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Chapter 446

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Chapter 446: Elf Village 12

「But somehow I feel like it’s intentional…」(Mile)

Five races with similar body shapes.

Beastkins have more sub-races but for the sake of convenience, Mile considered them as one and the same race.

「Every race is so close that they can mate with humans, but they can’t mate with other races.

And maybe their gene is strong, even though they can mate with humans, it immediately pushes the human gene and tries to restore it to the original species.

Is it to avoid diminishing racial traits?

…I feel something unnatural …」(Mile)

「Even if I say such a thing, it won’t help. Everything has been decided from the start…」(Elder)

The Elder unnaturally omitted the subject, which would normally be said to be “The Maker’s will”

… But Mile was aware of it and never mentioned it.

* * *

And, after hearing some other bland stories and folklore, “Red Oath” was parting up with the Elder.

「Well, it’s obvious. Everyone knows that only humans can mix with other races, without having to ask the elves…」(Maevis)

Meavis told everyone so after they left.

It is natural.

There is no reason that such a degree is unknown.

Mixed races and interspecies marriages aren’t limited to elves, but other races as well, and both sides can get information about the inability to have children.

So, there’s no way such things weren’t recorded for thousands and tens of thousands of years.

「Eh? I didn’t know that」

「Me too, it’s my first time hearing it…」

Aside from Mile, it seems that Rena and Pauline didn’t know that as well…

「That’s not something that people actually bother to teach their child.

If their child is about to get along with the opposite s.e.x of a different race, someone who knows about that will tell them.

If one of them is human, they can have a child. And if they aren’t, they can’t get married unless they give up on having a child.

If there’s no discriminatory country or relatives who oppose it… well, they can elope, adopt, etc.

If you are a long-lived race, you can have a child when you are married next time,

There are various ways」(Maevis)

Despite being a child of an aristocrat, Maevis seemed to be quite a liberalist in that area.

Anyway, that’s all the girls have to do in Elf Village.

After that, the days of refusing the invitations from the Elf men continued until the day of returning.

「Give me a break……」(Mile)


「「Ke~」」(Maevis + Pauline)

For Rena and Mile, who kept complaining after being swamped by Elf Men, Pauline and Maevis seemed to be irritated.

Even if they weren’t interested in those Elf Men, the fact that no-one asked them out showed a difference in popularity.

However, the opposite is applied in the city of humans, so they put up with it now and let Rena, Mile enjoy a moment of popularity and congratulate them.

That’s very matured of Pauline and Maevis

* * *

「Finally, I’m returning!」(Mile)

「「「It was long……」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Actually, it was only a few days, but there weren’t many interesting places for sightseeing, it ended pretty on the first day. They were tired because of the troublesome days after that. As a result, they have a face like this.

Only Mile has fun asking the Elder to tell them various stories, it seems that he was loved and received a lot of sweets,

Maevis only talks with the Elder based on the spirit of service.

For Rena and Pauline, who aren’t good at that, it must have been a boring day.

However, that was finally over, and the day of returning to escort the Elf Trio finally came.

「Thank you for everything …」(Cléreia?)

「But I wonder if it’s okay, the Elders are enthusiastic about the plan you recommended …」(Etoul? Shararil?)

「「「「Ahaha…」」」」(Red Oath)

Mile’s group has a dry laugh to distract the topic.

((((We don’t know anymore!)))) (Red Oath)

And Mile was thinking.

(If the elf town plan ends in a blunder, it’s a terrible nightmare for the Elves…

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Yeah, exactly “A Nightmare on Elm Street” by Wes Craven…) (Mile)

Apparently, they have been spending a lot of money on this request fee and souvenirs for their family, and it seemed to be quite painful.

Pauline has a bitter face, but it can’t be helped.

Originally, the girls just helped a little with the intention of providing a free service to acquaintances who were in trouble …

And, with A evaluation written with the signature on the request completion notification, Pauline accepts it.

「Alright, the mission was completed safely this time as well. It was a nomination request from the elf and it was rated A.

It’s enough to name us “Red Oath”.

Let’s make a triumphant return to the guild branch!」(Maevis)

「「「Ooh」」」(Mile’s Trio)

As expected of Maevis, the party leader.

Even Pauline, who was a little dissatisfied with the lack of additional rewards, seemed to be in a good mood as well.

「However, Etoul-san and Shararil-san will be returning to the city of Mafan from here.

I wonder if it’s okay to break up here …」(Mile)

「They could easily ask for a ride on a horse-drawn carriage or a caravan carriage.

They can create as much water as you want.

A pair of beautiful elves who can use healing magic and attack magic.

Far from the fare, people might even pay for it.」(Rena)

「Ah, I see…」(Mile)

Mile is convinced by Rena’s explanation.

「Besides, even if they travel alone on foot, they can get rid of the monsters that appear near the main road without any problems. And the bandits will run away when they shoot the explosive magic from a long-distance.」(Rena)

「…They don’t need Escorts…

Or rather, they can be the “Escorts” instead…」(Maevis)

Maevis also continues Rena’s explanation to Mile.

And a few months later, Mile’s group didn’t expect that a representative would come from the village of Dwarves and ask them to discuss a plan to build “Dwarf Village”.

Apparently, the “Elf Village” plan hit more than Mile expected, and the dwarves who knew it thought they could do it too. After all, the dwarves seemed to have a strong sense of opposition to the elves.

And of course, Mile’s group’s reply is …

「「「「I don’t know it anymore」」」」(Red Oath)

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