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Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Chase

「This this …

Do it! Be careful not to kill them!」(Beastkin)

Apparently, the beastkins still don’t seem like want to kill the girls.

Or at least, that’s their intention.

However, when it comes to battle, things will not always go as planned.

Although the beastkins don’t seem like want to kill, who know what will happen in the battle using weapons to attack.

Even if one side intend to avoid the vital point, but the enemy who tries to avoid it, get a direct hit to their fatal part instead. Things like that often happen.

And just right after four enemies attacked, the two who were lurking emerged from the other side.

Rather than appearing at the same time, the other two appear with a moment lag to add more confusion.

It was the way of those who were good at melee battle.

And『Red Oath』were upset, easily confused … NOT.

There are 4 enemies in the front, Mile and Maevis will take one each.

2 enemies are ignoring the vanguards and aiming at the Rear guard magicians Rena and Pauline. The enemies thought that Rena and Pauline will not able to chant with just a little time.

But Rena defeats one by fire magic and Pauline beats down the other one with ice magic that they prepared beforehand.

Rena’ flame magic and Pauline ice pillar magic both attack the belly area of the beastkins.

Fortunately, as Pauline rounded the tip of the ice pillar, the enemy didn’t get severely injured, only get blowed back

Still, Rena’ victims was severely injured, he suffered quite a burn on the abdomen.

Apparently the beastkin didn’t wear metallic armor or leather armor but rely on his own skin just like beasts.

Meanwhile, Mile took the enemy’s attack with her sword, and use technique to sweep enemy’s weapon away. And Maevis also use high-speed and powerful slash to blow her enemy’ weapon.

Enemy’ weapons could not compete with the power of the mysterious sword that Mile and Mavis wield.

Even losing their weapons, the stupid beastkins still didn’t think that they have been defeated by human beings. Especially against young and weak human girls.

They are still trying to attack.

The beastkins didn’t think that even weapon they are still lost so… how could they even think they could fight against such opponents with their bare hand.

And Mile and the Maevis easily beat them down with the sword’s belly.

And the last two enemies who running behind the scenes are trying to strike Rena and Pauline, but Rena and Pauline hide behind Mile and Maevis, where they get protected and can chant spells.

Mile and Maevis point the swords to the enemies. Rena and Pauline is ready to cast spells in the rear.

8 enemies are already down to 2 enemies.

The 2 remaining enemies were upset and frustrated, but they can’t escape by abandoning their collapsed fellows.

They tried to stand up against the『Red Oath』with a desperate look, then …

「Run away!」(Rena)

「Oh!」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

Four people of 『Red Oath』ran away.

The remaining enemies stood pounding on the spot for a while.

And then they have a relieve look and rescue their collapsing colleagues.

While thanking G.o.d for their fortune …

And while lending a hand to those who were injured, they withdraw.

[…Just according to the keikaku, now let’s move] (Rena) (Translator’s Note: Keikaku mean plan)

[Roger that!] (Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

The『Red Oath』girls whispered in a small voice and started quietly moving.

Of course, they are following the beastkins.

(Rena judge: even if we caught them and interrogate, I don’t think they will answer obediently, and we can’t act properly with a lot of prisoners.

We also can’t leave them in the forest nor can kill them off)

The best course of actions is 『swimming and tracking pattern』

… There was no twist, it was the name like that.

Usually, it’s difficult to secretly track beastkin whose smelling and hearing are superior to human.

It is because they will notice other humans with their sharp perception ability and if human keep tracking at a long distance, they will lost their trace in the forest.

But now the beastkins are losing their sharp perception ability due to their injures, blood and burned smells, pain, … and they can’t walk like normal anymore, they make various of noises as they moving.

If Mile use her Detection Magic, she could track them with any distance. But that’s not the case for the party.

Thinking that way, Mile choose the way that everyone can normally tracks.

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Thanks to these situations, the girls somehow managed to follow without being noticed.


「…So, we need a plan…」(Rena)

In order to prevent the beastkins from discovered them.

『Red Oath』move away from the excavation site and make plan for tonight while taking a meal.

There is plenty of time, but cooking using fire is out of question. That’s why meals are simple hard bread and dried meat and water.

Although it is still too early for dinner time but it will be bad to move or act immediately after a meal, so the girls eat a little early.

「There are five huts in total, if it was you, where would you keep the caught prisoners?

And as we observe for a while, the tent that beastkins keep coming in and out is really suspicious place. But there’s also a very high chance that we will be spotted if we search that tent」(Rena)

Everyone nodded with Rena’s words. In places where there are many beastkin, the probability of being found is too high.

「Sneak into all the tents are dangerous too, we will definitely be discovered」(Rena)

「… 」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

「So, Mile, we are counting on you」(Rena)


Mile suddenly shaken, dismayed.

「I know that you are thinking about us …

But, there are a lot of humans’s life. We must be serious.

You can use it, your 『detection magic』, with all your strength! 」(Rena)


It seems that everyone already know it and have the same thought.

Thinking that Mile’ abilities are too convenient, if using it too much it will refrain everyone in the 『Red Oath』to grow up. They also know Mile limit her ability to『a little useful magic that will not bother everyone even if my Mile disappear』

And even everyone knew it, no-one said anything …

Mile has resolved. This time, she will lift her limit up.

However, she will only use it this time.

From the next job, she will again only provide the convenience that three girls can continue their work without trouble when Mile suddenly disappear. They are still able to work as a good hunter …

… However, She forgot to take Storage magic (Item box) into consider.

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