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Chapter 449

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「Anyway, it's time to depart」()

Red Oath party safely shook off Rei-chan and left the royal capital.

Until they cross the border, they will need to travel by limited Bullet express carriage between the royal capital with other cities.

The “Limited Bullet express” is equivalent to the “Bullet train” in j.a.pan.

Since there is no word for bullets, it may be as fast and non-stop as an arrow …

It will be faster if Mile runs alone, but when traveling as a group, even if Mile stored all luggage in storage (item box), Red Oath still walks with Pauline's walking speed, it will take a long time to reach the neighboring country.

Therefore, the girls decided to use a high-speed carriage until they crossed the border.

Of course, they will need to pay for traveling fee,

The mission they received didn't have a “fixed destination” so they avoid “wasting time”.

「The maiden's time is short.

We can't waste it for a little money!」(Rena)


Besides, the carriage fee can be charged separately as an expense.

Even if it's a business affair that doesn't cover accommodation and food expenses, but …」(Pauline)

「Well, we can't argue if he tells us that:

“This request doesn't cover anything other than accommodation and food, okay?

That kind of thing isn't accepted as an expense.

Just like when you go to an izakaya (bar) to collect information, is it okay to spend a lot of money to entertain yourself for that end?”

Pauline, you were also stuck in your reply just now…」(Maevis)


Pauline couldn't say anything in reply to Maevis.

Just before, when they met the person in charge of the requester, who was clearly “in that direction”, and talked about various things, he said that.

(T.N: the roundabout way to keep their true ident.i.ty hidden)

Well, it can be said that it's a large-scale investigation, just the legitimate ones are paid separately as expenses.

…Other than food and accommodation expenses, everything you spend when traveling should be “your own expenses”.

「Well, even if they don't include that kind of thing, it's a good reward amount …」(Mile)

Mile said so and followed, but Pauline didn't seem to be convinced yet.

Even though the girls were offered a reward amount that they don't have to worry about spending, why is Pauline so obsessed with money?

It's “because I like to save money”.

…”No body no lid” (Proverb, meaning “It's too straightforward to taste”).

Humans search for reward and enjoyment in their work.

Craftsmen want to hone their skills and works, farmers want to improve their crops, and teachers want their students to grow up.

…… Then, what's about the merchants?

Yes, they are looking forward to a successful business and saving money, it's worth their job, and it's worth living.

And on top of that, if they have their set target amount and they have a dream to realize with that money, the joy of saving money will be multiplied.

Yes, martial arts seek strength and scholars seek knowledge are praised.

But Merchants can't be praised for seeking for money!

「Don't you think so, everyone?」(Pauline)

「No, even if you so desperately insisted…」(Maevis)

「When Maevis desperately tried to improve her swordsmanship as a swordsman, no one said anything!

But why do I, as a merchant, desperately trying to save money and improve my financial strength, have to be cursed like a scam seller!

It's funny~!!」(Pauline)

「Ah, no, that…」(Maevis)

(Mile, help me!

Maevis can't stand against Pauline) (Rena)

(No, even if you that said…

Rensan as well, why don't you help out…)(Mile)


Maevis has unreliable companions…

* *

「We have finally arrived」(Rena?)

「Is this the border city ……」(Mile?)

The girls haven't crossed the border yet.

The girls got off at what is commonly called the “border town” just before the border.

If they want to look at the state of the other country, they should start to cross the border.

That person is, somehow, they felt that they could feel that “feel”.  (その方が、何というか、『感触』というものが感じられるような気がしたのである。)

(T.N: very confused? a pun intended, perhaps?)

And when Mile said that, Rena's Trio was convinced and accepted.

There are other people who get off the carriage in this town, others ride the carriage in exchange.

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So, the fact that Red Oath getting off in front of the border wasn't noticeable.

And, as a matter of course, they are thinking of hunting and collecting materials by cutting through forests and mountainous areas instead of highways.

That's how a normal “training trip” should be, and it will be necessary to investigate rural villages off the main roads as well…

「Oya, young ladies, are you newbie hunters?」(middle-aged man)

When Red Oath is preparing lunch in vacant lots on the highway, that is, the place for travelers and caravans to rest and camp at night,

A peddler man who came from the opposite direction called out to them.

He is around 40 years old, and although he has a solid body because he is a peddler, he looks mild-mannered.

He called out to Red Oath naturally and it didn't seem like he wanted anything than an idle chat.

With that in mind, Mile's group didn't have to be wary of anything and decided to exchange information lightly as just “travelers heading in opposite directions”.

Up to this point, the girls didn't have any stupid action yet (YET).

The mountain road was cut off due to a landslide,

The bridge was washed away by heavy rain and the peddler was forced to make a detour.

Because there are bandits, it's better to change the route, anyway,

It's not uncommon to have a little small talk about those things.

And when he gives them such important information, it's customary to thank him with some wine and food.

… In such cases, thank-you by giving money is said to be unsophisticated.

It seems that travelers are often helping each other out and they aren't doing it as a business to make money.

Perhaps there's some reason why such a custom was established …

That's why Mile lightly asked without any hesitation.

「We just came from the Kingdom of Tyrus, has anything changed in this country?」(Mile)

Of course, that sentence itself doesn't mean they actually come from the royal capital.

It just means, “we came from that direction”.

This peddler carries a heavy load on his back, which means he only has a small and narrow range of business. It's unlike a large store merchant, so the girls don't think he is so informed.

So the girls just listened with a light feeling. If they can get the information so easily, their country won't go through so much trouble hiring them.

「Ah, there are.」(Middle-aged peddler)

「「「「There actually are!?」」」」(Red Oath)

「Mile-chan, you skipped too much!」(Pauline)

「Mile, pace considering, pace considering…」(Maevis)

「Mile, look at what you have done」(Rena)

「Eh? Is this my fault?」(Mile)

Mile didn't understand how everyone treated her this way…

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