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Chapter 417 - Rivals’ War 1

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Chapter 417: Rivals’ War 1

「Thank you very much!」(Rena? Mile?)

Today, Red Oath only delivered rare medicinal herbs, small animals hunted during the move, so they didn’t report to the dismantling site on the back but the purchase counter of the main building of the Guild Branch.

Normally, such rare medicinal herbs are hard to find and also deteriorating rapidly after collect. Red Oath has the item box (no time elapsed) is invincible.

And the girls decided to report that “They found it at the moment they returned” and “they returned at full speed while cooling with ice magic”. Everyone was suspicious.

…But well, be it a guild staff or a fellow hunter, they will surely follow the rule, never asking about other hunters’ abilities. Everyone values their life and credit…

And when Red Oath was about to exit…

Ka~ra~ran (Door Bell’s SFX)

The familiar guild standard doorbell resounds…




「「「I found you~uuuu (Mitsuketa~a)!!」」」(Wonder Three)

Mile Vol 13 yone_13_153

Three screams echoing in the guild.


「Ah, Marcella-san, Monica-san, Oriana-san!!」(Mile)

…Yes, “Wonder Three”, who left for the East following Red Oath followed their footsteps, made a round trip around the East, and was now back…

* * *

「What’s that?!

Then, you returned her just a few days after we left here…

What was our hardship journey for? Ahh~hhh!!」(Marcella)

Hearing Mile’s story, Marcela suddenly raised her voice that didn’t look like a lady, Monica and Oriana shrugged their shoulders.

As they have gained various experiences as hunters, they know that it was not a wasteful journey, they know that it wasn’t a waste of time… but…

「No, I fully understand that it isn’t Adel-san’s fault.

…But when I thought about all our trouble when we didn’t wait for a few more days, I got the urge to complain a lot.」(Marcella)

Mile understands that. So she nods with Marcella.

As you can see, the three are dirty and sweaty.

It seems that they couldn’t wash their hair for a while.

「…Your hair, body, and clothes are so worn out…

You must have had a hard time…」(Mile)

Mile was thoughtful saying so but…

「No, this is normal!」(Hunter)

「It’s normal for traveling female hunters to be worn out after an expedition!」(Hunter)

「If you think you are tattered please take a look at other female hunters!」(Hunter)

Voices of advocacy rising from the surrounding male hunters.

「Eh? But we are… (clean)」(Mile)

*Go~n*, Rena hit Mile in the head with her staff.

As Mile looked back, Rena was starting at her with a scary face.

「…No, it’s nothing…」(Mile)

Yes, only Red Oath can remain beautiful when traveling or going out.

Ordinary parties don’t carry around a portable bathroom.

Ordinary parties don’t have monstrous magicians who won’t run out of magical power for the luxury of a hot water shower outdoors.

Ordinary parties can’t use the magic of cleaning the body or clothes.

Ordinary parties can only change their underwear because the limited amount of luggage they can carry. And they can’t afford to have extra things such as spare weapons, camping gear, food, medicines, and so on.

In addition, a party without a magician must bring water, which would put a lot of pressure on their luggage.

“Wonder Three” was still okay until now because they went with the main road and stayed at an inn.

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But when they followed Red Oath, they must go through the forest and camping outside. They might not be able to get enough money because they must ignore the hunted prey. It’s no wonder that they look tattered now.

Marcella says that while blushing a little.

Apparently, she became “like this” during the trip, and she seemed to be embarra.s.sed as Mile pointed out.

Yes, she used to take a bath once every three days at the school and she could use a water shower anytime.

…It’s necessary to spend money on workers who fetch water though.

It was quite difficult for the poor, a scholarship student like Oriana so she did it herself.

The well and the bathroom are very close together…

That’s why Mile (Adel) didn’t teach the Marcella’s Trio the cleanse magic. Both body-cleansing magic and clothes-cleansing magic…

She didn’t expect the three to become hunters and travel, so it can’t be helped.

「…Hey, who cares about that. Let’s “get down to business”, the purpose we came here.」(Marcella)

Yes, Marcella’s Trio had traveled to other countries for months.

Thinking that way, the four members of the “Red Oath” waited for Marcella’s words with a serious expression.

And then what Marcella was telling is…

「Adel-san, make a party with us and we’re off to the east right now!

It’s dangerous because it’s too close to the Brandel Kingdom!

And it’s okay for the 4 of us to keep traveling for 4 to 5 years… no, 7 to 8 years… no, 10 years are still okay because we are still 23 years old at that time…

Anyway, the four of us will enjoy the life! Until we returned to our country and got a political marriage.

This is our short “true life”…

Of course, you will come with me, Adel-san!」(Marcella)



「Of, of course, …」(Mile)

「「「You gotta be kidding me」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Even that warm-hearted Maevis had a blue vein on her forehead…

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