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Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Secret Hunters – Wonder Three

Θ Imperial capital city

There are two schools Eardley and Ekland in the Imperial capital city.

In the evening on a certain off-day, three girls walking in a narrow street.

“That girl, I wonder if she is doing fine …” (Marcella)

“It’s okay. That girl will not even hurt even if she was stepped by a dragon, isn’t she, Marcella-sama?” (Oriana)

“Right now, I’m only『Marcella』, Even I know it, I still wonder if she is doing fine!” (Marcella)

“Well … I guess that’s true!” (Oriana)

It’s been 8 months since then. Three girl: Marcella, Monika, Oriana already advanced to the third grade.

After graduation, Marcella will have a bride training, she will return to her parents house.

Monika will also return to help her family’s business and Oriana has to go work for the country to repay the scholarship.

They only have one more year to live a relaxed life.

Where they are walking is a narrow street which is a little off from the center of the city.

However, they are not alone. Two men blocked their way and when Marcella quickly confirmed their back, there are also two men behind.


“It’s not nice to follow the ladies. State your business, I’m listening” (Marcella)

Marcella’s asking them so without scared. Monika and Oriana don’t like that, they are frightened and stuck together.

“Well well, we just need you girls to come with us” (Man A)

“If you would like to a.s.sociate with, please officially sign up for my father through the introducer” (Marcella)

“…” (Man A)

Of course, Marcella wasn’t seriously when saying that.

There was no way for those men to officially apply for a relationship with a n.o.bleman lady. Unlike Adel who hide her lineage, Marcella has the n.o.ble t.i.ttle.

“Ku~ you will be coming with us even you want or not! There is a person who has something for you!” (Man A)

While saying that, that man extended his arm to Marcella.

“Ignition!” (Oriana)

“Ah… it’s hot!” (Man A)

Oriana uses ignition magic, one of the living convenience magic that she’s already mastering. With a little magic power consume the magic still burn the arm of that man.

“d.a.m.n, this girl! They only need the aristocrat’ daughter. We can kill commoners, I will make you regret for what you make me go through in h.e.l.l!” (Man A)

Then the man took back his extended hand and pulled out his sword.

“Die!” (Man A)

When the sword was swung down and Oriana was ready for death, Marcella stands before Oriana to protect her.

“Na~!” (Man A)

He was surprised that the aristocratic daughter that they plan to capture comes in front of the sword that he swung down. The man tried to stop the sword in a hurry, but he couldn’t make it in time.

Gusu~ (SFX)

However, the sword didn’t even touch the body of the n.o.bleman’s daughter. It was a ma.s.s of ice that appeared in front of her that block the sword.

“What …” (Man A)

“Ignition” (Oriana)

Before the man reacted, Oriana muttered the spell with an expressionless face.

And the man’s hair burning vigorously.

“Aaaaaaa!” (Man A)

Oriana looking at the man who rolls to erase the fire in his head with cold eyes.

She was angry. She was very angry.

“Water ball!” (Monika)

Monika casts a large water ball with only the name, hits the face of another man who blocked the front.

“Ubu, Gabu Bab!” (Man B) (T.N: his head in water so he can’t talk)

The man desperately tries to use his hand to get away from the water ball, but the water that covered the head did not go away.

Even if he try to sc.r.a.pe by hand, even if he try to run around and shake it, the movement of a man gradually worsens with a water ball that will not leave his head.

On the other hand, Marcella turned back at the moment that man was attacked by Oriana, she casts the magic.

Again, just like Oriana and Monika, she only speaks the name.

Although it can also be chanted but right now she doesn’t have the time for that. The power is decrease a little.

“Fire shot!” (Marcella)

Two flame bullets are flying towards two men and hit their shoulder. The two dropped the sword and fell down while rotating the body.

Marcela seems to have enough room to carefully aim.

Marcella’ group were not playing around for two years since they first received a magical lecture from Adel.

One year and two months with Adel.

In the following 8 months they are self-study.

For the sake of their future, they have continued their efforts and research.

Three intelligent people have continued their training based on knowledge of the magical learned from Adel. And this is what they become.

They didn’t think that man who plan to capture them would suddenly swing his sword like that. Luckily, Marcella has reacted in time that they were safe but it was certainly dangerous.

“Well, I wonder who are the one hired you guys, now tell me …” (Marcella)

The men haven’t heard that these girl are wonderful magicians.

What they were told are a n.o.ble girl, a merchant and a commoner. They can easy capture the n.o.ble girl and do what they like with the other two.

And the hunters who seemed to be nearby came running. The girls leave the interrogation seemed to the hands of experts and leave.

On the way to the guild for explanation of circ.u.mstances. Oriana, who had an unusual sullen face, hung on Marcella.

“Marcella-sama, what do you think you are doing?” (Oriana)

“Oh, what is this, I wonder?” (Marcella)

“When that man attacked me, why did you do such a dangerous thing … Didn’t you afraid to die?

Marcella’s life is better than my life …” (Oriana)

“Oriana” (Marcella)

Marcela interrupted Oriana’s words.

