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Chapter 76

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chapter 76: What shall we do now?

◎ Talesu Town – shady inn

When the girls returned, there were 2 people waiting in front of the inn.

A beautiful middle-aged woman and a boy from 12 to 13 years old.

“Pauline!” (Pauline’ mother)

“Okaa-san! Alan!” (Pauline)

They are Pauline’s mother and brother.

Because she was the mistress of Beckett, she was also undergoing a preliminary investigation. In order to get more accuracy info, all criminals and employees were monitored quarantine and interrogated seperately, so it took time for her to be released.

As part of the interrogation, Teresa and Santos who already knew the circ.u.mstances also there to help, so we don’t really need to worry about that.

With this, they are finally free and approved the rights of the shop.

Pauline is still a 15 years old girl, is barely counting as an adult but she can be the acting manager. For the sake of revenge and helping her family, she dyed her original weak and gentle heart black in the darkness but right now she can live happy with her family. That is over.

Aran clings to his sister Pauline after a long time. And Pauline is hugging both her mother and brother while crying.

◎ Talesu Town – inn room

“Well, what should I do …” (Maevis)

“I wonder what I should do …” (Rena)

“What shall we do…” (Mile)

Mevis, Rena, and Mile were thinking.

After calming down, Pauline said that she was going to stay with her family tonight and returned house with her mother and brother.

“The business in this town is over and I’m thinking we should return to the capital quickly …” (Maevis)

Maevis continue.

Staying in this town was awfully for her who had become too conspicuous.

It took a lot of time returning to this inn after the fight at the stadium. Solicitation from hunters, merchants, citizan etc. were amazing. She can’t even move from that place. There are a lot of question like:

“Who is the evening dress mask?” (A)

“Come and join us” (B)

“No, join our party!” (C)

“Please introdue me to your master.” (D)

Just remember it, Maevis sighs again.

“Well, there seems to be nothing else to do …” (Rena)

“That’s good, right? …” (Mile)

Both Rena and Mile agreed with Maevis and the girls decided to leave in the next morning.

◎ Talesu Town – inn – dinner room

Teresa and Santos will be leaving the day after that. Teresa said

“I see, you can leave tomorow with the carriage I prepared for you, have a safe trip!” (Teresa)

Santos, of course, will accompany the escort carriage and the Earls that leaves the day after tomorrow. (T.N: Earls = Earl-tachi mean Maevis’ father + 2 brother + 6 knights but write all that will be too long)

It will be a little severe to leave right away when the carriage just arrived yesterday.

Well, It is convenient for Mile because she doesn’t feel like going with the Earls.

◎ Talesu Town – inn room

After dinner, the three go back to their room and talk about their future.

“When Pauline leaves, it will be hard with just three people, are we recruiting new members?” (Rena)

“Fortunately, since Mile is almighty, we can recruit just anyone … but for the moment, what job should we prefer?” (Maevis)

As Maevis said, they can recruit just anyone.

If they recruit a vanguard, Mile can fight as a magician or long-ranged with slingshot.

if they recruit a magician or a rear guard, Mile can become a vanguard as usual.

Mile can use both Healing and Support Magic, so there is no need to worry about what jon they will recruit.

Mile is an all purpose tools.

But, everyone was worried.

The almighty of Mile … Well, they can’t be sure if anyone can resist their greed after knowing.

Beside, is it okay for Mile to teach her trick about “Magic” to someone they just meet?

And can that person stay with them or can keep the secret? What if they leave after and teach everyone about Mile and her magic?

“Well …” (Mile + Rena + Maevis)

Three girls can’t say anything about that.

And Mile came up with an idea.

“Well, how about trying out someone from our hunter school?” (Mile)

“Ah…” (Rena + Maevis)

Yes, in the capital, there were several students that graduate from hunter training school together with them.

Since students gathered from all over the country, most people went back to their hometown because they still have families or important people.

As a policy of our country, they were most likely unable to leave the country so they must spread throughout the country.

However, those who were originally from the capital or had families or important people there will remain in the capital.

There were totally 40 people.

Sometimes, we could see them in the guild receive some quest, of course they are only newbie hunter, unlike Mile’s party, they don’t take restless quest.

With the large number of hunters in capital, it must be hard for them to get a good payment quest or find a good party to join.

If 『Red Oath』calls out to them, they will be happy to join.

And 『Red Oath』 can add the condition to keep secret if they want to join or something like that.

“But, If we don’t have Pauline, I’m a bit worried because we aren’t familiar with business or dealing with money, and how can we deal with ill-will merchant or client?” (Mile)

“Ah…” (Rena + Maevis)

At that moment, a face of a little girl appears in everyone’s head, including Mile the one who just said.

Even though she looks cute, her calculation ability is high, the face of a 10 years old girl.

Even as a breast department, she seems to be able to replace Pauline in a few years.

“No no no, that’s not it!” (Mile + Rena + Maevis)

In the beginning, that girl had no fighting power and had already worked, in her family inn.

◎ Talesu Town – next morning

The next morning, the three girls left the inn and headed to Hunter Guild with Teresa.

The carriage that Teresa had prepared was a merchant wagon, not a horse carrier or a rent carriage … Luggage was loaded.

“Your schedule change suddenly and the rent carriage is expensive so I can’t prepare a good carriage. But with『Red Blood is justice』as escort, the merchant must be happy to take you together till the capital” (Teresa)

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As usually, the merchant always want to save escort expenses and improve safety.

Because it’s likely to be troublesome again, the four girls pretend that they don’t see anything.

Even so the merchants stopped their carriage, they can’t ignore the n.o.ble and knights.

And the girls have no other choice but descend from the carriage and talking with Earl.

“What is it, Chichiue. You already give me the permisson to be a hunter …” (Maevis)

“Oh no, I know it. Even I don’t want you to leave but it can not be helped, I don’t complain about it any more. But this time is something else.

Can you officially introduce me to your master?” (Earl)

“…Hah?” (Mile + Maevis + Pauline + Rena)

“Your master are strong, but she has not learned a decent skill, her fighting is totally relied on her physical abilities.

It is too regrettable to leave a raw dimond like that alone.

We thought that if we teach her the technique and your master gives us the training law which gained that physical ability.

Then both her and us can become many times stronger than now!

Besides, your master is a pure human. Then she is still young.

More important, If someone in our clan family can marry her, the future of Austin family is safe! You too would be happy to have your master in our family right?

How is it, is it a good idea?

Can you help me contant your master?” (Earl)

“Please introdute me, Maevis” (Weiln)

“You can introduce me, too!” (Yuan)

Weiln and Yuan also bowed their heads.

Certainly, the body of 『Mysterious Master』meets the preference of both men of the Austin family. (T.N: in case you don’t get it, Lolita complex)

“Hah…?” (Mile + Maevis + Pauline + Rena)

The girls were surprised.

Well, we can understand what the Earl said. Apart from whether it is acceptable or not.

As the Earl’s position, that idea is amusing. No, it would be a natural idea as an aristocrat who forms a fighting faction.

They were surprised from the other thing.

“They don’t know that the 『Evening dress mask』 is in front of their eyes!” (Mile + Pauline + Rena)

Of course, the mask of that time didn’t have recognition.

And Miles thought.

(Is this 『The will of the world』like what G.o.d said about『enforcement of the world』or『Expected harmony』.

Of course, there was not such a thing.

These men was simply idiot.

It was only that …

Author’s note:

This time, 76 episodes.

Beyond the previous episode 75, both the number of stories and the number of characters became new records.

Finally, 5 days after the book release.

I will work hard at my own pace.

Continue, thank you. (^ ^ ゞ

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