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Chapter 443 - Elf Village 9

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Chapter 443: Elf Village 9

In the end, the matchmaking became messy after that.

No, as an event, it was never a failure.

Everyone enjoyed the excitement, enjoyed the conversation, it was a great success for young people exchanges at this level of culture.

…However, it was completely out of the expectation of the organizers…

They tried to encourage boys to convince girls, especially girls who live in human cities to return to their villages, get married early, and stay in the villages.

In the end, boys and girls, who weren’t interested in human cities before, are the ones who got persuaded instead, they are now longed for living in a city and interacting with humans.

“Putting the cart before the horse (本末転倒)”,

“(issuing a snake poked the bush 藪蛇) doing extra things and causing bad results”,

“Mummy removal becomes a mummy (ミイラ取りがミイラに)/ a person who went to persuade a person was persuaded instead”

Something like that.

Anyway, they talk with the Elf Trio, Mile’s group about living in the human towns, work and treatment as scholars, various episodes adventuring as hunters, the activities of high-ranking elf hunters who Mile’s group has never met but has heard of rumors, they got more and more excited by various stories… Well, that’s how it is.

Some elf boys are trying to ask “that” on Mile and Rena, the Elf Trio cover for them. Maevis and Pauline are a little depressed because there is no boy who asks “that” on them.

The other Elf girls see that and call out to the Elf boys but are eventually refused, they shout in surprise “What’s with that?”

Yes, even if you don’t feel like going out, the female mind is complicated,

There were various types…

* * *

「We were taken care of…」(Kulereia)

As expected, Kulereia says so with a subdued look, probably because she was regrettable that she asked for something outside the contract.

…But in the middle of her talking, Kulereia can’t stop grinning “Nfufu!” and “Kishishi!” with a mischievous face.

「I’m really sorry…」(Etoul)

「You were really saving us. Thank you…」(Shararil)

With appearance older than Kulereia, Etoul and Shararil’s apologies are closer to their face’s expression.

No, even when they were young like Kulereia, they wouldn’t look as mischief as Kulereia.

Kulereia as well, even if she grew up like Etoul and Shararil, she would still have a mischief look.

When you grow up, your face’s expression is your responsibility.

It means that everything has been acc.u.mulated up to that point will appear on your face, regardless of your beauty.

But still…

「All of us are beauties (Bijin)……」(Elf)

「In the village, everyone treats me like a child and spoils me in various ways…」(Elf)

「Parents are always young and look after me…」(Elf)

「If you get bored, you can easily earn money when you go out into the human city…」(Elf)

「「「「Elves are too cowardly!!」」」」(Red Oath)

「「「It’s uncomfortable listening to it, so, STOP SHOUTING IT OUT LOUD!!」」」(Elf Trio)

The Elf Trio yelled at the red Oath who screamed when the heard the Elves’ comments.

That’s right

All of them had low female status and couldn’t stand the boring Elf village so they ran away all by themselves.

They struggled in a town of human beings that they could not understand,

The bad guys who tried to trick them were punished and they finally got their present position.

They certainly had some advantages over the average human girls.

However, the risk of being tricked and targeted was far greater than that of an average human girl.

So far, they only talked about the Pros to the Elves to deal with the Matchmaking.

But of course, the Elf Trio were going to explain everything later.

Otherwise, it might end in a tragady.

…Yes, an individual or an organization that dared to trick or target the Elves would be destroyed by the maximal magical blows from the Elves.

In that sense, that city might disappear from the map…

Although the Elves have various hardships that humans don’t understand, it makes sense to get angry when they hear such a thing.

And when Red Oath was told so by the Elf Trio…

「「「「I’m sorry…」」」」(Red Oath)

Yes, Rena’s group wasn’t mean anything bad.

They were just a little jealous.

And when they were told that there was some kind of hardship that humans could not understand, they had to apologize.

The gra.s.s is always greener on the other side of the fence (隣の芝生は青い).

The flower next door is red (隣の花は赤い a.n.a.logy of enviable things that others can easily see)

The Neighboring Miso-soup has more fragrant (隣の糂粏味噌).

That’s what it is.

「…But, are you happy? Somehow the Elder has the face like dying…」(Rena)

For the time being Rena said that considering the Elder but Kulereia’s reply was cold for the Elder.

「That’s fine, that’s fine.

He reaped what he sowed.

How tedious we’ve been through with those silly rules…

This will remove the rule of returning to the village regularly to meet and the obligation to report monthly.

If he doesn’t admit it, I will have fun living in a human city with tasty food while pretending to be a child…

Ge~fu~n… ge~fu~n.

Anyways, I will write a funny adapted report, copy about 10 copies of it in a writing shop, and send it to the young people in all the nearby villages!

That’s it, I wonder if I should put all envelopes into one big envelope,

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and send it to that Liberk and make him distribute each envelope to all recipients…

Was it in case she might meet the Elves at some party in the future…

「Suppose you get about 10 good friends aged 5 to 6 without seeing anyone else,

Suppose you live in peace in a small village where you can live comfortably without worry.

You don’t get old, you don’t have any trouble, you always talk to the same people,

a.s.suming that you have lived like that for 100 years without any new information from outside…


Somehow, Mile could see Maevis’ point.

「100 years later, do you think that those are still like infants or they have become like wise men over 100 years old?」(Maevis)

「You won’t make any progress, you just spend the same days like always…

You might be happy, but…」(Mile)

「…It’s useless, it’s garbage.」(Rena)

「It’s a waste.」(Pauline)

Regardless of Mile, Rena and Paulin’s words are a bit…

「That’s right.

If you are a human, you live a desperate life while being frightened by a short life, “old” and “death”.

You want to be a little happy, to live a little easier, to think and devise a better life for your children, you will continue to make efforts to move forward little by little, and your children will take over.

Whether they live in the city or in small rural areas in the countryside, they are the same, to varying degrees.

However, because the Elves are retracted in the forest, they have strong magical power, they can live comfortably and has a lifespan that is 10 times longer than humans,

Moreover, the Elves who spends most of their life in the body of their middle age…


「「「Same as an “Eternal Child”, no progress…」」」(Mile’s Trio)

After all, it was the conclusion that Mile had expected.

「That’s right.

So, an elf is neither a philosopher nor a thinker,

Even if he has a good personality, he is by no means a wise man.

The elf is eccentric because of his high spirit,

And because they have great fighting power by their natural magic,

People must treat them with care, never anger, standing up to whatever they say. Cheering, and treating them well are the top priorities among the aristocrats.」(Maevis)

「「「…………」」」(Elf Trio)

「Ah, Dr. Kulereia’s Trio has fallen down (orz?)」(Mile)

「I wonder if they didn’t know the evaluation of the Elves from other races…」(Rena)

「「「「Namu Namu (buddhist chant)…」」」」(Red Oath)

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