“It certainly was scary to die.

But it’s not a big deal comapre to the fear of losing you in front of my eyes without doing anything and keeping living with that regret for the rest of my life.” (Marcella)

Oriana hears Marcella’s words become happy and loosing her face but she still continue.

“Don’t joke around like that!

Well then, do you think how I feel to see you’re dead to protect me in front of my eyes?

Isn’t that more terrible! Are you plan to let me carry that burden for the rest of my life?” (Oriana)

“Ah…” (Marcella)

Marcela realized it with her mouth open. It seemd she didn’t think about it.

“Well, I was wrong …” (Marcella)

“Well, if you unstand, it’s fine. But you must swear that you will never do that again!” (Oriana)

With Oriana’s words, Marcella shaks her head.

“I can not promise that.” (Marcella)

“Why, why?” (Oriana)

Marcela replied with a strange look on her face like why did Oriana would ask such a thing.

“That’s because you are my precious friend and no matter what I will protect you.” (Marcella)

“…” (Oriana)

It’s no use, Oriana can’t say anything anymore. Oriana understand well about Marcella.

This girl is Marcella, she is a wonderful aristocratic girl who holds grat.i.tude and respect even toward a commoner.

Θ Imperial capital city – Hunter Guild – Guild master room

“… That’s why” (Marcella)

Marcella explains the situation in the guild master room on the second floor of the Hunter Guild.

Guild Master is sitting face to face with the Marcella trio in a table set instead of his desk. And there’s a receptionist was standing alone instead of a secretary.

“Hmm, to thinks they dare to attack princess’s favorite, what did they try to do with Marcela-san … do they plan to take you as a hostage?

Well, the experts will examine it.

However, to attack you girls the wonder three and the guild secret D rank magician hunters, those guys must have a death wish.

It seems like they don’t have any prior knowledge about you…” (Guild master)

“Hahaha …” (Marcella)

Yes, the girls were D ranks hunters.

With Marcella 『Adel Simulator』as host

Connected with Oriana and Monika by 『Link system』

The three of them made a 『Super Adel Simulator』with can predict all of Adel’s behaviors

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The calculation result was as follows.

The Marcella trio apologized in a panic. Never turn their eyes from the desk.

They wanted to hear about those doll in the desk. But if the guild master or country known that they showed a strong interest in that, the dolls will definitely be investigated.

His Majesty the King can’t give out Adel’s description.

If It wasn’t Marcella or her friend, they will not know about it.

Θ Imperial capital city

On the way home from the guild.

“… It seems she is doing fine.” (Marcella)

“She really becomes a hunter in another country after all” (Oriana)

“Do you think we will meet up with her soon…?”

Marcella could not control her cheeks loose.

“Ufu” (Marcella)

“aha…” (Oriana)

“Ahahahahahahahaha!” (Marcella + Oriana + Monika)

Three girls suddenly burst out laughing while walking, pa.s.sers-by looking at them strangely, but their laughter wasn’t likely to stop easily.

Θ Imperial capital city – Imperial castle

“… And that is the behavior of Marcella-san today.” (Escort A)

The kind, first prince Adalbert, second prince Vincel and third princess Morena listen to the report of the man who has mission secret follow Marcella’s trio, Escort captain Burg.

“Why didn’t you help Oriana or Marcella in that dangerous situation!” (Morena)

Morena who finished listening to the report raised her voice in anger.

“No, I don’t think those men suddenly try to harm …” (Captain Burg)

“Is that the meaning of the escort?” (Morena)

“…” (Captain Burg)

“Good, you are dismiss” (King)

“…” (Captain Burg)

After the escort guy went out, the king informed Morena.

“Escort changes.” (King)

“Next time, please make it a trustworthy person” (Morena)

“I know” (King)

Escorted guard was watching from before the attacks on Mercella until they went to the guild, but he didn’t go into the guild. After see the girls went back to the dormitory of the school. And the guard went back to report.

So, he was listening to the conversation between Oriana and Marcella.

“Also, we need to deal with the mastermind behind this attack…” (Morena)

“I know, I’ll deal with it properly, so do not worry!” (King)

“But …” (Morena)

Even Morena is really worry about the Marcella, the king was a little disconcerting.

At that time, Adelbert of the first prince murmured.

“For a commoner, she doesn’t afraid stand in front of the sword being swung down … and she treat it as not a big deal, She is an interesting girl …” (Adalbert)

“Marcella, she is such a nice young girl! She is also strong, cute …” (Vinvel)

Following Adalbert, the second Prince Vince was also curious about Marcella.

“Huh…?” (King + Morena + High rank officer)

Until now, Adalbert didn’t show interest at all to the daughters of the aristocrat that he met. And Vincel seemed to be interested in her as well.

The king, who already planned to marry Adel to the royal family after they found her, becomes speakless.

And as for Princess Morena.

(Adel-san and Marcella-san, I wonder if they will become my sister-in-law anytime soon) (Morena)

She dreamed of such a future and had a face that looked happy.

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