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Chapter 439 - Elf Village 5

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Chapter 439: Elf Village 5

This is the one time Mile, Red Oath ARE IN THE WRONG. They prejudge the elves like all the bad races they have met and frame the Elf girl Trio.

Summary: (with Earth example to easy understand)

Elf girl Trio was like Clerks of a company.

They reported to the Boss (elder) that they got a GREAT customer today. And their Boss wanted to meet that GREAT customer.

Elf girl Trio was in a panic because the said “GREAT customer” (Mile) didn’t seem like wanting to visit their company when they asked for information from Mile.

Elf girl Trio made a contract and paid Mile and Rena’s Trio to get Mile to accompany them to their company.

They just simply thought that if Red Oath visits their company, they could make Red Oath meet their Boss.

Of course, meeting the boss or not, listening to the Boss or not is totally up to Mile. The Elves didn’t break any law.

Then when Red Oath visits their company, for some reason, the company employee calls Red Oath by “that?” = meaning “the one who called a GREAT customer?”.

Rena’s Trio and Mile got suspicious and FRAMED Elf Girl Trio for breaking the law, spreading their personal information, trying to kidnap them and ransom, etc.

Rena is worse. She told the Elf Trio that she is an “Amba.s.sador”, their party’s information is her country’s national-secret and FRAMES the Elf Trio for “Espionage or spying”, Rena threatened the Elf Trio that their country will stop trading with the Elves and even threaten other countries to stop it as well.

After realizing all the Elf Trio has said about their personal information is just “Mile is a GREAT customer”, the Elves have no intention to harm Red Oath, Rena’s Trio “Dogeza” apologizes to the Elf Trio.

Lucky for Mile and Red Oath that the Elves aren’t offended. Mile just gave out the sword because she saw Rena’s Trio desperately apologizes to the Elves not because she was sorry.

Mile still didn’t realize that yet so she still “DIDN’T APOLOGIZE” and still thought of herself as a victim.

She thought with a superior position and forgive the Elf Trio.

The Elf Trio thought “What’s with that” but they silent nodded to calm this case.

The Elves are LACKl.u.s.tER, they got interested in Mile but when they realized Mile doesn’t want to co-op, they stopped.

「「Can you at least show us something about that…」」(Elder + Chief)

The Elder and the village chief bow down and beg but Mile can’t show them her magic so easily.

「It’s a “secret” because you aren’t my family!

Then, what’s about the secret of the elf, would you like to publish all of them to all human beings?」(Mile)

「No, that is…」(Elder)

In response to Mile’s argument, the elder and the village chief became silent.

The Elf Trio didn’t bother to talk anything on this matter.

Perhaps they thought Mile wouldn’t agree, or they just planned to secretly ask her later on?

For the Elves, maybe “they can’t stand that humans know the magic that they don’t know about when they should be far superior to humans”?

Or they are just interested in “interesting time-killing stories”,

Anyway, Mile is annoyed by the elder and the village chief’s demand.

Well, since Dr. Kulereia, Etoul, and Shararil were also like that before,

It may be unavoidable, however, there’s no reason to do so.

Even if Mile told it’s a “secret of her family”, it’s more dangerous than that, it’s probably a “secret (of knowledge) of the Earth”…

Mile thought it would be bad to be surrounded by all of the Sage Society suddenly. Just like the elder and the village chief that Mile had just met for the first time, it would be annoying to face every one of them at the same time…

(I don’t know…) (Mile)

Yes, that’s just for the convenience of the other side, which Mile didn’t know about.

… Mile wasn’t too angry with the Elf trio anymore. (T.N: more like you need to say sorry to them first)

It’s a misunderstanding. Even though the trio wrote in the report letters such as “There is a child who feels like an elf”, “Use unknown magic”, “Amazing magical power”.

In other words, they didn’t mention exploration magic or phase-ray at all.

Yes, they didn’t break the hunter’s contraindications of telling others the secrets and feats of the hired hunter.

It was a bare gray zone but they didn’t mention anything in detail…

Mile wouldn’t have forgiven the Elf Trio if they had broken it.

So, all that was left was how to treat the elders, but Mile didn’t have to think deeply.

「You didn’t tell me about your secret but you wanted me to tell you about mine?

