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Chapter 434 - Reflection

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Chapter 434: Reflection

「Give us the sandbags」(Rena)


After Red Oath finished their breakfast when the girls tried to go to the Guild branch to take requests, Rena told Mile so and Mile was confused.

Yes, in the inn, early in the morning, what did Rena need sandbags for?

Not only Mile, but Maevis and Pauline also have “?“on their head.

Regardless of Mile, Rena looks frustrated with the reaction of Maevis and Pauline.

「You two…」(Rena)

Rena looks somewhat scary towards Maevis and Pauline.

「We have always been spoiled by Mile’s Storage, but if we keep relying on it, we will die」(Rena)

「「Eh…」」(Pauline + Maevis)

Rena doesn’t yell as usual but shows her expression as “really disappointed”.

It had a big impact on Maevis and Pauline.

Yes, not just the content of the words, but the unusual appearance of Rena…

Up until now, Maevis and Pauline had the idea that it was natural to have Mile and to be able to use the storage magic.

They had a lot of trouble in the “Hunting training without Mile” while Mile was away for “Fairy Hunting”.

But their thought was just like Tokyo kids go to a camp to experience and enjoy the inconvenient wildlife.

Although they thought it was tough, there was almost no sense of crisis.

And even this time, the fact that Mile was right beside them but they weren’t allowed to use storage magic was just like a bind play or a handicap game,

There was no “sense of crisis” like Rena.

…Yeah, unlike Rena, who spent her days as a hunter party Red Lightning Bolt, and then the hardships of a solo hunter.

The hunter life of Maevis and Pauline was started with Mile from the beginning and they didn’t know anything else about hunter life.

During the time they were working as hunters, the strong and convenient Mile stayed with them all the time.

Only Rena and Mile herself knew that such a picture of the future was nothing more than a tower on the sand.

「Mile, just go down before us.」(Rena)

「Eh? Ye…, yes. I understand!」(Mile)

Mile doesn’t know how long it is but after she goes straight to the 1st floor, she keeps thinking about something random to pa.s.s time.


* * *

「 I kept you waiting」(Rena)

Rena’s Trio finally came down the stairs after quite a while.

And Maevis and Pauline somehow look depressed or tired…

「Mile, take out the water bottle and sandbag」(Maevis)

「Me too, please」(Pauline)

「Eh… ah… I understand」(Mile)

After being told by Maevis and Pauline, Mile hurriedly pulls out the water bottle, sandbag, etc.

Pauline carries a backpack and Maevis carries a shoulder type so that she can remove her luggage immediately when they are surprised.

Sandbags will be put into the bag, the same amount as materials that they may collect.

They carry sandbags, rather than real luggage, to practice carrying the real thing, food, water, and to prevent loss if something suddenly happened that they need to throw the luggage away.

The sandbag is handmade by Mile, so it costs material, but it is much cheaper than other packages.

After all, it’s just a sandbag…

Rena also seems to have made a compromise.

Mile seems to have predicted what kind of conversation the three just had.

So, she doesn’t feel left out nor does she need to ask about it.

She decided to leave it to Rena.

Rena, who seems to have gone through a lot of trouble, will know how to teach others properly.

At least, this isn’t about Mile’s great teaching.

As expected, Mile understood somehow…

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* * *

Sometimes the rich man makes a trivial request for the achievement “I gave a nomination request from a famous party”,

Sometimes, a merchant issues a nomination request to a party with financial difficulties.

So, even though they are all called “nominal request”, there are some that are very difficult, and some that have no big deal at all.

Well, there’s usually no person who requests medicinal herb collection or goblin subjugation for a “nominal request”.

However, when a nomination request is made, the order won’t be received at the counter like normal but in a private room or a semi-private room with part.i.tions.

…Yeah, it wasn’t necessary to go to the Guild Master’s room.

「…Are there any problems with the request?」(Pauline)

「If it’s a silly request, we can just decline」(Rena)

Rena responds to Pauline, who seems worried, but…

「Well, we can’t say anything unless we listen to the story.

For now, let’s go to the Guild Master’s room」

Yes, as Maevis said, they won’t know without listening.

* * *

「「「「Escort request?」」」」(Red Oath)

Then they went to the Guild Master’s room again.

A normal C-rank hunter would never enter the Guild Master’s room so often…

Yes, it’s just like a normal student being a regular in the princ.i.p.al’s room or the president’s room, which was either an honor student or a super-problem child.

And the content of the request is an escort request.

They don’t know whether monsters or bandits will attack.

So usually, there’s no such thing as choosing escorts according to the enemies.

When an aristocrat, royal family, or large merchant is targeted by an adversary faction or an a.s.sa.s.sination force in an enemy country, of course, he uses va.s.sals, army, and mercenaries, so there’s no chance they will hire ordinary hunters of rank C or lower…

Yes, normally…

「「「「The destination is Elf Village?」」」」(Red Oath)

…Yes, if it’s normal…

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