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Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Battle with Wyvern: · · It does not bother me?

Kingdom – Forest village – hill

The Wyvern was watching the situation while turning in the sky where Rena and Pauline’s magic doesn’t reach.

Apparently, he seemed to be a little wary as he was nearly taken a direct hit of attack magic.

However, he didn’t have intention to abandon this hunting ground, only with the danger with this degree

“Next time, we will start our first strike from here” (Mile)

“First strike?” (Rena)

“It mean we will take initiative to attack” (Mile)

Mile explains to Rena the words she just said that Rena doesn’t understand.

“I know that much! What I want to ask is how to attack the Wyvern in the sky where our attack magic doesn’t reach!” Ge~ho ge~ho, ha~a ha~a…” (Rena)

Rena seems to have a sore throat because she shouts too much. For magicians, throat is important, she should take care of herself.

I will make her a throat candy next time. That was what Mile I thought.

“Do you say that your magic will reach him?” (Rena)

“Well, I don’t know, but if the attack doesn’t reach from the ground, I should fly as far as possible to reach it.” (Mile)

Mile reply to Rena’s question, it seems she can still talk if she doesn’t shout.

“So, Lena, please start chanting attack magic. I will help you fly to the sky.

After you finish chanting just leave the trigger word and activate magic when you approaching the Wyvern.

So, please ready your powerful magic!” (Mile)

“Well, I can skip chant magic anyway. But fly to the sky, what are you talking about?” (Rena)

“Please hurry up and ready your magic!” (Mile)

“Well, I understand …” (Rena)

There isn’t time to talking now. Rena thought so and she decided to believe Mile.

(Even what she says is somewhat strange, Mile is a friend, a member of the party, she was a reliable friend that helped me many times. So right now, I should believe her unconditionally, that what a group is! … Also, I was interested in magic that fly in the sky. I can freely fly like a bird. Somehow, my heart is exciting.) (Rena thought)

So, Lena starts chanting the attack magic.

This magic is her 18th original magic, 『Red Flame Prison』

Lena began to chant and when the first half was over, Mile put her hands from behind Rena under her both armpits.

“Hi~ya!” (Rena)

Rena is surprised when Mile suddenly hold her armpits, but she is a professional hunter, she doesn’t stop the flow of chanting.

She tries to endure a little tickle and waiting for Mile flying magic.

“Here we go! Thunder bird # 1, get ready!” (Mile)

When she said that, Mile lifts Rena’s body above the ground.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!” (Rena)

She was swayed around by Mile, and Rena screamed.

“Swing by!” (Mile) (TN: Katakana)

And then Mile tossed Rena with threw momentum, and Rena was flying towards the Wyvern.

“This magic name is super cannon, now Rena, please cast your attack magic as well“ (Mile)

“Aaaaaaa ~!” (Rena)

The Wyvern is startled.

(Humans aren’t supposed to be able to fly in the sky, and that girl is surely flying straight at me with an amazing speed.

She also open her mouth screaming something with a terrifyingly face while flying toward me.

This is an individual who use magic to attack me earlier. Dangerous!

I must avoid.

Then, that person pa.s.sed by me without changing the course.

She still kept shouting.) (Wyvern thought)

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa ~ ~ !!” (Rena)

“Rena, why don’t you shoot your attack magic!” (Mile)

Even Mile was complaining but she still cast magic to cushion Rena’s fall.

“Rising airflow! Help Rena land safely!” (Mile)

According to that word, the air swirled counterclockwise around Rena’s crash prediction spot, and a strong ascending air current occurred…

Apparently this is a northern hemisphere (どうやらここは北半球であるらしかった)

The ascending air current occurred due to the counterclockwise vortex.

The air pressure drops due to rising air current and counterclockwise whirlwind has occurred.

Anyway Rena seemed landing safely with a strong upward whirlwind cushion.

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(反時計方向の渦により空気が収束したから上昇気流が発生したのか、それとも上昇気流が発生したために気圧が下がり反時計方向の渦が発生したのかは分からないが、とにかくレーナは強い上昇気流のクッションにより無事軟着陸に成功した模様であった。) (T.N: Ah, I give up, I hate sciene, I already tried my best)

(… I was so scared earlier.

Um, the face of the approaching human was very scary. It was bad for my heart.

After a long time, I finally remembered the feelings of terror.

And, I leaked urine just a little. It is shameful as a proud Wyvern.

In order to erase this humiliation, I needs to kill that human being.

Even if it is against the order of my master …) (Wyvern’s thought)

“…Are you ready?” (Mile)

“Anytime” (Maevis)

“Did you finish the washroom?

How about praying to G.o.d?

Are you ready your heart?” (Mile)

“No, I’m already said it’s okay and what are you talking about, Mile?” (Maevis)

Maevis was shivering with expectation. Fly in the sky.

(I will fly in the sky and defeat the Wyvern, the sky’s ruler. And in the sky, where the Wyvern have advantage, not on the ground.

It is a great achievement that no-one has ever achieved as a knight until now.

Chichiue, three Ani-sama, Maevis will do the greatest thing ever as knight!) (Maevis’s thought)

Maevis gently lift both her arms and let Mile put both her hands in her armpits. And a mysterious spell was cast.

“Thunder bird 2, get ready! Equipment is No. 1 container, short sword!” (Mile) (TN: Katakana)

Her body was swinged around by Mile.

Soon …

“Swing by!” (Mile) (TN: Katakana)

She can still hear the voice of Mile.

“Maevis cutter !!” (Mile) (TN: Katakana)

Do hi ~yun! (SFX)

And Maevis is flying through the sky.

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