You can’t talk about it, right? Okay, see you later.」(Mile)

Yes, Mile just had to leave here.

Actually, the Elder, the village Chief and the meeting in the village chief’s house have nothing to do with this request.

The girls just have to leave here and stay overnight in the woods until they return.

Even of the Elf Trio tricked Mile, there’s no place to add a complaint to the request itself.

For the time being, Mile also intended to work as the return-trip escorts.

Even if Red Oath cancels the order request from their side and doesn’t escort the Elves on the way back, they just need to add a claim to the guild, the request won’t be a request failure as the client’s fault.

The full amount of money should be paid, still, it’s kind of annoying to let the elf trio return without escorts, so, Mile decided to do the work to the end.

Regardless of their actual age, the three Elves look like young women. And because they are also beautiful, the probability that they can be attacked and kidnaped by bandits is much higher than usual.

If something happens because Red Oath threw their escort mission, they would have a bad aftertaste.

…Yes, if the bandit men who messed up got half-killed or unable to recover…

Ignoring the Elder and the village Chief, Red Oath quickly exits the village mayor’s house, followed by the Elf trio.

Yes, of course, there’s a place to go after this, so Dr. Kulereia’s group can’t part with Red Oath yet.

…Red Oath had to give each of the Elf Trio’s families the souvenirs in the Mile’s item box.

* * *

「I’m home!」(Etoul)

Probably because this is her own house, Etoul opened the door vigorously without knocking.

The other side of the door seems to be a living room,

Three people are looking at Red Oath with a surprised look, parents who look around 30 years old and brothers who look like 14 to 15 years old.

「Ah, Etoul, you are back!

Are those girl “that”?」(Elf boy)

「Ah, um…」(Etoul)

Apparently, Etoul’s letter to her family also had “Red Oath” written on it…

But Mile’s group doesn’t want to get close to another family of three.

So, in order to get the job done quickly, Mile takes out the deposit that was put in the item box.

「Uhm, that’s all for Etoul-san, right?」(Mile)

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「Ah, um, thank you」(Etoul)

「They are probably looking down on us, young people rather than humans.

For them, we’re probably young children.

Like people who see some toddlers holding a jewel in their hand?

I wonder if it’s like that…」(Maevis)

「「「Ah~…」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Maevis replied to Rena’s complaint and Rena’s Trio agreed.

Yes, at that stage, they don’t know if anything goes wrong.

Of course, after that, there’s a possibility that the jewel will be taken away, or the toddlers get tortured to spill the picked up place.

「Maybe they weren’t really offensive…」(Mile)

「Yeah, it seems that older elves don’t have much ambition or desire.

The young Elf Trio is kind of getting excited like a child finding a new toy…」(Pauline)

Paulin agrees with Mile’s opinion.

And the evaluation of Dr. kulereIa is terrible. Even though they can’t say the same for other people…

Red Oath walks around the village for the time being.

People may be wary that it’s unusual for humans to come to the village, but if it’s just walking around, it does not mean that the girls need a permit.

In other words, because they are friendly races that form an alliance, the Elves shouldn’t be so alarmed.

Moreover, from the viewpoint of them, Red Oath is just young girls.

Perhaps the population is small, there aren’t many people out there, and there are no children.

「…So, given the age distribution, there aren’t many elves whose actual age is 14 or younger…」(Mile)

As Mile says.

The number of children under the age of 14 in 100 humans with an average life-span expectancy of 50 years.

The number of children under the age of 14 in 100 Elves with an average life-span expectancy of 800 years.

Consider there is a difference of 10 times or more, it’s not strange.

「A young elf…」(Mile)

「Ah, here they are! What do they want?」()

When Mile tried to speak something, Dr. Kulereia, Etoul, and Shararil have arrived.

「Well, We will start a meeting for tomorrow’s “face to face meeting”!」(Kulereia)

「「「「Eh?」」」」(Red Oath)

Somehow, with Dr. Kulereia started talking about things that Red Oath didn’t understand like a default matter, Etoul’s Duo nodded.

「Face to face meeting, right?」(Mile)

Speaking of which, the Elf Trio was talking about this in the carriage as well.

「Ah, the guild master has talked about this…」(Mile)

「「「「Matchmaking?」」」」(Red Oath)

“Why is it relevant to us?”, Red Oath group doesn’t understand at all.

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