」(Hunter Leader)

The hunter leader is dumbfound with what Pauline said.

He thought the girls were lucky to reach the camp with the beastkins’ surveillance without encounter the beastkins.

「There’s no time, they will probably attack when they found us.

They probably try to prevent us escape to seal the information …

It is useless to run away now, so let’s deal with them right here and now」(Mile)

「…I understand」(Hunter Leader)

There is no time to talk any more. The leader inevitably nods with Mile’s words.


「… It seems they already wake up and preparing」(2nd Chasing Leader)


The hunters moving speed was faster than the leader thought.

But they were rushing hard to catch up and managed to catch up before the hunters leaving the forest.

From the smell, he knows the hunter didn’t move at all from a while ago.

He hoped he could attack while the hunters were sleeping. But as they get closer, he realizes that the hunters already get up and prepare for battle.

However, there’re still no problems.

The hunters are totally 18 unarmed people including noncombatants.

Even if there are several rescuers, the beastkins believe they are better than human hunters.

The leader thought they already did it and wasn’t worried at all about capture.

「Okay, surround them. And then threaten them to surrender」(2nd chasing Leader)

The leader believed that the hunters would give up and surrender at the time they knew they were surrounded and overwhelmed.

[The hunters had been caught once, they should understand that even if they get caught, we will not harm them and we will release after our work on that site is over.

we explained many times to them and they should believe it from our the treatment.

Beside, they have no weapons, I did not think they would resist us with the risk of dying]

Certainly it probably will be like that.

If there is no red oath there …


「Enemies Spotted!」(Maevis)

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Everyone became nervous with Maevis’s cry.

「Wh…h…h…h…at…」(Beastkin Leader) (in raw is just na..na…na…na…na, I guess the leader want to say what = nani)

The Beastkin leader can’t find any word to talk back with Rena.

If such thing is spread, the honor of the beastkin will fall to the ground.

Moreover, It will be spread with his name, he will not be able to live in the village. Not just him but his family, his relatives.

However, there is no mistake in what the little girl before him say.

[If it turns out like this, we must catch everyone who is here by all means. After done their work with the site. We will withdraw.

Of course we must give back all the weapons and luggage and hide the real reasons.

Talk about the ubiquitous circ.u.mstances, release them, solve misunderstandings]

「… It can not be helped, I didn’t want to do anything rough, but with that kind of att.i.tude. I can’t help but use my strength!」(Beastkin Leader)

「He~e, try to show off your ability, right …」(Rena)

Rena is toying with him.

The leader ordered with a sharp voice.

「Do it!」(Beastkin Leader)

The beastkins also have no killing intent and they really seemed to be considering not to injure people when they first caught the survey team and the hunters.

For such opponents that they don’t intend to kill or cause serious injury, the girls can fight with a tremendous advantage.

There used to be such a topic when the girls talked about before.

So,「Red Oaths」decided to fight properly as well. Other than Pauline.

Paulin, who had finished casting spells unless Rena who keeps speaking, instantly cast her magic to the beastkins that heading toward her.

「… Ultra Hot Shower!」(Pauline)

Sha wa wa wa wa ~ (SFX)

A shower of reddish water that falls on three beastmen who came towards Pauline.

「Aaaaaaa!」(3 beastkins)

To the beastkins who are sensitive to smell and the like, it was very very very very … hurt. (T.N: in raw really have 4 of totemo = 4 of very)

They are rolling round the ground.

12 ÷ 4 = 3

Pauline’s portion is already over.

However, as a precaution, Pauline casts the next magic and holds it …

Translator’s Note: Stop Pauline, don’t KS other girls

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