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Chapter 421 - Rivals’ War 5

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Chapter 421: Rivals’ War 5

「This is the bath!」(Mile)

「「「Oohh…」」」(Wonder Three)

Marcella’s Trio raised their voice with excitement.

Last time they only stayed in this town for only a few days before they started searching for Mile again, and it seems that they weren’t staying at this inn.

「This is the changing room… Ah!」(Mile)

Mile seems to have come up with something while trying to explain to Marcella’s Trio.

「Um, I’m thinking of teaching you “cleansing magic”…」(Mile)

「“Cleansing magic”? What is that?」(Marcella)

「Well, it’s a magic that keeps your clothes and body clean.

With this, you don’t have to wash or take a bath… Hi~i!」(Mile)


「「…………」」(Marcella + Monica)

「「「………………」」」(Marcella + Monica + Oriana)

「「「Why didn’t you teach us such convinient magic?!」」」(Marcella + Monica + Oriana)

「Ahahaha. I’m sorry~yyyy!!」(Mile)

No matter how they love their best friend, there are things in the world that they can’t forgive.

For living as hunters and traveling to other countries, they must drink their tears and throw away their “Maiden’s dignity and shame”

…And now. Did this mean they do all that for nothing?

Only if Mile didn’t forget to teach them that useful magic.

「Monica-san, Oriana-san, “The Tickling Penalty”!」(Marcella)

「「Yes!」」(Monica + Oriana)

Ga~shi~! (Tickling SFX)

Ga~shi~! (Tickling SFX)

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_181

Monica and Oriana grasp Mile’s arms and hold her shoulders.

And Mile remembers what happened two years ago.

The memory of the punishment game…

「Sto… stop… Stop, Iyaaaaa」(Mile)

「「「「Zee~ zee~ zee~」」」」(Mile + Marcella + Monica + Oriana out of breath)

All 4 girls are also very tired and exhausted.

They are tattered and sweaty.

「…Well, we are going to take a bath now anyway, that’s a relief…」(Marcella)

Yes, it’s a catastrophe if they take a bath before this, they might need to take a bath again.

「Like you have the right to say that~~!」(Mile)

Then, after regaining her calm, Mile gave a lecture to Wonder Three on the cleansing magic of clothes and body.

The two magics are subtly different even if they are the same “cleansing magic”.

Unlike the clothes, the body has a delicate boundary between what should be removed and what should not be removed.

If you decide to “disa.s.semble and erase all unnecessary things other than your body”, all the things that should be left, such as the beneficial bacteria attached to the body surface and oils for protecting the skin, seb.u.m membranes, and keratin, may be completely erased.

However, when you are in a hurry or when it is appropriate,

Rather than the subtle “disintegration and removal of dirt by cleansing magic”, just use the wash magic and wrapped both your body and clothes in foam at the same time, washed savagely, rinsed with water and dried.

Yes, there is also such a rough technique…

Marcella’s Trio was taught “the essence of magic” shortly after they met Adel (Mile) three years ago, then spent a year and two months with Adel (Mile), and after that, three people worked on various research and studies…

After listening to a brief explanation from Mile, they immediately learned “body cleansing magic” and “clothes cleansing magic”.

「This is so easy…」(Monica?)

「What was our hardship during the trip for…」(Marcella)


Again, Mile was stared at *Girori*

Mile gave up and shrunk.

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「I’m sorry…」(Mile)

However, it can’t be helped.

All three of Marcella’s Trio have clearly shown their growth over the last two years.

… Especially on the chest.

And Mile is…


「「…………」」(Marcella + Monica)

「「「………………」」」(Marcella + Monica + Oriana)


Mile’s sorrowful cry echoed in the bathroom….

* * *

「Why, only you alone are so quietly…」(Rena)

When the four came back from the bath, Rena asked Mile so.

「Rena-san, let’s take a bath together…」(Mile)

「Eh? But you just took a bath with those girls…?」(Rena)

Mile Vol 5 Page 08

…And then, Rena looked at Mile’s face, Marcella’s Trio’s face, and follow Mile’s line of sight…

「Ah, you. Don’t tell me…」(Rena)

And Rena sensed everything.

「You looked at me and try to get your spirit back!

I’m bigger than you, stop joking!」(Rena)

The ugly battle has begun…

Marcella’s Trio is confused, but Maevis and Pauline are accustomed to it, and it seems that they haven’t moved.

Then Maevis murmured.

「Conflicts only occur between people of the same level…」(Maevis)

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