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Chapter 431 - The return of Wonder Three 1

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Chapter 431: The return of Wonder Three 1

「Plants, dead animals and monsters, living animals and monsters, Storage test completed.

There’s no problem with everything」(Marcella?)

「From the reduction of water from the holed bottle, time is perfectly stopped inside!」(Oriana?)

「Oriana can take out what I put in and vice versa」(Monika)

「Confirm that even fallen trees can be stored.

At least, it still doesn’t have any burden effect even if we store that much…」(Oriana)

「As explained by Adel-san…」(Marcella)

Wonder Three was experimenting in an unpopular forest on the way back home.

Yes, even though they received a detailed explanation from Mile (Adel), practiced and confirmed a little, they couldn’t use the newly learned magic without sufficient verification work.

It was their way to do a thorough confirmation test and thoroughly investigate any unexpected flaws or side-effect.

And it would be better if they waited for their to reach Princess Morena before they returned.

So, in the meantime, they practiced the other new magics from Mile (Adel) thoroughly and make those magic theirs.

They would be able to practice in the royal city because of the crowd.

And the magic they checked most carefully is the “Item Box”…

「There was no mistake in Adel-san’s explanation…」(Marcella)

「Yes, Adel-chan is good at teaching people and her explanations are always right on the money…」(Oriana)

「There was no mistake…」(Monika)


「「「“It’s so good that it’s bad”」」」(Wonder Three)

Wonder Three said in sync.

「If we store a large number of products in this “Item Box” and carry them to other place…」(Marcella)

「The distribution system will be destroyed.

Transport-related, that is, haulers, carriages, stables, craftsmen, wagons, hunter escorts, and shops that spend money on those people, and so on.」(Monika)

Monika continued what Marcela said with a bitter face, but Oriana’s words was more shocking.

「Not only that.

If one of us was in a castle or fort, and others was in a food-rich city.

If the others put more and more supplies in the Item Box and the one in the fort keeps taking them out…」(Oriana)

「Infinite supply without running out of water and food…」(Monika)

Hearing Oriana, Monika became more pale.

Such strategic advantage, there’s no way the country can leave them alone.

But then, Marcella said something more outrageous.

「And if it’s not only food but also soldiers for reinforcement will be put in and taken out in the fort…

The number of soldiers never decreased no matter how hard the enemies siege. Even if they got injured or killed, they didn’t seem to die at all.

Meanwhile, every time the enemies siege, they would lose a number of soldiers…

Such a siege battle, the soldiers on the attack side would be the one who lost moral first even though they should have advantage…」(Marcella)

Yes. If the country knows about such a thing.

The Royal Palace. The n.o.ble faction. And the army.

…They won’t stay silent.

「「「We must absolutely keep this a secret!!」」」(Wonder Three)

Yes. If it’s known, the future of the three will be a straight route with no options.

It’s also a route that’s not so fun…

「Adel-san gave us a ridiculous cheat…

No, of course, I’m thankful!

I’m grateful that I can keep our luggage clean without carrying it!

But it’s too dangerous, this uncontrollable forest-fire (Nuclear time-bomb)!!」(Marcella)

Backing Marcella up, Monica and Oriana also looked like they gave up.

「Well, it’s Adel-san after all…」(Monika)

「It’s Adel-chan, so it can’t be helped…」(Oriana)

「「「…………」」」(Wonder Three)

* *

「Here it came!

How ignorant those three are…

Not only they rarely contacted me, but also while I thought that I finally got an update, both of the letters were just:

“No abnormalities. The mission is ongoing. Everyone is fine”

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At least, change the text a little!!」(Morena)

「Let’s take a nice rest」(Oriana)

Monica and Oriana nodded to Marcella’s suggestion.

If the pre-designated inn they told Princess Morena in letter was full and they couldn’t stay overnight, it would be difficult to meet up with Princess Morena.

So, Marcella’s Trio arrived in the royal capital fairly early and took a quick lodging.

* * *

「Dear customers, there is a young maiden wanting to meet you」(Inn keeper)

「Yes, she is my acquaintance, so please let her in」(Marcella)

After dinner, Princess Morena came out of the royal palace.

Of course, even though they aren’t as good as Shin.o.bi (Ninja), there’s no doubt that hidden escorts are following the Princess and keep watching the area around the inn.

「Everyone, you must be tired for doing a difficult task for a long time.

It’s good that you look healthy without any injuries.

So, how is your progress…」(Morena)

Mile Vol 13

And Marcella’s Trio reported.

Confirming the survival of the Viscountess Adel von Askham and she seemed to have a happy life now.

However, they didn’t say where Adel was nor what she was doing now. They mentioned the possibility of her returning home in a few years.

By suggesting the possibility of Adel’s return, the Royaly could wait obediently. If they know Adel’s new name and whereabouts, there’s no doubt that a “returning force” named the messenger will be secretly dispatched.

「Teaching others her whereabouts without permission is prohibited.

If we break the ban, “That” in Adel-san will…」(Marcella)


Princess Molena couldn’t say anything back.

「However, the problem of the her parents’ family has already been cleared up,

Adel-san is the official successor, the Viscountess Askham…」(Morena)

「Yes, of course, we told her so. But there are things she must do now」(Marcella)

「Is that so….

Well, if she is safe and happy now…」(Morena)

Apparently, Princess Morena wasn’t thinking of trying to bring Adel back, Marcella’s Trio was relieved…

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