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Chapter 420 - Rivals’ War 4

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Chapter 420: Rivals’ War 4

「WHA… WHAT~ DID~ YOU~ SAY~ ?!」(Mile)

Mile was furious.

Two groups of her friends were fighting over her and all of a sudden they join together and leave her alone.

Mile was greatly confused by what she saw.

Her first friends ever and her trustful comrades.

She couldn’t stand being left behind by both of them at the same time.

She was almost teary eyes.

Rena and Marcella happened to reach the same conclusion and said it out loud at the same time

((Eh? Don’t tell me she got the same idea)) (Rena + Marcella)

They were fighting and then got a mutual agreement.

Of course, neither of them gave up on Mile.

They just wanted to have a joint-party without Mile to show each other their competence and decided who are more suitable for Mile (Adel).

Then the two of them nodded.

「「Well then, shall we go?」」(Rena + Marcella)


Then Mile was confused and crying…

* * *

「…What’s that?! So that’s what you mean…」(Mile)

After hearing the situation from Rena and Marcella, Mile finally calms down.

「But, I’m the one who decides which team is stronger, right?」(Mile)

Marcella smiled at Mile, who said it a little awkwardly.

「You know that much. As expected, Adele-san is this kind of person…」

「Of course, it was like that! Isn’t that obvious?」(Mile)

Rena felt rush to say something because she felt a sense of crisis with the appearance of Mile, who smiled happily with Marcella’s words.

Apparently, the one who understands Mile the best is Wonder Three.

Mile has been with Wonder Three for 1 year and 2 months.

Since each dormitory room is a private room, they must walk to the same room to talk.

Meanwhile, Mile has been with Red Oath for two years, including the Hunter Training School.

They always stayed in the same room in the dormitory of the training school or in the inn.

…But for some reason, Marcella’s Trio seems to be closer to Mile than Rena’s Trio.


「Um, Marcella-san, I’m not “Adel” but “Mile”…」(Mile)

「「「Eh…」」」(Wonder Three)

Marcella’s Trio became upset as they heard Mile said that.

Yes, for Marcella’s Trio, It’s only “Adel”, the one and only.

The real name they know and are accustomed to, not the pseudonym people are now calling her.

Calling her by her name also meant showing the old bond and the difference with Rena’s Trio.

However, Mile was refused the name “Adel”.

…It was a “shock(EN)”.

「I have abandoned that name and my name right now was “Mile”.

So the name “Adel” is only when the four of us talk in private with no other people…」(Mile)

「「「Ah…」」」(Wonder Three)

Yes, Adel, no, Mile is currently escaping her homeland.

Her father and step-mother were already executed for their crime.

In the sense of personal danger, she doesn’t have to escape anymore.

But this time, the royalty was finding her and expected her to fulfill the duty of Viscountess Askham.

However, Mile felt that she will be too compelled to help her territorial citizen as the lord or fulfill the obligations to the country and royal family as a n.o.ble, so she continued her life as a hunter.

It’s unacceptable to call her Mile’s real name out loud in public.

Well, in fact, there’s no way a country can publicize the scandals of its own aristocratic family to other countries. And they couldn’t send soldiers and spies to other countries openly to search for Adel.

The fact that “G.o.ddess lives in a n.o.ble girl” is the last thing they want other countries to know, so even when she escapes to the country, they won’t let anyone know such an information.

…Of course, Adel had done it on the main street, some uncertain information might have been leaked, but that alone doesn’t connect with the daughter of an aristocrat named “Adel”.

At the school, Adel was a commoner.

Anyway, even if the name “Adel” was heard in other countries, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

In the first place, even if the scandal of a n.o.ble family was leaking to the neighboring countries to some extent. When they heard the name is “Viscount of Askham”, only the name of the father is transmitted, and the name of the daughter will be cut off during the transmission of rumors.

Also in the Hunter branch, it’s not unusual for a hunter to abandon their past to register under a new name.

And it will be that person’s “new name” not just a “Pseudonym”

Yes, no one cares if Mile is called by any other name.

Those who thought poorly about hunting Hunter’s past, no one would be surprised if people found his dead body somewhere. (T.N: Yakuza?)

It’s the same as a thief returns everything he robbed to the merchant on his own, people won’t criticize it as a crime, even a guard.

That is the tacit understanding and common sense of the hunters. Even non-hunters know all the rules and respect them.

Since it is life-threatening, this is often taught to young children and becomes common knowledge even for wanderer children.

However, sometimes there are things called “case”, “careless mistake” or “unfortunate coincidence”.

Like there’s a merchant group heading to Mile’s hometown and they happened to hire hunters here as escorts, and those hunters happened to hear Mile’s real name as Adel.

It should be obvious that the girls should not take unnecessary risks.

They didn’t think about it.

They regretted that they have called “Adel” many times in front of others.

And more than that, Marcella’s Trio is depressed that they are unable to call their best friend under the name of “Adel” in public, and looks down with a depressed face.

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Seeing them in such terrible dismay, as expected, even Rena refrained from making it worse.

Two years of always sleeping together, helping, and being helped.

Just as Mile doesn’t want to part with Marcella’s Trio or Rena’s Trio, Rena’s Trio also didn’t want to leave Mile.

And it was the same for Marcella’s Trio, though their time was just a year and two months, shorter than Red Oath.

Their desires.

Hope for Marcella’s Trio, Wonder Three.

And Mile’s hope.

What each person wants isn’t the same as the way they reach their “true happiness”.

You might get Misfortune as a result of taking the way you want.

Or you might unexpected surprise and true happiness as a result of going down the road.

No one can say or compel someone else’s life.

Yes, no one can take that responsibility.

However, if that’s the way I want to go, the life I want to live, even if it was blocked by the way of others.

… At that time, isn’t it okay to cut other people’s ways in order to get my way?

To the extent permitted by the law…

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