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Chapter 78

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chapter 78: Fairy tales

◎ Talesu Town

A man who was deceived and lost all of his money console his friend in a town.

“… you, are going to leave everything like this?” (A)

The man answered powerfully to the words of his friend.

“Of course! Just like Pauline, even I lose everything, I still have my friends who will be fighting together with me like 『Red Blood is juctice』. I will surely do what Pauline had been doing and get back everything!” (B)

In that town, a special phrase was used as an idiom from that day.

Pauline: do everything skillfully in secret and prepare for counterattack.

Red Blood is Justice: we will support you until you fulfill your purpose.

Poulin roundabout (ポーリンぐるぐる): Retribution until unreasonable.

For a girl, it has become a rather difficult to live town.

◎ Kingdom Capital city – Reni-chan’s inn

“Then, please supply water from this well to the tanks, the bathtubs and hot water supply stand.” (Reni-chan)

Reni-chan explain their work, and six orphans are nodding.

Reni-chan finally succeeded in convincing her parents about she will become masculine and she can’t attende in counter. They accept the appointment of hiring orphans when 『Red Oath』was absent.

Remuneration is cheap, but it is a wonderful job for children of guild a.s.sociate members, especially orphans who are indispensable for daily food expenses.

Because there’s no danger of life, they can train their body as well, they get enough money to buy foods for several days.

It is a rather good request for migrant orphans. Remuneration is not a time system, but a result system. That is paid for the total workload.

The amount of remuneration doesn’t change whether it ends in 1 hour or 10 hours.

So the orphans tried to finish quickly with a few people.

They thought that the client would be delighted and they can receive this work in future as well. It was hard for the leader of the orphans to help everyone alone after all. Everyone must work as well.

But their purpose was not only that.

“You understand, don’t you?” (Boy A)

When Reni-chan went away after finishing the instructions, a boy aged 8-9 years old, who seemed to be the oldest of the orphans, asks other boys.

“Vail nii-chan’s benefactor stayed here, and it is needless to say that Vail nii-chan is still thinking of her until today.”

Five boys listen and nod.

Apparently, these orphans seem to be children who Vail have taken care of. Vail is the boy Mile made a subst.i.tute for the graduation test.

Vail tells the orphans that he can take care of everyone now. Thanks to the girl named Mile, he is able to graduate as C rank and become quite strong to do quest alone. More over his name become famous even he doesn’t have a choice on this.

And though Vail never has any thought about become intimate with Mile but the infants between 4 and 5 years old were spoiled.

“When we encounter our benefactor, we will take a break and talk to her about her work and listen to her hobbies, preferences, and other things and then we will talk about how wonderful our boss is. And then we will ask her 『Do you know Vail nii-chan?』 and bring them to their reunion, failing is not allowed, understood?” (Boy A)

“Ohhh!” (5 other boys)

And after 3 days.

“It’s strange … I tried changing the time of work variously, but we don’t meet her at all …” (Boy A)

When they take a break, a boy who is a leader is wondering, and Reni-chan came.

“What’s wrong?” (Reni-chan)

When Reni-chan ask him, after hesitating a little bit, the boy decided to take a daring approching.

“Well, I heard that a hunter party that all members are female has stayed here for a long time, but I never see them here …” (Boy A)

“Oh, you are talking about Mile Onee-san group, aren’t you …?” (Reni-chan)

Reni-chan after hearing the boy, make a small laughing as she reply.

“When Onee-san group stay, Onee-san will use her magic to supply all the water and hot water.

We hire you for this work only when Onee-san group are leaving the capital for work and we have no-one else who can supply water.

In other words, when you are working her, you will never have a chance to see Onee-san group.”

Reni-chan who rarely talks with the same age or younger children, was talking in a normal childish tone rather than the tone with the usual adult partner.

Apparently, she wanted want to act like an Onee-san so she came all the way to orphans that are taking a break. However…

“Eeeeeee ~” (6 boys)

The orphans kneeled down on the ground with despair, they were not in a state of enjoying talk.

“Our ambition … is a far-reaching plan now…” (Boy A)

“Our dream is to create a “Gryphon’s Hole” that trains orphans into first-cla.s.s hunters with the help of Vail nii-chan and his benefactor …” (Boy B)

Apparently, Vail had told them about Mile’s story during the school days to some orphans.

“Eh? Eh? Eh?” (Reni-chan)

Reni-chan who is blind to that fact and keeps wonder if she said anything wrong…

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◎ Capital’s hunter guild branch

“Well, I will not bet!”

A healing and attack magician, Flan, hunter from training school 12 years old.

She has big eye and smooth chestnut hair.

Pet.i.te and delicate, but cheerful and bright, a very cute young girl.

We heard that she was the third daughter (三男坊: San’nan bō) of a poor farmer.

… Yeah, she also has 『Three son』 follow her (『三男坊』: San’nan bō)

Four girls of 『Red Oath』prayed for their success, Brett, Chuck, and Darryl.

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